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Cocking devices for crossbows  – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are on the search for the best hunting gear but simply have no time to read the buying tips and reviews our research team has worked on, you should be able to learn just as much with this short paragraph. We studied social media activity and expert review sites for the best crossbow rocking device and found what majority of consumers currently consider a top choice, the Excalibur 2195A. This product enables comfortable loading and unloading of any Excalibur crossbow by lessening the felt draw weight by half while also guaranteeing an appropriate string alignment to help you shoot more accurately. This model uses comfortable T-handles and is made using the finest quality components to deliver lasting durability for long-term use. Because this device offers ease of use, you can confidently place it in your pocket and go hunting. Since there’s a very real chance that the Excalibur 2195A will run out of stock because of its popularity among bow hunters, we recommend getting the second best option in performance and quality, the Barnett 17014.



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5 Best Cocking Devices for Crossbows (Reviews) in 2020


1. Excalibur Cocking Aids Cocking Rope


A well-designed rope-cocking device, the Excalibur 2195A offers easy cocking of your bow and enables easy string alignment so you can focus on your shooting accuracy instead of how your projectile is positioned on your weapon. This device reduces the felt draw weight by as much as 50 percent, so all you have to focus on is your shooting stance.

This model enables you to fine tune your shooting technique so you can put greater emphasis on your accuracy instead of worrying about the draw weight you have to be able to use for firing your bow.

Ideal for beginners and shooters with smaller builds, this device helps bowhunters practice better shooting form and stance to propel the projectile toward the target with better accuracy and sharper technique.


This model is made of the finest quality materials for dependable durability and long-term use.

Aligning the bowstring is made easier because this cocking aid takes 50 percent off the felt draw weight for more error-free string alignment.

This product goes easily in the pocket for problem-free storage and carrying in the field.


This rope cocking aid can be challenging for shooters with handicaps to use when unassisted by another person.

Buy from for ($21.78)





2. Barnett 170142-SSI Rope Cocking Device 17014


The Barnett 17014 is a rope cocking device that enables you to shoot with higher degrees of accuracy by lessening the draw poundage by half, making the bow easier to shoot or load and unload. With a higher amount of pull from the device, the projectile can be propelled quicker, faster and easier so you can do multiple shots when needed.

This cocking device has T-handles that provide less contact with the string to save your hands from getting pinched. There is less strain on your arms and shoulders when taking aim and firing. The cocking aid features brass cord rollers that enable you to draw fluidly and less effortfully. For greater convenience, the cocking device stores easily in the pocket.

If you want to experience a smoother shooting motion, get this tool that carries a simple design for easy setup and functionality.


Made of fine quality materials and a simple design, this rope cocking device is easy to use.

The superior craftsmanship makes this cocking aid durable for lasting use.

You’ll love how the implement decreases the draw weight so you can align the string more easily.


Like most other string cocking devices, this model comes with a wee bit more line than is necessary, according to one user.

Buy from for ($13.41)





3. Sa Sports 6305754-SSI Crank Cocking Device 575


Engineered to decrease the pull poundage under 10 pounds, the SA Sports 575 lets you aim and fire with greater accuracy. Aligning the bowstring becomes less tedious as this device positions the component optimally to enable faster and easier release and more precise propulsion toward the target.

You will love that this device dovetails to the rear of the stock for easy setup and installation prior to use. It also slides off the dovetail for hassle-free removal when not in use. This aid eliminates the risk of pinched fingers when the string releases the projectile and goes back to its original position.

The clamp-on bracket style enables the cocking device to easily attach to different widely-used crossbows such as the Ripper, Vendetta, and Crusader. Perfect for use when doing multiple shots, this cocking device eases up on the loading and unloading processes for a much easier shooting experience every time.


This is a solidly-constructed crank cocking device made of top-quality materials for those looking for genuine value for money.

It reduces the pull weight load to under 10 pounds for less strain on the arms and shoulders.

Perfect for executing multiple shots, this cocking aid slides off the dovetail for problem-free removal when not in use.


One user has noted that this crank cocking device tends to be compatible with a specific crossbow model (Desert Hawk) but not so easily with others.

Buy from for ($120.57)





4. SA Sports Rope Cocking Device


If you’re looking for a way to ease up on the loading and unloading segment of aiming your crossbow, make it a point to have the SA Sports 576 rope cocking device in your pocket. This durable device is made of hardy materials from its robust T-handles to the string to ensure years of service to the crossbow hunter.

This rope cocking aid makes it less effortful to pull the string and load a projectile. It enables a smoother draw by reducing the draw poundage by an amazing 50 percent, helping you focus more energy on shooting with accuracy using the proper technique. You can enjoy greater consistency in cocking the bow straight by taking center string alignment away from the equation.

A must for every avid crossbow hunter, this crossbow cocking aid lets you experience smooth draws and greater shooting accuracy regardless of your upper body strength or shooting skill level.


Perfect for those with smaller body build or beginner-level shooting skills, this rope cocking aid helps you shoot with greater accuracy and speed.

This device helps avoid pinched fingers due to the string forcefully slapping back toward your hand after the release of the projectile.

Improving your shooting becomes much easier with this amazing cocking device.


There is no perceived drawback on this product by the registered buyers on Amazon.

Buy from for ($24.99)





5. Barnett Vengeance CCD 17450


The Barnett 17450 is a crank cocking device that provides a perfect fit and compatibility with the popular Barnett Vengeance and other widely-used hunting weapons.

