Crankbait rods – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


In case you really want to find the best crankbait rod but you don’t have time to go through the advice and reviews our research team has prepared for you, then you can at least read this paragraph to find out what matters. We’ve made a few analyses of the customer reports and feedback that amateur and professional anglers gave, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese is the best because. If the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese is hard to get, you can turn your attention to the Ardent Denny Brauer because performance and quality place it second on the list of alternatives.



Our top choices


Professional and amateur fishermen are often picky when it comes to choosing the right rod for their applications. The list of choices is unnervingly long, so we trimmed it down. The top products that are now for sale are listed below.



Wright and McGill Skeet Reese


The brand produces various types of high-quality angler gear. This item has been tested for quality and field tested. To make sure reliability and durability are the words that come to mind when their products are concerned, the manufacturers use top quality materials and improved design.

The rod blank is made of S-glass, a very strong material that uses multiple layers to obtain excellent results. The S-glass construction gives the rod superior power and a soft feel.

The S-curve design adds lifting power to the blank and makes it more sensitive while reducing the weight. It’s an increasingly popular design for baitcasters, as it gives them better casting power.

The split handle makes the rod lighter and more sensitive while providing better balance to the instrument. Made of molded rubber, this element gives anglers a nice feel and amazing grip.

The Wright and McGill Skeet Reese is equipped with zirconium guides. Their function is to further reduce weight and optimize casting distance.

One last component makes the item ideal for performance and fit for crankbait fishing. There is a large fighting butt at the end of the rod, providing fishermen with optimum control during the fight.


This Wright and McGill rod is a reliable fishing gear. The manufacturer subjects the products to quality and field tests, which is a nice guarantee for the money you pay.

The fishing pole is very strong and well suited for crankbait action. This manufacturer has chosen S-glass as a construction material, which was initially produced specifically for fishing gear. It yields strength, sensitivity and nice responsiveness.

The tool has a long distance casting power. Thanks to the S-curve design the power in the blank material is enhanced. Using the right shape makes the rod throw the bait for much longer distances.

Buying the Wright and McGill Skeet Reese gives fishermen a better grip and more success chances. Using molded rubber for the handle and placing a fighting butt on the rod are good keys to that.


It can be difficult to throw the light bait.

Some of the rods are less durable, but most of the customers are very happy with them.

Buy from for ($97.44)





Ardent Denny Brauer


The Ardent Denny Brauer is a 7.6 inches long rod that was designed by Denny Brauer, as the name says. This skilled angler designs and tests the products in this series himself and designates specific actions for each type of rod, matching the right strength and skill.

Tested on the Falcon and Amistad lakes, the rods successfully passed the test for power and backbone. To this end, the blank was made of high modulus IM8 graphite, a material that provides not only excellent sensitivity to the blank but also extra strength.

For longer casts, the Ardent Denny Brauer uses Fuji guidelines. That helps with the accuracy, too. Improving the cast distance and accuracy is important because crankbait fishing relies on them for better results.   

Another component that makes this product one of the favorites is the Fuji Reel Seat. For a solid reel base that makes a lightweight addition, this is a very good option. A reel seat has to be comfortable enough. Otherwise, fatigue could get you early in the day.  

For a medium action rod like this, the high-quality cork split handle is what preserves the hands on attitude. It means even less weight for the whole product and has the very important role of balancing out the rod.


The length and power give this rod several advantages. One of them is that it makes it just right for bigger fish. It also has the necessary strength and provides sufficient control to fight the catch.  

This medium action rod is also a much better caster. Whenever you need long distance casts and better precision you can turn to the Ardent Denny Brauer.

Besides strength and control, this product also has great guides and a nice grip. When your target is medium and heavy fish, these elements will matter the most. They hold up well, and that is good news because they usually give up first.

The rod has very good sensitivity. Before sensing the fish, when you load the lure, the upper part of the rod flexes. That gives you the opportunity to act fast at the right moment.


The rod is a bit stiff, but that is alright when you need to go fishing in areas covered by weed.

Buy from for ($79.23)





Lew’s Fishing TP1


This Lew’s model stands out by several features and components. The rod brings great performance to the game by using the lightweight IM8 graphite blank. Thanks to the material and construction, it delivers good sensitivity and plenty of backbone.

Another improvement consists in using the Premium American Tackle Microwave Guides. This system aims at increasing the casting distance and accuracy. At the same time, the manufacturer claims the Microwave Guides eliminate wind knots.

For a comfortable day on the water, the rod has been fitted with a Winn Grip Dri-Tec handle. Besides the better looks, the split grip has the tacky grip you need to feel in control, even when it’s wet. It’s a known fact that comfortable handles are the key to a relaxed day when you’re gone fishing.

