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Crappie fishing tackles – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Are you here to find out about the best crappie fishing tackle? Here is, in brief, the essential information you should know. Seasoned and novice anglers alike highly recommend the Eagle Claw E.C. TK-FRESH for its superior performance and usefulness. This is a reliable kit containing a wide range of hooks, sinkers, and other types of tackle that will help you catch more fish. Not just for crappie, but also other freshwater species, the kit will also assist you in landing more catfish, panfish, bass, and trout. The utility box containing all the items described earlier is easy to store away, and you will quickly find a place for it in your tackle box. In case you can no longer find the Eagle Claw E.C. TK-FRESH, another option you should consider, according to the vast majority of anglers, is the Stren Crappie Mono SCRFS6-GD.



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Finding the right tackle for catching crappie may be difficult, which is why it is so important to search for options carefully. The next recommendations were picked based on their popularity and ratings given by buyers.



Eagle Claw E.C. TK-FRESH


Freshwater fishing is different from saltwater fishing, and that means that you need to be well prepared for dealing with various species of fish, crappie being among them. If you are passionate about fishing in fresh waters, this kit may be exactly what you’re missing right now from your tackle box.

This kit contains a nice assortment of hooks and sinkers and also features other types of tackle designed to make your fishing easier. Freshwater fish species like bass, crappie, trout, and walleye are the target, and you will love the versatility offered.

There are no fewer than 83 items in the utility box provided with your purchase. The box helps to keep all the tackle well organized, so you don’t have to fear that some of them may end up missing. Also, you will quickly find a place for it in your tackle box, when you go fishing.

The rigs, hooks, and sinkers are protected in the plastic box. They will be dry and ready to use each time you choose to embark on a new fishing adventure. No freshwater species will be spared, as this versatile tackle works like a charm for many different types of fish living in these waters.

Buy from for ($9.99)





Stren Crappie Mono SCRFS6-GD


When you want to go fishing for a particular species, you may do well with a tackle that is specially designed for that kind of fish. If you’re looking for a good tackle for crappie, you may just as well go for the Stren Crappie Mono SCRFS6-GD, a type of line optimized for catching crappie.

How is this line designed for enhancing your chances of landing more crappie fish? The small diameter of the mono line is ideal for working with small lures, and you will find casting a much more manageable affair.

As many fishers know, crappie fish tend to hide in heavy underwater brush, which requires a certain type of line. While this line is small in diameter, it is also strong and resistant to abrasion. In case the line gets caught in some underwater plants, you will still be able to retrieve it.

The high sensitivity of this line recommends it, as well. The crappie fish won’t notice it, and they will not be alerted to the danger that lies in waiting. If you want to maximize your chances of landing more crappie the next time you go fishing, this line may be just for you.

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Eagle Claw Crappie Jig ECJC1/16-PW


There is no secret that crappie fish prefer jigs over any other kind of lures. You should pack enough jigs for your next fishing trip if you’re after crappie. An excellent choice you should consider is the Eagle Claw Crappie Jig ECJC1/16-PW. The pack you purchase contains six jigs so that you can use them to your heart’s content.

You can take your pick from three different sizes, and multiple color combinations. What impresses most about these jigs is the high quality of the materials used. The head and shaft are made from metal, while the rest is made from feather and thread. Fishermen who prefer crappie are quite impressed with them, as the crappie fishing tackle reviews online show.

Apparently, you don’t have to be too religious about choosing just one specific color combination. The anglers who have already tried them say that they have been successful with many different colors. What’s more important, it is not only crappie fish that respond well to these jigs; other freshwater species like trout also bite.

Choose the configuration you find most appealing. As many other fishermen say, you need to experiment a little, to see what works. This model is highly recommended by anglers everywhere.

Buy from for ($8.34)





Gamakatsu Crappie Hook Assorted G02609


Many buyers are more than satisfied with these hooks, as they work great for crappie. You will find 15 hooks in each pack, available in five different colors. If you want to purchase an entire case, that will contain 40 packs, enough for even the most passionate crappie fishing enthusiast.

It must be noted that these hooks are explicitly made for catching crappie, so the chances are that you will be more successful with catching more specimens of this species if you opt for tackle optimized for it. Colorful hooks are known to work well for crappie, and that is why it is a good thing to have multiple colors available.

Like any other fish, crappie can be finicky when it comes to what works and what doesn’t at any point in time. The fact that this pack offers so many different colors is a great plus because you can simply change from one color to another.

