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Last Updated: 20.05.19

Whether you are a seasoned angler or you’re just getting started, you might want to know which clubs, associations, and organizations you should keep up with so that you make the most of your endeavors. We’ve showcased some of our favorites below in the hope that they will help you become part of the fishing community and perfect your skills, too.

Many of those that we have displayed are non-profits, so their mission is to implement informed strategies that will help spread awareness about recreational angling, boating, as well as the conservation and restoration of the world’s aquatic natural resources.

On the other hand, we’ve also included several clubs for you to check out especially if you are interested in learning new techniques by means of getting in touch with other fishers just like you. Knowledge is always worth sharing, and we’ve made it our mission to assist you in learning new things about fish in general, the species you can catch in various areas, and the communities you can become a part of. Naturally, some of the websites below will also provide you with useful advice on fishing canoe angling, the best fishing reels, or the right fishing pants to wear on a whole day of outdoor adventures. Grab your fisherman hat and your fishing cart and check out the following locations. 



Best fishing Associations you shouldn’t miss as a newbie angler



Limestone Trout Club

If you want to learn the mysteries of stillwater fly fishing in the Northeast and be part of an amazing club, the Limestone Trout Club is the place to be. Known for the best stillwater fishing for trout in the Northeast, their ponds hold trophy size brown, rainbow, and tiger trout in addition to brook and golden trout. Since this is a private club members and their guests do not need a fishing license. Contact the club if you are in the area and would like to visit. They might even let you wet a line.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Limestone Trout Club membership information
  • Local fishing news
  • Heaps of tips and tactics (including on how you can get the most of your telescopic fishing rod)



The Avon Angling Club

With a history of over forty years, the Avon Angling Club is a friendly fishing association with an open membership policy, which aims to provide affordable and quality fishing for all fishermen and women looking to practice their passion on the River Avon. The website has a host of information available and it ranges from fly tying to what you need to know about permits, club rules, and where you can fish.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out all there’s to know about the Avon Angling Club
  • Fly tying tips and tricks
  • Learn about fishing permits, costs, and where you can fish in the area



Oregon Fishing Club

If you plan to take up angling as a hobby and you are located in the Oregon area, you should definitely check out this fishing organization as it can assist you in becoming a seasoned fisher. The website contains a broad array of pages on camping, traveling for fishing purposes, and the best locations ranging from lakes and ponds to rivers in the area. So get your fishing rods and fishing gloves and check out the many angling opportunities in Oregon!

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out as much as you can about the Oregon Fishing Club
  • Consult information about rivers, lakes, and ponds in the area
  • Trout fishing basics, habits, and catching techniques




The Angling Council is the NGB for an array of branches of angling ranging from Sea Angling to Salmon and Sea Trout Angling. The committee supports a broad range of activities and is a member of the European Anglers Alliance. The website makes a lot of useful information available from inland fisheries news to coaching, health and safety, and safeguarding. Environmental issues are also presented in a separate section.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out more about the Angling Council of Ireland
  • News and educational posts published regularly
  • Coaching opportunities



Eden Angling Association

This non-profit organization is open to all fishers and it provides fishing for sea trout, salmon, and brown trout on the River Eden in Fife. The organization aims at promoting the conservation of river wildlife and preserving the environment as best as possible. Information about pollution is also made available, so if you’re concerned about fishing waters and want to maintain them healthy and clean, check out this website.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Updates for yearly seasons
  • Season roundups
  • Latest news about fishing in Fife



Howth Sea Angling Club

Ever since it was formed back in 1970, this association has developed into one of the best-known fishing clubs in Ireland. It has its own clubhouse and boats and its membership is growing with every day that goes by. If you’re ever in the Dublin area and plan to engage in some serious fishing, check out the Howth Sea Angling Club.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Information about yearly competitions
  • A gallery with the anglers and their most impressive catches
  • Newsletters and a variety of other tips for fishers



Berwick & District Angling Association

The Berwick & District Angling Association’s main purpose is promoting the sport of angling on the river Whiteadder. The association controls several miles of the river, with prime Brown Trout, Sea Trout, as well as Salmon fishing. You can use the website to find out more about salmon or Brown Trout permits, and there’s also a good deal of info on accommodation in the area.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out more about fishing on the river Whiteadder
  • Consult info regarding salmon and Brown Trout permits
  • Learn about permit prices and fishing equipment and sales



Peeblesshire Trout Fishing Association

If you’re ever in Scotland and you’re wondering what some great trout fishing spots are, check out this association’s website to find out all you need to know. Season tickets and day permits are available for a modest cost, and you can also utilize the resource to learn about the fishing regulations in the area, as well as the duration of trout season. In the ‘Useful Information’ section, you can even browse through some fishing tackle and techniques.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out more about trout fishing in Scotland
  • Fishing tackle and techniques tips 
  • Learn about regulations and fishing permits

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