In the attempt to reduce weight and provide additional comfort, Lew’s Fishing TP1 uses the custom skeletal SoftTouch graphite reel seat. Reviewers never forget to mention it because it has a significant impact on the quality of fishing.

This crankbait rod comes with a reasonable price for the value and offers in exchange a tournament performance. This is a great match for the crankbait fishing style.


Lew’s Fishing TP1 provides anglers with a blank that combines sensitivity with the necessary backbone. This combination is always a winner, and this product managed to bring the two elements into balance by using the IM8 graphite blank.

The rod has good quality components and is well built. The blank, handle, guide system and reel seat are all top quality and mix together well.

This fishing gear has very good quality control. Purchasers were satisfied with the finish of their products and noticed that all the elements were in the right place.

The material and design of the grip give fishermen better control during the fight. Using a split grip and Dri-tec material proves to be a nice solution for both comfort and non-slip control.


The graphite blank is lightweight and strong, but some customers were under the impression that it is not as responsive as other similar rods.  

Buy from for ($85.36)





Buying guide


When you have to decide what is the best crankbait rod for the money, there are several factors you have to consider. We tried to disambiguate some of them so you can make a good selection.


First of all, if you’re a beginner, you must avoid a common confusion. Power and action are often mistaken for the same thing. But the action is the measurement of the speed of which a rod goes from being bend to straight, while power refers to the backbone or pulling power.

The power ratings of the rods go from Ultra Light to Ultra Heavy or Extra Heavy. Usually, the rating that a rod has is equivalent to the size of the fish you can catch, so Light means small sized fish, while a Medium Heavy is suitable for medium to large fish.

A good crankbait rod is generally rated somewhere between Medium Light and Medium Heavy, also depending on your preferences and environment. You should have enough power to throw the lure for a decent distance and fight the fish.



The best crankbait rod reviews agree that the difference between a rod used for crankbait fishing and the ones used with various other baits is the amount of bend. In other words, the action that a rod has is determinant.

The ratings for action go from Slow to Extra Fast and are determined by measuring the bend starting from the tip of the rod. The slow action is visible in the upper half or even more, while a fast action rod can be identified by the quick bend of the tip.

Slow and Moderate Action are preferable for crankbait fishing, but even Moderate Fast rods can be seen on some of the anglers.



Most crankbait rods measure up somewhere between 6 and 8 feet, but the choice depends on what you plan.

The longer the rod, the more casting distance you gain. Also, if you need a rod that will help you reach maximum depth, the longer ones will do the job.

On the other hand, some people prefer to have more precision in their casting. When you have the perfect spot, and you need more accuracy, try to pick a shorter rod.

You can find a product that successfully complies with the requirements and qualifies as the best crankbait rod under 100, so you shouldn’t give up on these standards.

Don’t forget to check the recommended weight of the lure as well as the line test limits. They are related to the power that your rod holds. Most rod models have this in the description, so it should be easy.



Wright and McGill Skeet Reese (B002PD0Q6I) Ardent Denny Brauer (B00BG9DA10) Lew’s Fishing TP1 (B013V7N7GM)
The good This model has been quality tested and field tested by the manufacturer and that gives users a sense of confidence. The blank construction has been improved by the S-curve design for less weight and more sensitivity and power. It sports molded rubber handles that help fishermen get a strong grip. This rod distinguishes itself by the slower action that prevents hang ups and is also helpful when it comes to the hook set. It has good casting and what some fishers find to be the ideal for crankbait. The cork split handle is another advantage fishers find attractive in this well-built product. This Lew product has had appreciative reviews for the IM8 graphite blank quality as well as for the very good, comfortable grip. With decent components and well built, the customers point out that the TP1 benefits from a good quality control. Flawless, well-aligned guides have impressed most of the anglers.
The bad Some anglers have difficulties casting light crank baits because of an alleged unbalance between the flexible tip and a thicker base. One buyer warns against buying the rod for spinning reels since it’s created for baitcasting reels only, based on the design. Although the tip seems to have plenty of flexibility, the whole rod has a stiff feel because it has less sensitivity than its counterparts.
The bottom line Receiving excellent customer reviews, this product gathers the main ingredients of a successful crankbait rod. For under 100 this is an offer you can’t refuse. Developed by the Bassmaster winner Denny Brauer, the series and its models have been designed with one crank bait fishing in mind, so it’s a safe bet. Give it a thought. Great all around, but with an impressive grip and a touch of customization, this model is a good choice for heavier crank bait and does a good job for a medium heavy action.




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