Best Fishing Gifts for Kids

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Presents for kids who love fishing – Reviews and Comparison


Many anglers will try to teach their kids to love fishing as much as they do. In some cases, the methods they might use will actually work, with some children being engrossed in practicing the art of fishing. For these, we’ve put together a short list of some of the coolest gifts that you might offer them either for Christmas or whenever their birthday comes up.



Our top choices


If you hardly have any time on your hands for sifting through the thousands of options available out there, perhaps you might want to check out the selection we have showcased below. It’s packed with some of the most popular products in this line.



Full Throttle Youth


We decided to start with a life jacket because as they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you don’t plan to engage in some serious boat fishing with the kid, it’s still a good idea to use a life vest, mainly if the little one hasn’t yet learned to swim.

The jacket is both lightweight and soft, therefore ensuring that the kid will remain comfortable all throughout the angling adventure. Besides, since the product boasts five hinge points, it’s more or less flexible. This particular choice can be used on children weighing from 50 to 90 lbs.

Thanks to the materials that it was manufactured of, the Full Throttle life jacket dries up quickly, therefore allowing the kid to get right back to his or her angling pursuits. Despite being well-designed and above all, extremely useful when it comes to saving one’s life, this jacket doesn’t cost a fortune.

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Learning Resources 11-Piece Set


Let’s be honest. Some kids are just too small to be a part of your angling adventures just yet.

However, they might be fascinated by mommy’s or daddy’s hobby. It’s often that an angler will spend some time in his or her garage before and after a fishing trip. As such, kids will become curious and try to find out as much as they can about this type of pastime.

For these, we recommend this fishing set. While it might not be the real deal, it does come with a good number of plastic miniatures of the tools that an angler usually utilizes.

The box contains a tackle box, a fishing pole with a magnetic hook, three plastic fish, worms, and a net, an adjustable fishing vest, as well as an activity guide.

As long as the child you’re giving this set to is older than three, you’re all set.

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Shakespeare 1147869


Little girls who would like to learn how to fish will unquestionably benefit from this product as it is a set that can get them started with angling. The neat thing about it is that it includes a rod and reel which are both entirely functional. The set also comes with a tackle kit, some line, as well as a casting plug.

Despite being manufactured in China, the Shakespeare alternative seems to have everything that a little one might require to get started with angling. It’s okay for a small child; however, it might not be the right choice for a kid who has a firm grasp of fishing basics.

The set contains just one pole, and there’s no tackle box included in the purchase. Nevertheless, since this product is one of the most affordable options out there, it’s probably worth considering.

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Shakespeare Cars Kit


While the other kids’ set we have showcased in this selection mostly speaks to the needs of girls as it features images of Disney princesses, this one typically addresses the requirements of boys as it’s branded as a Cars set. But you know just as well as we do that there’s no gender-related limit when it comes to getting fishing products.

This Shakespeare kit comes with the same practice casting plug featured in the other set. It also includes an all-in-one rod and reel, complete with line, so everything one might need to get started can be found in the box.

The neat thing about this choice, though, is that it lights up whenever the thumb button is pressed. So, in a way, it’s way more fun to work with. From what we’ve noticed, parents have nothing but good things to say about this set and the other Shakespeare one we’ve described in this list.

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QUZZ Fishing Lure Set


For kids who are a bit more grown-up compared to toddlers, this set makes the best gift. It’s one of the most extensive collections of lures, be they soft or hard, and since they are so varied, they offer excellent results for trout, bass, as well as salmon.

Moreover, the lures come in a nice-looking tackle box that can be adapted to any fishing backpack. In case the parent owns one, he or she can store the tackle box in the backpack or bag and then give it to the kid once they reach the fishing location.

Because the set also contains a good deal of hooks and sinkers, it seems to offer more than enough value for the money. Both the quality and performance of the pieces are praised by many people who were kind enough to review this product.

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Shakespeare Youth Hide-A-Hook


This tackle kit is one of the safest alternatives we were able to track down, and that’s because the pre-rigged jig heads are enclosed in the bobber cavity. What this means for you is that you don’t have to worry about any accidental hooking.

Also, the bobbers have been weighted so as to ensure that the casting is swift and easy and that there’s less risk of line tangling. The product is available in three designs; Spiderman, Cars, or Barbie. Pick the one that best suits your kid’s preferences.