This bow cocking aid is designed to fully integrate into the crossbow stock to present a low profile so you can have an unhampered view of the target. It reduces the cocking tension to only 17 pounds so you can align the string easily and quickly.

The reduced draw weight also enables you to focus more on your shooting technique than on the strain of pulling the bowstring to ensure a faster and more accurate shot. You can easily adjust the handle to fit either a right or left-handed shooter, so this device can be shared with others in your group.

What is even more fantastic is how the handle is designed to be removable to suit your preference and storage needs. You’ll love the comfortable fit this device provides on your favorite crossbow hunting weapon.


This model integrates fully and seamlessly into the stock of your weapon to provide a low profile for effortless target sighting. (check our recent article about bow sights)

The handle adjusts easily to suit both right and left-handed shooters.

The handle can be removed at your option to provide effortless functionality.


At least two users recommend other buyers to examine their weapons and see which ones will go well with the device and which ones only need minor tweaking to be compatible with this cocking aid.

Buy from for ($78.94)





Buying guide


Just like any other crossbow accessory, your crossbow cocking aid has to enhance the shooting capability of your weapon and your shooting skills as well. Although this tool will not make a Robin Hood out of you, it can at least help you refine your technique and cross out poor form or methodology for improved shooting accuracy. Now what aspects are easily distinguishable in the best cocking device?

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The best crossbow cocking device can be one of three styles

There was a time when the only option for cocking your crossbow was to bend over the weapon, grab the string with your bare hands and then puff yourself up with enough strength to draw the string back to its ready-to-shoot position. However, thanks to how technology has come a long way in crossbow cocking, that manual technique has been relegated to only the hardiest hunters.

Nowadays, there are two generally accepted methods to cock your crossbow. You can now opt for either a rope cocking device or a crank style cocking implement. Each cocking system has its own advantages.

The rope cocking aid is the most popular among crossbow users. Some crossbow manufacturers even specify them as a standard accessory for some of their models. The action of a rope cocking device is pretty straightforward. It reduces the amount of force you have to use to draw the crossbow by up to 50 percent, or half of what would normally be needed for manual cocking.

Lightweight and compact enough to fit in a hunting coat or jacket pocket, a rope cocking aid is way better than just leaning over your crossbow, pulling the string manually, and hoping that the bowstring does not slap back painfully against your fingers upon the release of the arrow or broadhead.

This type of cocking aid enables you to cock the bow uniformly and with a higher level of consistency, which is highly important if you are to achieve ultimate accuracy when shooting. It offers exceptional functionality considering how, in the hand-drawn cocking method, the bow string easily gets pulled to one side or the other of the barrel or stock during the drawing stage.

This improper drawing form leads to inaccurate arrow groups.

A rope cocking device, on the other hand, prevents that from occurring. Rope cocking aids are cheaper than the second type of device, the crank cocking tool. Some crossbows even ship with a rope cocking device as a freebie.

A rope cocking device may be difficult to optimize by hunters with limited physical strength. Those types of hunters may have weak arm strength to pull the string fully toward the trigger box. Weapons that have no foot stirrup can give hunters precious inches of drawing power to make a rope cocking device more practical to use.

For hunters with a physical disability or reduced arm strength, a crank cocking device is the better choice. The reduction gears in a crank cocking device coupled with a winch-type system reduce the needed energy for crossbow cocking to just a few pounds, with some models doing that to under 10 pounds while some offer levels to 17 pounds only.

A crank drawing device is best used by young hunters or ladies or those with a smaller body build. A crank cocking device helps you draw evenly and accurately every time, just like a rope cocking device.

That said, not all crank cocking devices are created equal. Some models are permanently installed on the weapon, but others are detachable. Take note of the weight of a detachable crank cocking device, as the additional heft may completely offset any reduction in draw poundage to make zero difference in your shooting accuracy.

The third type of cocking aid is available on the market, the sidewinder cocking device. It is not as popular as the other two but may soon catch up because of its own merits.

A good-quality cocking device for crossbow should be easy on you

There’s no use having a crossbow cocking device if it becomes more of a burden than an actual aid in shooting. The whole point of a cocking device is to enhance or improve your shooting accuracy. Rope cocking devices are popular thanks to their easy storage and pocketability. You can just slip them into your coat pocket and retrieve them when needed.

The cocking aid should not hamper your vision of the target, and this is especially important for crank-style cocking devices.

A sidewinder cocking device is designed to provide an easy crossbow cocking experience. It simply slips over the recoil pad of the crossbow stock, attaches via its hooks to the string, and then winds up. This type of device enables uniform string alignment for multiple shots plus extreme accuracy.

Installation of the device should take seconds, as time is always of the essence in crossbow hunting. It should not alert the target to your presence, so the more vibration-free the cocking aid is, the better it will be for the crossbow hunter.


When looking at products like a cocking device for Barnett crossbows or any other brand, you will need to ensure it is made of top-quality materials

The T-handles on a rope cocking aid should not feel flimsy or cheap when you grab them. Crank cocking devices are more expensive, so you can pick whichever brand you want as long as you are getting one from a reputable manufacturer and source.

The device should boast top-tier craftsmanship for guaranteed performance in the field. If you invest in a top-quality crossbow, the accessories that go with it should also be beyond reproach in terms of overall quality and functionality.




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