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Are you ready to learn more about fishing in general, tips and tricks, as well as find out about as many techniques as possible? If that’s the case, you might want to consider reading a fishing blog. Using the power of the Internet, bloggers help other anglers to improve their fishing success.

The web is filled with angling blogs and websites. These help people when it comes to expanding their knowledge on a broad array of fishing-related topics. Of course, there are forums where fishers can socialize and communicate as best as possible and exchange their views on everything.

However, reading a fishing blog can help you better understand what’s beneath the layer of the confusing information you might come across.

We have created a list of the best fishing blogs that we have ever come across in the hope that these will assist you if you’re a rookie and you need advice from the pros. We hope that, following our criteria, you will be able to discover just the right website that will enable you to take your fishing skill set to a whole new level.

This page was built because we thought it might be helpful for anglers to know just what content creators they need to know about. All of the sites have great user experience and provide real value through their articles. Surely they can assist you in finding the right pair of fishing pants or the perfect fishing cart



Best fishing blogs you shouldn’t miss as a newbie angler



The Beardy Bros

Find out all there’s to know about fly fishing from this UK-based blog. The article topics range from fly tying to what it is like to fly fish in rivers or still waters. Tackle reviews are readily available for those beginning anglers who don’t know what to choose in terms of gear (including fishing rods, fishing gloves, and the best fishing reels). Guides on UK flies and other insects used for fishing can also be found here.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Fly fishing tips and tricks
  • Gear reviews
  • Personal angling experiences




Karl’s Bait & Tackle is a shop where you can find most of the fishing gear you might want to try out over the course of your angling adventures. You can purchase anything from a telescopic fishing rod and reels to line and accessories, and there are also apparel (fisherman hat) and outdoor gifts available. Check out the blog for information on cold water lures, bank fishing, rigs, and everything else you need to know on making the most of your gear.

3 reasons to visit:

  • New posts published regularly
  • Tips on getting the most out of your bait
  • Giveaways



Danny’s Angling Blog

Danny has been fishing ever since he was a 4-year-old along with his father, his angling partner. The two are members of the Warrington Anglers Association and have tried to take advantage of their membership by putting their angling experience and skills to the test on most of the waters in the area. The blog consists of posts detailing Danny’s adventures and his fishing pursuits.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Tips on fishing for pike
  • Carp fishing tips and tricks
  • River angling advice



Payne Outdoors

If you like to spend time in the middle of nature, whether you’re angling, camping, hunting, or anything else, you might want to check out Payne Outdoors for a healthy dose of tips and tricks on making your trip as comfortable as possible. The site makes available a plethora of fishing news, reviews, kayak tips, as well as camping, hiking, and hunting info you should be aware of.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Detailed product reviews of anything from life jackets to rods
  • Fishing news
  • Fishing reel rankings



Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing is a great place if you’re looking for information on where to fish and boat, on how you can learn to do both of these, as well as the state requirements and regulations you will have to abide by. Family fishing is one of the popular blog topics here.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Personal advice on fishing techniques
  • Great places to fish
  • State info




Probably the best resource for people looking to fish in the Topsail and Surf City, NC area. The blog is filled with posts about the types of fish you can catch on the island, as well as the best bait and tackle shops you’ll find here. Browse through the editors’ favorite fishing spots and find out what makes Topsail Island unique and exciting for anglers just like you.

3 reasons to visit:

  • A personal approach to fishing in the Topsail area
  • New articles published regularly
  • Original photo and video resources for beginning anglers



Kraken Bass

This website is designed for anglers who want to catch more Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, especially in the Utah area. The topics of the articles tackle a wide range of subjects from techniques and gear to lakes that are easily accessible throughout the state of Utah, and not only. The best fishing locations from Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and South Carolina are also detailed in many of the posts.

3 reasons to visit:

  • A broad array of bass fishing techniques
  • Gear and tackle reviews
  • Fishing reports



Fulling Mill

Fulling Mill is different to most Fly Tying operations in that it is the owner operator of 100% of its production line, employing all staff directly. Such an arrangement ensures that only approved materials of the highest quality get used, reducing room for error to a bare minimum.

3 reasons to visit:

  • A broad range of fishing flies you can choose from
  • Fishing tactics regularly published on the blog
  • How-to’s on getting the most out of your equipment



Anglers Mail

This UK-based online magazine will help you take your angling skills to a whole new level. The website contains a broad array of tips on knots and rigs, tactics, and bait. Carp fishing is largely discussed here, so if you want to perfect your techniques, feel free to read the posts on this topic. Video advice is also available on Anglers Mail.

3 reasons to visit:

  • New product reviews published regularly
  • Advice on perfecting your techniques and tactics
  • UK fishing locations and more




Thousands of anglers use this app to share their effective tactics and boost their skills. With the help of Finygo, you can track your progress, record your catches, and discover tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your angling experiences. It’s available both for Android and iOS devices.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Comprehensive advice on preparing for your fishing trip
  • Guides on fishing for specific species
  • Find out how to make the most of the mobile app



Simple Fishing

The Simple Fishing blog is jam-packed with fishing tips categorized per the species you want to target or the gear you want to use. Understand how you can interpret the water temperature and the weather to be able to boost your angling performance with the help of the articles published here. This is Canada’s top monthly fishing lure subscription box.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out more about fishing lure subscription boxes
  • Read as much as you want about bass fishing
  • Compare bait and lures to see which one works best for what you want to catch



Tackle Source

This beautiful fishing blog details the personal experience of fishers, but also delves into topics such as what equipment you need to target particular species or whether there’s a thing as good and bad equipment. Find out here all you need to know regarding the right tackle for your requirements.

3 reasons to visit:

  • A personal perspective on fishing
  • Beautiful photos of the fishers’ catches
  • Fishing techniques and gear reviews


ACC Crappie Stix

If you’re passionate about crappie fishing and you’d like to take your set of skills to a whole new level, you’re probably looking for the right tools to do so. This manufacturer’s blog is jam-packed with tips and tricks ranging from how to take your kids fishing to how you can make the most of your kayak and fishing canoe angling experience. The high-quality Green Series Rods made by ACC Crappie Stix are definitely worth trying out.

3 reasons to visit:

  • Find out what makes these crappie rods uniquely effective
  • Check out the blog for advice on crappie fishing equipment
  • Seasonal angling tips


At Fisherpants, we love writing about tips and tricks that beginning fishermen and women can use in their techniques or learning experience. We’ve written about anything from fishing rods and portable fish finders to telescopic fishing rods, fishing canoes, and even a review of the Ugly Stik Bigwater. Additionally, we’ve tackled topics such as the features of the best spincast reel, fishing pants, and Greek fisherman hats.

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