Best 3 Deer Hunting Bibs Compared in 2018
Best 3 Deer Hunting Bibs Compared in 2018

Deer Hunting Bibs – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

If you have come here in the hopes of finding the best deer hunting bib in 2018, the following short paragraph will offer you all the information you need to make an educated purchase. After intensive research, we have concluded that the model that offers outstanding quality and that has garnered some of the best deer hunting bib reviews is the Gamehide Flatland. It features a waterproof Hush Hide fabric that will keep you dry and mask your noises. The leg zippers allow for an easy putting on and taking off, so that you waste no time. The wide and adjustable shoulder straps will make it easier to find that perfect fit capable of allowing you to hunt for hours on end. If by any unfortunate event you are unable to find our first pick available for sale at your favorite store, we recommend you consider the Rivers West Ambush instead.

Our top choices

If you have done your research, but you are still finding it hard to pick a good deer hunting bib, perhaps you should take a look at our selection. These are the critically acclaimed models that will help you feel more comfortable and capable so that you can strike the killing blow with your swift compound bow.

Gamehide Flatland

By using the new Hush Hide material, the Flatland model employs the same level of quality that can be found in premium waterproof hunting pants. This cutting-edge fabric has two benefits. On the one hand, it is built to repel water and keep the wearer dry and warm, but it can also prevent the hunter from making too much noise.

Indeed, it is the soundproof nature of this bib that makes it one of the most popular options among customers. As any proficient hunter will tell you, having a piece of clothing that can mask sounds can greatly improve your performance in the field.

It is also properly insulated; toss in a pair of quality hunting gloves and you will be prepared for the winter. The 6 oz. of insulation should be more than enough to keep you warm even during the colder mornings. Another good thing is that you get just the right amount of insulation so that the bib can remain lightweight.

The leg zippers allow for an easy and quick putting on and taking off which will allow you to get out of your hunting apparel in just a few seconds after a long day.

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Rivers West Ambush

The Ambush series is another waterproof bib that is built to handle the harsh conditions a hunter might encounter in the field. Whether we talk about the environment itself and its many obstacles, or of the constantly changing weather, this model is built to handle them all.

It comes with 18-inch heavy-duty boot zippers with storm fly capable of housing any of your quality pairs of hunting boots. The elasticized back waist gives the wearer comfort, allows for a more customizable fit, and will keep the bib firmly secured over the body so that you enjoy a wide range of movement.

A standout feature of this model comes from the reversed buckle suspender belt that can convert the bibs into a handy pair of hunting pants. For people that want to get more than one use out of their purchases, this is a product that will give you the right amount of value for your money.

Another great thing about this option comes in the form of the many pockets you have available. First, you have two interior Sherpa lined hand warmers for when you’ve forgotten your gloves at home. Aside from these, you also get two zippered chest pockets and two cargo pockets with oversized D-Rings.

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Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard

If you do not mind spending more money for a complete pair of deer hunting bibs, the HuntGuard is the ideal pick for the experienced hunter that wants to improve his performance. It is designed specifically to be one of the warmest and most versatile hunting bibs available in this price range.

It is water-resistant and breathable, meaning that you can use it in warm climates without having to worry about the heat becoming a problem. Sweat and heat will be able to escape the bib through the breathable membrane while any water from the exterior will not be allowed to enter the fabric.

The full-length two-way leg zippers will allow for a quick on and off, and it will also allow you to customize the experience that you get from the pants. The extra-long combined rise and inseam come with adjustable straps for a universal fit.

It has been tested and proved by the manufacturer to handle a temperature of down to -94 degrees Fahrenheit. The 4-way stretch and silent micro-suede shell will keep you quiet. As a plus, you get a built-in heavy duty HuntGuard that will keep you protected from the many obstacles you will encounter in the field.

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Buying guide

Nowadays, finding the best bib for deer hunting can be a lot more difficult than you might have first envisioned. With the broad array of choices becoming available to you, knowing what to focus on can be extremely difficult. Even more so if this is the first time that you find yourself in the posture of having to buy this product.

To make things easier for you and to help you get a good deer hunting bib that you will not regret purchasing, we have gone and identified the key features to consider before you go and make a decision. Take a look below if you want to learn more.

Weatherproof properties

When selecting the ideal pair of hunting bibs, you should look if it is weatherproof. The weather can never be trusted and the best way to ensure that you will have a good time in the field is to get the hunting apparel that can handle as many weather conditions as possible.

You can’t get all the protection available since each of these protective measures can add unwanted elements such as weight, reduced mobility, or cost. This is why you need to think ahead and get the protection that you feel like you will need.

The most readily available type of protection is waterproofing. We recommend you get a product that has this feature since it does not have a big cost for the performance offered.

Get the right fit

When getting any type of clothing, the fit should be a big factor. Not only because it will dictate just how comfortable you are going to be while trekking in the outdoors, but also because it has a big impact on things such as tear resistance and noise.

A model that fits well will also last for longer. To identify the right fit you should look if the manufacturer provides the user with a size chart. If it does not, the best thing you can do is to experiment as much as possible. You might have to try a few pairs before you identify the ideal cut and style that you enjoy wearing.


The main two types of materials that you are likely to encounter while shopping for the right pair of hunting bibs are polyester and cotton. Polyester is a special synthetic fabric made of polyester fibers. Its advantages are that it is very durable and wear-resistant, does not wrinkle, is resistant to heat and light, and it doesn’t need special care.

Cotton on the other hand is a natural fiber that is highly breathable and light. It can absorb moisture much more quickly and it is more comfortable to the body. It can be washed easily, and the fact that it is easily colored makes it ideal for making believable camo patterns.

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