The neat thing about this set is that it comes with a variety of other items aside from the bobbers and jig heads. There’s also a Gulp waxies bait jar, a tackle box, as well as several instructional tips and a fishing guide for children. All of these are included in the package, so it’s safe to say that this choice offers plenty of value.

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IEBIYO Fishing Pole


The best thing about telescopic rods is that they are incredibly portable and convenient. Of course, not all are the same or have been crafted from the same quality materials. But in the end, getting your kid to learn how to fish with the help of such a pole is a good idea as he or she will use the same skills when he or she grows up.

This pole comes with a spinning reel. The ensemble has a metal handle and soft-grip rubber knobs. Even though the reel has a closed structure, it can be opened with ease. Another detail that you might want to know about is that it comes pre-spooled with line, so it is an excellent option for a child, a fishing enthusiast, or just a camper or backpacker who wants to be prepared all of the time.

The rod and reel combo is accompanied by a carrying bag. Its extra pocket, that can be found on the side, can be used to store various accessories and tools such as lures, a fishing knife, or anything else one might need.

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Small World Toys


Some kids are just too young to be able to work with a real rod and reel, and that’s either because they can be a little clumsy and might endanger their health, or just because they do not know how to handle it just yet.

It is a good idea to go for a rod and reel toy at the beginning of the learning process. This product is just that. It comes with a pole and a reel, and it even features a miniature fish. It’s a fun and cool toy set, and the neat thing about it is that the fish is battery-powered so it will actually imitate the moves of its real counterparts.

This particular set is designed for children above the age of 3. Since it works with two standard AA batteries and is quite fun to use, perhaps you should give it a try if you’re looking for a present for a young kid.

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Lanaak Kids Fishing Rod Combo Set


The Lanaak alternative is one of the most generous options we have come across while doing our research. The set comes with as many as forty-seven pieces. It’s primarily designed for kids, but it doesn’t contain any toys. All of the pieces in the kit are highly functional and can be used conveniently.

The rod and pre-spooled spincast reel are easy to work with. The minnow net, as well as the broad array of accessories included in the deal further increase the value offered by the product. For instance, the tackle box includes ten hooks and split sinkers, ten swivels, six plastic worms, a crankbait, two jig heads, and one line clipper.

The telescopic pole is practical and versatile, and it measures just 17” when collapsed. It does reach 78” when it is fully extended, though. This set makes the perfect gift for a ten-year-old, for instance.

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Your equipment, as well as that of your children, should always make sure that you remain safe from harm. In the summer, the risk of getting exposed to the sun too much is rather high. That is why we always recommend grabbing some quality sunscreen and using it on yourself and your kids.

Because of the water glare, the kids’ fishing performance, as well as your own, might suffer. In this case, we suggest considering a pair of polarised sunglasses. You wouldn’t believe the difference they can make when it comes to your fishing success.

This particular product speaks to the needs of kids with ages ranging from 3 to 10. It comes with anti-reflective lens and a plastic frame, and the neat thing about it is that it doesn’t even cost a fortune so you can get several. All of the product dimensions are specified online so that you can tell whether it might be a good fit for your kid or not.

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SpongeBob SquarePants Bait


Another budget-friendly choice that can make an impression is this bait pack that comes with as many as four sponge fish training lures. Believe it or not, they turn into fish once they are cast into the water, so they will definitely make a fun gift.

Because they are primarily designed for young kids, they also come with a plastic hook, which of course is far safer compared to any metal one. The hook clips easily and conveniently to the training lures. For practice, there’s nothing stopping you or the child to use the SpongeBob Bait Pack time and again.

Some of the customers who have purchased this choice say that it works great for little kids. Even 3 and 4-year-olds can use and enjoy them safely. The kid will surely tell everyone what amazing fish he or she has caught.

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Oakiwear Waders


Fly fishing is one of the most popular pastimes of angling Americans, and it’s also one of the most convenient ones, too. The lakes and rivers found pretty much everywhere in the U.S. make angling opportunities endless.

With a pair of neoprene waders, you can fish for hours on end. So why shouldn’t they be just as practical and useful for kids, too? This product is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use choices we’ve stumbled upon.

What’s more, the waders are boot-foot, which means that they come with a pair of rubber boots that can ensure that no water endangers the comfort and fun of the kids’ angling expedition. The shoulder strap can be adjusted so as to speak to the physical attributes of the toddler or child wearing the waders. The Oakiwear model is available in several sizes, so choose the one that best suits your kid.

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