Another thing worth mentioning is that users say that the hooks are retaining color quite well. Also, the hooks are quite sharp and made from reliable materials, so you can rest assured that you will be able to see about your fishing without any mishaps.

Buy from for ($8.71)





Lew’s MC10PL2G Mr. Crappie Slab Shak


While looking through the many crappie tackles available, you may also want to take a look at the Lew’s MC10PL2G Mr. Crappie Slab Shak, as well. There are many things to like about this rod. First of all, it is made from graphite, which means that it is lightweight and easy to use.

Because it is made from two pieces, you can take it apart, transport it in secure conditions, and assemble it when you start fishing. The grip handle is made from EVA, which ensures extra comfort and prevents fatigue. The guides are made from aluminum oxide, and they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

The reel seat is also made from graphite, maintaining the entire weight of the rod to a minimum. An interesting thing about this particular model is that it is Wally Marshall approved for fishing crappie, something that cannot be said about many similar products on the market.

The total length of the rod is 10 feet, so it will allow you to reach further from the shore. The light action of the rod makes it an excellent choice for crappie, and you won’t hesitate to pack this model the next time you embark on a fishing trip with crappie on the list.

Buy from for ($26.86)





Buying guide


Crappie fish must be among the easiest to catch species, while still providing plenty of entertainment for the novice angler, as well as for the seasoned one. You will find that specific fishing gear is more recommended for crappie than other tackles available for sale, which means that a little advice on what to buy won’t hurt.

What kind of rod should you use for crappie?

Starting at the beginning, let’s see what kind of rod you should pick for crappie. The consensus is that your rod should be on the lighter side. That being said, a graphite rod is the most recommended pick. Choose the best fishing tackle for crappie by opting for the right type of rod.

One thing to bear in mind is that fly fishing rods are entirely out of the question. One model, you should opt for is a telescopic rod. There are several reasons for heeding this advice.

For starters, such rods can reach long lengths, and that is something to bear in mind when you are fishing for crappie. The whole idea behind using a telescopic rod is to be capable of casting the line as far away from the shore as possible. Crappie fish are quite cautious, and, if something scares one of them, the entire school can run away, too.

A long rod has another great advantage. Such models usually have a sensitive tip, and they will react at the slightest bite from a crappie fish. This will allow you to be quick on the retrieve, which is essential for such an easy to scare species.

Another option to consider is a spinning rod. Keep the total weight of the rod to a minimum, and pick the right length for your style of fishing. The further you need to cast your line, the longer the rod must be.


A few things to bear in mind about reels

Lightweight reels are just as essential for landing more crappie specimens as lightweight rods. While this may go without saying, here is another consideration to jot down on your list. These reels should come with a large diameter spool, to reduce line memory.

It is quite well known among anglers that your line should be stretched tightly when fishing for crappie, so you can tell the slightest moves made by the fish when they bite. This is where the large spool comes into play.

Also, another thing to remember is that you should opt for the smallest reel available. This way, you will keep the total weight of your rig to a minimum, and you will be able to cast further, which is highly recommended.


What about the type of line that should be used?

Crappie fish moves in schools, and they tend to hide in the underwater brush. At the same time, they are easy to scare away, which means that any suspicious activity will draw their attention. This kind of behavior dictates what sort of line you should get.

The best advice is to pick a line with a small diameter. The crappie fish will not be able to spot it in the water, and it is lightweight, too. Another thing to bear in mind is that the line must be strong and abrasion resistant. The chances are that the line will get mixed up in the heavy brush, and pulling won’t help if the line is too delicate.

These are the two main characteristics your line should have. Monofilament line is the most recommended choice, but some anglers advise in favor of braided line, too. Depending on what kind of fish you expect to catch, your choice may vary.

Your line should support the 2 to 6-pound test, but some fishermen prefer working with a heavier line, in the hope that they will catch a bigger fish than the usual stock.


If you’re looking for cheap crappie fishing tackle, your bet should be on some lures. You will have to know what to pick, which is why we offer the next advice. The absolute best, as agreed on by most anglers, are jigs. They are your go-to solution when nothing else works.

Crappie fish love them, and they are highly efficient. Spinnerbait jigs are even more proficient, as the blade vibrates inside the water and acts as a veritable chow-time call for crappie fish. You can also mix up some jig heads and bodies to customize your lures for maximum efficiency.



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