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Last Updated: 15.12.19

Affordable surf fishing rod – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best budget surf rods. To obtain as much information as possible about different products in this category, we analyzed a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen. After all the product research and comparison, we’ve been able to find what we believe is truly the number one choice on the market, the Penn Prevail. This surf fishing pole is equipped with a two-piece graphite composite blank that offers the strength and rigidity you need to prevail over your target fish and the demanding conditions of surf fishing. The graphite reel seat ensures secure and easy attachment of a compatible reel for optimal functionality. The stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts provide corrosion-resistant and smooth flow of the fishing line without causing abrasion and friction issues that could result in line breakage. If the Penn Prevail 1264760-P is unavailable, you should consider the Daiwa Beefstick, as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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3 Best Affordable Surf Fishing Rods (Reviews) in 2019




The Penn Prevail 1264760-P is built to handle the unique conditions of surf fishing quite well. Geared with a strong two-piece graphite composite blank, this tool has a lightweight yet durable design that will last for years.

The graphite reel seat ensures secure and easy attachment of a compatible surf fishing reel. Outfitted with stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts, this model ensures protection for your fishing line by effectively keeping friction and abrasion at bay to prevent the buildup of heat against the fishing line.

This results in reduced incidence of line breakage. The seven guides including the top also keep the line flat along the length of the rod to ensure tangle-free, smooth line flow.

The rubber shrink tube handles provide a good ergonomic grip so you can easily hold and control the rod in your hand. This is a high-end rod that comes at half the price, so it makes a great choice for those on a budget.

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2. Daiwa Beefstick Surf Spin Rod


Constructed with a solid and rugged tubular fiberglass bank, the Daiwa Beefstick 207901-P ensures dependable strength and sturdiness, virtually impossible to break or crush.

The stainless hooded quality composite reel seat provides sufficient support to hold your favorite surf fishing reel in place securely and strongly.

Able to take you through the toughest fights, this fishing rod comes with heavy-framed ceramic guides that ensure cut-free performance with their ability to hold the line genuinely flat along the length of the pole while preventing abrasion, friction and heat build up against the fishing line, while keeping it tangle-free and smooth flowing.

Perfect for fishing on riverbanks and lakes, this model comes with medium action functionality. It is also suitable for trolling thanks to its excellent handling and strength. It is designed to withstand the tough conditions of surf fishing and saltwater fishing in general. Providing ease of use, this device is great for beginners. It enables smooth and easy casting.

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3. Hurricane Bluefin Spinning Surf Rod


Belonging to a series of full-featured surf fishing rods, the Hurricane Bluefin BF-102MHSPF is definitely built for strong performance. Equipped with exceptionally strong, double-dipped E-glass rod blanks, this fishing rod is tough enough to withstand the challenging conditions of surf angling without compromising on your safety and comfort during use.

The anti-slip cork-wrapped handle provides a lighter configuration than EVA foam for the most intense shoreline fishing action. The handle has low damping capacity so vibrations can be effectively transmitted to your hand from the tip of the rod. The cork-wrapped handle also stays warm during cold weather fishing as it is able to hold residual heat from your hands longer compared to EVA foam.

In addition, it is less slippery so getting it wet won’t allow the entire rod to slip from your grasp too easily. The stainless steel cushioned hood protects the reel from the damaging effects of the water.

This model also comes with aluminum oxide guides that keep the fishing line flat against the rod while efficiently preventing heat build up due to friction between the line and the material of the guides to protect your fishing line and provide smooth flow.

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Buying guide


After you’ve decided what type of fishing you want to do, the next thing to do is find the best rod to fit that activity. If you are a novice angler on a budget, it pays to have a lot of information about your various choices on the market. What exactly do you want to find in your surf fishing rod?

Has the perfect length for your needs

Every one of the best surf rods for the money is designed to be longer than any other fishing rod. The greater length of surf fishing rods enables you to derive more power for casting. It also enables you to hold the line out from the turbulent water when fishing. The speed of movement of the tip of your rod when executing the cast provides the necessary power for the action. The farther away the fulcrum of the casting action is from the tip of the rod, the faster the device will move and the further it will travel. You get greater tip speeds from long rods, which enable longer casts. A longer rod also enables you to keep as much line as possible on the surf. You can also easily land baitfish over more breaker distance, helping you fish where the sea is calmer and undisturbed. Seasoned surf fishers use specially designed rods generally between 10 and 15 feet long.


Made of premium quality material

Surf rod manufacturers use different types of materials in their products. Surf rods can come in fiberglass or graphite construction. Other materials include boron, nano silica resin and bamboo. However, graphite and fiberglass surf fishing poles make up the bulk of the products featured in the best surf rods reviews. Graphite rods carry lighter weight plus greater flexibility to give increased whipping action, which goes really well with a very long rod. A bit stiffer, a fiberglass surf rod tends to limit your casting distance compared to a graphite rod. A graphite rod therefore allows you to get to deeper water.


Offers the right action for your needs

The ability of the fishing pole to load and unload under pressure is denoted as its action level. Fast action rods are ideal for pier fishing, shore casting, offshore and surf fishing. They are usable both in deep and shallow water. In addition, they provide powerful long distance casting and can be used with heavy lures, baits and lines, even when conditions are not quite friendly. You get greater accuracy when casting a fast action rod in windy conditions than when using a different action rod.

A medium action pole is consistently a popular choice among the best budget surf rods for its reliable versatility. Able to support both short and long casts, a medium action rod also creates gentle and powerful casts. Novice fishers prefer this type of rod as it provides greater accuracy and control compared to a fast action rod. It can be used for a variety of fish species.

A slow action rod enables short, gentle casting. It’s suitable when aiming for medium-small to really small fish. It delivers an extremely accurate cast while allowing a beginner to become thoroughly familiar with the art of casting. However, when fishing in windy conditions, you can’t use a slow action rod because of the lightweight lure and line and the slow speed of your cast. Used with lightweight reels and lines, a slow action rod should not be used to catch large fish.

There are plenty of options on cheap surf rods on the market. To reduce the stress when buying this type of fishing rod, we urge you to refer to the above buying guide. We have also highlighted the best products above for more shopping assistance.




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