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Top cold weather fishing gloves reviewed and compared


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best cold weather fishing gloves. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Glacier Glove Premium is the best because these gloves come with precurved fingers that help to prevent fatigue so you can keep tying hooks and stringing line in the cold all day. The fingers are slit to improve dexterity, which is always important when you are fishing. The wrist strap also ensures a secure fit. If the Glacier Glove Premium is not available, you should consider the Rapala Marine as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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If you are planning on fishing in cold weather you need the right gear, and this includes a pair of protective gloves. While we can’t choose the right pair for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best cold weather gloves for fishing showcased below.



Glacier Glove Premium


1.Glacier GloveWhether this is your first time fishing in cold weather or you’re an experienced ice fisherman, these neoprene gloves might be just what you need.

The neoprene construction ensures that these gloves are waterproof, and also able to protect your hands from freezing winds.

The index fingers on the gloves are split to improve dexterity. This makes it easier to string your rod or tie off a line without freezing your entire hand.

The fingers on the gloves come precurved to ensure a comfortable fit, and to help prevent the fatigue that can occur when you are fishing all day. These cold weather gloves also come with a strap that ensures they stay tightly closed around your wrist.


With their slit fingers that allow greater dexterity, these premium neoprene fishing gloves are ideal for the angler who needs the freedom of flexible movement to make the most of their time in the water. The slit finger design frees up the index finger and thumb to provide a good grip on the equipment or to tie knots.

To adequately prevent fatigue, the fingers on the Glacier gloves are pre-curved, which allows the material to follow the shape of your digits, so they are not left stiff the whole day while encased in the hand protection sleeves.

To ensure a snug fit, the gloves also feature a strap on the wrist. This enables you to adjust them until you find the snugness you need.

This pair is suitable for all kinds of fishing and ensures warmth during chilly weather. The material guarantees a waterproof construction to keep your hands dry and warm during frigid weather.


A buyer suggested making the inside seams flatter to prevent them from rubbing against the knuckles.

Buy from for ($33.28)





Rapala Marine


2.Rapala Marine Fisherman GloveOther than the fact that you can’t wear them for filleting, these fishing gloves from Rapala are a great choice for almost any angler. Since they come with a long lasting latex coating they have plenty of insulation to keep your hands warm and dry, even in cold temperatures.

They can also be worn for fresh and saltwater applications, and you will love how easy these gloves are to clean afterwards. Simply toss them in the washing machine, line dry, and they will be ready to go on your next fishing trip.

The latex coating will also protect your hands from small cuts that can occur when you are handling fish. To ensure your catch or gear doesn’t slip out of your grasp the palms come with a textured grip.


Providing effortless control of the fishing equipment, these gloves are made with a latex coating, which provides protection when handling fish. Your hands will not get injured from the gill plates, dorsal fins, and teeth of the fish.

Ideal for either fresh or saltwater fishing, this pair can be washed in the machine, so you won’t need to launder them by hand. They can be left to drip dry. You will enjoy many seasons of service from the gloves.

Available in large and extra-large, this option combines the strengths of rubber, cotton, and polyester to provide weatherproof functionality for a variety of applications including fishing, biking, and others.

You can also expect ample insulation because of the latex coating feature, so your hands stay warm and dry even during frigid temperatures.


Despite their non-slip fish control capability, these Rapala gloves cannot be used for filleting the catch. They can only be used to hold the fish to keep it from slipping out of your grasp on the way to the cooler.

Buy from for ($7.95)





Glacier Glove Ice Bay


3.Glacier Glove ICE BAYSince these cold weather fishing gloves are constructed from durable neoprene, you know that they will last for years. The neoprene material also helps to protect your hands from the cold wind and water. You will appreciate how warm the fleece lining keeps your hands, while still not interfering with your fingers’ movements.

This allows you to bait hooks and string line without having to take off the gloves. Every aspect of these gloves is designed to keep your hands warm and dry when you are fishing. The tight fitting fabric allows for plenty of dexterity, while also preventing cold water from seeping in. The top of the gloves also fit securely around your wrist for complete protection.

The palms of the gloves come with a textured pattern so you don’t have to worry about your gear slipping out of your grip. Perfect for anglers of all skill levels, these cold weather gloves might be just what you need on your next fishing trip.


Manufactured out of high-quality material, this pair features a neoprene build and a lined internal aspect to keep your hands warm and dry when engaging in outdoor activities such as fishing.

Ideal for those who seek durability, dexterity, and warmth, the gloves are lined with fleece and are blind stitched to prevent irritation and chafing from the inside.

The glued neoprene material is textured to provide some form of traction on the gear or surface. This also means they can last for years.

Dexterity is not hindered despite the fleece lining. You can still move your hands and fingers freely even when enclosed in the gloves. You can string fishing line or bait hooks with ease.

The fabric fits tight on the hand, so water gets sealed out effectively.


The foam or fleece inside the gloves is not breathable, so these gloves are not really suitable for use during warm weather.

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Buying guide


If you are fishing in cold weather you need a pair of gloves to protect your hands, and you don’t want to choose just any pair. The gloves should be able to keep hands warm and dry, while still allowing for plenty of movement. If you need a pair of cold weather fishing gloves and don’t know what to look for, the following tips in this buying guide will help you choose the best pair for you.


A.1 Best cold weather fishing gloves - 1000



Cold weather fishing glove reviews all agree that you want to pay close attention to the material used in construction. Most gloves designed for cold weather fishing trips are made from neoprene or a latex material. Both types of material are capable of protecting your hands from the cold, along with cuts from fins, scales and even sharp teeth. If you are planning on filleting your catch as soon as you bring it in you will probably want a pair of neoprene gloves since they material does offer greater dexterity.



The best gloves for fishing in cold weather will be lined or insulated. Most experienced anglers recommend choosing neoprene gloves that are 5 to 7 mm thick so you have plenty of protection from the cold wind and water. If the fishing gloves are constructed from latex you will want to make sure that they come with a fleece or thermal lining, and this can also be found on some neoprene pairs that are designed specifically for ice fishing. While warmth is crucial for your safety and comfort, you also want to make sure that the gloves are not too bulky that they restrict the movements of your fingers.



Most gloves designed for fishing in cold weather come with a pattern on the fingers and palms to help provide you with a secure grip. You want the gloves to be able to provide you with a good grip so you don’t have to worry about dropping a lure in the water or your rod slipping out of your hands when there is a fish on the line. The grip pattern can vary and one is not necessarily better than the others. In most cases it is a matter of personal opinion and finding the one that works best for you.



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