Best 3 Camo Jackets for Hunting Compared in 2018
Best 3 Camo Jackets for Hunting Compared in 2018

Camo Jackets for Hunting - Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

Are you looking for the best camo jacket for hunting in 2018, but you don’t have enough time at your disposal to read the entire buying guide below? We will help you find the ideal model, by telling you all about it in this short paragraph. According to our team’s research, the Carhartt Men's Quilted appears as the most critically acclaimed by buyers and experts alike. This quilted jacket will keep you warm in the foulest weather, and you will be able to move around unseen by prey. It is machine washable, so no matter what you go through in your adventures, you will be able to clean it and make it look as good as new. With two outside pockets and two other on the inside, this jacket also offers easy access to all your valuables and small hunting gear. Should the Carhartt Men's Quilted be out of stock, we also suggest taking a look at the Wildfowler Outfitter Performance, a product that is almost just as good.

Our top choices

It may not be easy to find the right camouflage jacket for your next hunting trip, as there are many up for sale, but we are here to lend a helping hand. You will find here the most popular products in this category.

Carhartt Men's Quilted

This beautiful camo jacket is ideal for hunting, as it will help you keep invisible from wild animals. Made from cotton, it is thick and will keep you warm in bad weather, so that you can enjoy what you like to do most. The camouflage pattern offers excellent concealment.

All the camo hunting jackets reviews agree that this model is the optimal choice, and not only due to its camouflage features. The front zipper lets you take the jacket off easily, and the flannel lining will make sure chilly days are no challenge for you. The 12-ounce cotton jacket is ideal for hunting in winter.

Bear in mind that this is a heavyweight jacket and that you might not have the same range of motion as with a more lightweight model. However, the way this jacket is designed more than compensates for any shortcomings. The triple-stitched seams are high quality, and the draw cord will let you pull the hood tight.

You will be happy to learn that this model is machine washable, so it will not cause you any trouble in that respect. There are four pockets present on this design, two on the outside, and two on the inside.

Buy from for ($109.99)

Wildfowler Outfitter Performance

When you go hunting, you need a jacket that can take everything the weather throws at you. This waterproof model is amazing, offering you the possibility to hunt in any weather. The double wall construction makes sure that water will not get to you and that you will also be warm.

There are many great things to say about this hunting jacket. The taped seams offer extra waterproof capabilities, while the polar fleece lining keeps you warm. The hood will cover your head and keep it protected, while the draw cord will let you pull it tight so that no rain droplets can reach you.

At the same time, the jacket is breathable, and lets you feel comfortable, by wicking moisture. As far as the concealment factor is concerned, you have nothing to worry about.the camo pattern used as it is created by concealment specialists so that you can truly hide in plain sight.

Excellent insulation provides you with the means to stay warm and comfortable in any weather. The storm flap on the front zipper contributes to the waterproof capabilities of this jacket, as well. The cuffs are elastic to keep the warmth inside.

Buy from for ($75.52)

Legendary Whitetails Ladies Power

This hoodie is made for female hunters, and, besides being practical and offering excellent camouflage, it is also pretty. The jacket is mid-weight, so not too heavy to prevent you from moving around with ease, nor too lightweight, to fail in keeping you warm. The soft brushed inside will make you feel comfortable all the time.

If you have this hoodie, the only other thing you need to keep your upper body warm is a pair of hunting gloves. This way, you will be able to focus on the action happening around you. The quarter zipper will let you put on your favorite hoodie with ease, and take it off, as you please.

The polyester fleece will offer you the perfect solution to stay hidden while being comfortable. You don’t have to worry about a thing if you wear this model, and wild animals will not easily spot you. Now you can embark on your next hunting trip with confidence.

Made from 100% polyester, the jacket will not stain easily, and it will be easy to wash. Remember to wash it on a cold water cycle, and to avoid bleaching. Also, you will have to wash it separately from other clothes.

Buy from for ($54.99)

Buying guide

Camouflage is essential when you’re a hunter. Prey can spot you easily, if you are not properly geared up, which is why you need a good camo jacket for hunting.

We are here to offer our input on the topic, by presenting you with the essential aspects to bear in mind when you go shopping for this particular piece of hunting clothing. Here is everything you need to know for making an excellent purchasing decision.

Lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight?

A camouflage jacket will help you remain hidden so that you can approach your prey. Putting on some hunting face paint may also help, but let’s focus a little on the type of jacket you need. One thing you may notice about this particular article of hunting clothing, it is that its weight is almost always mentioned.

A lightweight jacket is ideal for having plenty of range of motion. If you want to move fast and catch your prey, you certainly do not want your jacket to hinder your moves. However, these jackets do not keep warm too well, so, if you go hunting in chilly weather, that can be a problem.

A heavyweight jacket is ideal if you want to keep warm most and foremost. If you’re spending a lot of time stalking your prey, comfortably seated in a tree stand, then you need a warm jacket. A mid-weight model may be just the compromise you need.

The concealment factor

There are many companies that specialize now in making hunting camo clothing, so it is not that difficult to find something that suits you. However, you should bear in mind that the concealment factor is important.

If you go hunting in a dense forest, it is necessary to wear the proper camo clothes. It does not serve to wear bright colors, and you should go for a camo pattern that will help you blend in the environment.

There are many different types of camouflages available. Make sure that you pick the right one for the type of hunting environment you will visit.

Comfort above all

No matter what camouflage pattern you choose, make sure that your jacket is comfortable. The last thing you need is to end up frozen to the bone, or sweaty and unhappy, while you go hunting.

You must bear in mind the kind of weather you are going to face. Is it going to rain a lot? Prepare by getting a waterproof jacket. Is it going to be cold? A model with soft and warm lining is ideal. Always make sure you are properly prepared for a hunting trip.

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