Best Bow Hunting Pack in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

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Top Bow Hunting Packs Reviewed and Compared


In case you are after the best bow hunting pack in 2019, but you’re too busy to read our entire buying guide, we suggest reading only this short paragraph. Here you will find out what our research team found after going through reviews, opinions, social media reactions, and sales figures. The ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer appears to score the highest, and for all the right reasons. If you are a bowhunter, you will appreciate the fact that there is a specialized compartment for carrying your weapon. The unique webbing used gives you the opportunity to hook other attachments for extra gear that you might want to take along, for maximum convenience. Its excellent camouflage makes this backpack a wise choice for any outdoor adventure. Should you discover that this model is out of stock, we recommend the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix, as a second alternative.



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How can you be sure you got the right bow hunting pack for your needs when there are so many for sale? We want to help you narrow down your choice, which is why we offer you here a list of products that have already proved themselves as excellent options for bowhunters.



ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer 


Those searching for a good bow hunting pack will congratulate themselves if they pick the Trail Blazer from the many options available. First things first, this model was built with the necessities of a bowhunter in mind. The expandable pocket for carrying a compound bow without a glitch is proof enough in this respect.

Several features are worth mentioning, such as the fact that there is a hydration port available to carry a water reservoir and avoid dehydration. Besides the pocket for carrying your weapon, it also has some side mesh pockets and a pocket in front.

In case you want to attach more items to the backpack, the bartacked webbing is designed with this purpose in mind. Now, you will never have to leave your essential gear home ever again, as you will have the means to carry it along with you.


At a little under three pounds, the backpack itself is lightweight, so you will not have to haul extra weight around for no reason at all.

The outstanding 2,500-cubic inch capacity makes it ideal for day trips, and maybe not only, as it will provide you with enough room to fit inside larger items, such as a blanket or rain gear.

Extras such as a blaze orange rain cover are a nice touch, and, for the price, make this model an even better deal for the money.

You will appreciate having a dedicated expandable pocket that is exactly for securely carrying your compound bow.

In case you need to attach extra gear, the bartacked webbing and the front lashing system will provide you with additional means to do so.


While there are a couple of side pockets available, buyers complain that this model doesn’t come equipped with enough storage pockets for small items such as keys, phones, and the like.

Buy from for ($79.99)




ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix 


One thing you might worry about when you start searching for such an item can be that there are no cheap bow hunting packs. While you can expect to spend a little on a good quality model, there are some that cost less than 100 dollars that tick all the boxes, like this model here.

Unlike the model we reviewed earlier, this one has plenty of storage options and extra pockets, so keeping all your items well organized will not be a problem. Also, due to its particular design, it will pose no troubles when you have to haul a hunting weapon along with you, such as a compound bow or a crossbow.

Also, there are quiver holders located on the sides of the backpack, which gives you another reason to get this model in case you’re a passionate bowhunter. Also, other weapons can be accommodated since the waist belt can hold clip-style holsters.


You won’t have to worry about a thing when you’re using this backpack for carrying your bow, as the wing pockets will protect your weapon against any bumps and other similar issues.

The main compartment comes with a unique pocket inside that you can use to store securely small items that are of higher value.

Use the drop-down pocket to haul your bow or any other hunting weapon you may want to take along with you, as well as the waist belt that is designed for holding clip-style holsters.

Buyers will notice the quiver holders on the sides that are another proof of the manufacturer’s care for catering to the needs of a bowhunter.

The extra comfort provided by the sternum strap and the padded shoulder straps, as well as the waist belt, show you why this product is so popular.


The quality of the straps seems to be a matter of concern for some of the people who have bought this model, and there are reports involving broken straps.

Buy from for ($80.09)




Badlands Superday Camouflage 


For day trips, you cannot go any higher than this backpack. While it has less room inside than the models we described earlier, it comes with a plethora of advantages that might make you glean over its shortcomings. No matter if you need to carry a bow, a rifle, or a pistol, this backpack will be able to accommodate you, without a problem.

One of the advantages is the fact that it comes with a unique hydration port for holding your water reservoir so that you never go thirsty during your trips to the great outdoors. Even if you need to carry a lot of weight with you, you will not experience the usual discomfort, as the foam suspension system in place will ensure the ultimate comfort.

Another aspect you should know about this model is that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee from Badlands, and also that the KXO-32 fabric used for its construction is quiet and waterproof.


Weighing around three pounds empty, this backpack is more than decent for a bowhunter searching for a model that can carry heavy loads without being a burden itself.

The particular way of displaying various pockets and extra storage space makes it a valuable addition to the gear any bowhunter will want to have.

You will be pleased to learn that the manufacturer picked the KXO-32 fabric not only for its durability but also because it is waterproof and will not make a sound when you move.

Hunters will have no issues with carrying water reservoirs, as the backpack is equipped particularly for this.

Designed to cater to the user’s comfort, the model has some features that are geared toward this aspect only, such as the foam suspension system that makes the backpack comfortable to carry for hours.


Although this model is a wonderful backpack for a bowhunter, it cannot be ignored that it has less space available compared to other backpacks.

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Buying guide


When you go shopping for a backpack that can accommodate your hunting weapon, and that weapon happens to be a bow, you most probably go for the bow hunting pack reviews available, to see what models are the most popular and what their ups and downs are. We want to offer you something more, and that is a list with all the aspects that you should pay attention to, based on what these popular models have in common.

Your backpack should cater to a bowhunter’s needs

You may feel tempted to believe that just any backpack will do and you don’t have to focus on getting one that is made for bowhunters. But that is where you might commit the worst mistake of all. You need to haul your weapon with you all day long, and that means that it needs to be stored securely and also avoid becoming a bother for you as you walk around, searching for your prey.

What we recommend, most and foremost, is to check what features that cater mainly to this aspect are available on the model that caught your eye. For instance, an expandable pocket that is designed in such a manner that it can hold a bow is a must.

Don’t forget to check for quiver holders. When two or more models seem to be the same, quality-wise, you will be surprised to discover that the little things, such as this one, matter.


Consider the possibility to add extra attachments

A bowhunter needs to have a plethora of hunting gear with him or her when on a trip to the wilderness. That is why it is crucial that you can hook extra attachments to the backpack. These attachments will come in handy at some point, and you need to know that you can haul them with you and that without letting them become a bother, only by not being able to carry them securely.


Get enough room and extra pockets for all your items

Compartmentalization is always essential for a bowhunter as there are various items you need to take on trips with you. A pocket for a water reservoir is a must, and so are extra pockets where you can keep small items. The main compartment should be large enough for bulkier items, as well.



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