Best Bass Spinning Reel Under $100

Affordable Bass Spinning Reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Looking for the best bass spinning reel under 100? If that’s so, we’re here to give you a hand. After carefully analyzing the feedback coming from hundreds of anglers, we’ve concluded that the model you ought to keep in mind is the Shimano Sienna as it is an ideal choice for various kinds of angling, be it freshwater or inshore. Having been constructed of dependable materials, this unit manages to withstand the test of time and provide a reliable reel that lasts for as many seasons as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that it is hefty as the product is actually reasonably light and sensitive. Choose the right size depending on your needs and the bass species you are targeting. If the Shimano Sienna is no longer available, be sure to give a shot to the Okuma Safina Pro.



Our top choices


To save you a little time, we have showcased some of the popular options that we have stumbled upon while doing our research. All of these picks are praised for the value they seem to offer. They’re highly functional and convenient, and some of them don’t even cost a pretty penny.



Shimano Sienna


One of the neatest things about this reel is that it is a true performer. What this means is that, while it is lightweight and sensitive, it does come with a unique propulsion line management system that enables anglers to enjoy longer casts.

The unit is made of durable materials and can perform just as well both in fresh and saltwater. While the spool is made of aluminum, the side plates, the rotor, as well as the frame are all constructed of graphite. What this means for you is that you will get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, graphite makes this reel lightweight, and on the other, aluminum renders it resilient.

Besides, the instant reverse bearing that it has been equipped with seems to raise up to par. Based on the information that we have found in relation to this choice, it appears that it can last a lifetime provided that you clean and maintain it from time to time and following every saltwater fishing occasion.

Some anglers do note that the reel might not be light enough for their preferences. Also, because of its somewhat small size, this particular reel does not accommodate a whole lot of line.

Buy from for ($29)





Okuma Safina Pro


Despite being one of the most budget-friendly choices that we were able to track down, the Safina Pro offers plenty of value. It is a lightweight and versatile alternative that needs to be borne in mind given that it comes with as many as three ball bearings as well as a roller bearing. The smooth, silky performance ensured by the design of this unit enables anglers to rest assured that their bass fishing will go exactly as planned.

Much like some of the other models we encountered, the Safina Pro comes with side plates, a frame, and a rotor made from graphite and a spool and oversized bail constructed of aluminum.

This combination makes it possible for the reel to feel light in your hands. However, the aluminum enables you to rest assured that the product will last a good deal of time,

Since the Safina Pro boasts a corrosion-resistant body, it goes without saying that there’s nothing stopping you from using it in saltwater, too. Just make sure you take it apart and give it a good rinse after having done so.

Buy from for ($23.1)





Fin-Nor Mega Lite


The Mega Lite series mostly includes reels destined for saltwater fishing, so they are made to put up with the abuse of such conditions. Despite being capable of excellent performance, these reels are light and versatile, yet robust and convenient. Although they make great inshore choices, they can also be utilized for freshwater opportunities.

Compared to some of the previous series we’ve checked out from the same brand, this particular reel is much stronger and resilient. It comes with a machined handle and a forged aluminum spool. What’s more, it boasts a magnetic anti-reverse that seems to be strong enough for situations when you have to handle large and feisty fish.

The smooth cork drags that this unit is outfitted with can be replaced in case they wear out over time. The typical six ball bearing system you’ll find in most reels in this series is a feature to look forward to as it can keep the reel perfectly balanced.

Based on the reviews that some anglers were kind enough to provide, it seems that this reel is sturdy yet entirely easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Buy from for ($48.99)





Quantum Fishing Trax


The first thing that sets this reel aside from many of its competitors is its eye-catching design. It is a sight for sore eyes, and unlike so many other units we have come across, it is uniquely white and polished. Add that to the fact that it is packed with helpful features that can assist any angler with improving his or her performance, and you got yourself a keeper.

The composite body that the unit has been fitted with is light and convenient and can is a pleasure to touch. The product is also equipped with a double-anodized spool with an insert made of carbon fiber.

One of the main reasons you should consider this choice is that it comes with an eight ball bearing system and an extra one for anti-reverse. Plus, this reel addresses the needs of both left and right-handed individuals as the collapsible handle that it comes with can be set up on either of its sides.

When it comes to whether or not this reel is durable, we’ll say that we came across a review according to which an angler had been using the unit for more than a year without experiencing any issues.

Buy from for ($43.33)





Shimano SR2500FGC Spirex


If you need a somewhat smaller reel that works great when you’re targeting smaller bass, this Spirex alternative is definitely worth considering. It comes with a lightweight graphite frame, so you may want to avoid dipping it in saltwater. But since it also features an aluminum spool, things might not be as bad as you might have imagined them.

One of the features to look forward to in this reel is the QuickFire II casting system. It appears that the latter is responsible for smooth casts and it enables anglers to perform one-handed casting, which is something that you might find impossible with other models.

Of course, the system does have its drawbacks, and one of the main ones consists of the fact that it doesn’t allow a so-called instantaneous anti-reverse. Nevertheless, this particular detail doesn’t seem to be that much of a con seeing how most individuals who’ve opted for the Spirex say that it doesn’t bother them.

Plus, some owners note that the front drag system seems to be a bit smoother when compared to the rear one.

Buy from for ($82.68)





Buying guide


Purchasing the best spinning reel for bass fishing these days can be quite an adventure seeing how there are so many units available for sale. This type of reel is particularly popular with beginners as it is far easier to utilize compared to spin cast and baitcasting alternatives.

Besides, spinning reels are versatile, convenient, and often lighter compared to their counterparts. They can be made from a variety of materials and are tailored to serve various types of fishermen and women. To find out more about how you can select a good spinning reel for bass, just keep on reading.


One of the first things that many bass spinning reel reviews will advise you to take into consideration is the body of the reel. Most of the models that we have stumbled upon are either made of graphite or aluminum. Graphite is extremely sensitive and works great for freshwater fishing while aluminum performs wonderfully in saltwater angling situations.

Something that we do feel compelled to note is that graphite is a tad cheaper and tends to flex under the torque of heavier and larger fish. So you see, this is one of the reasons you might have to steer clear of graphite reels if you’re targeting sea bass.



Both the weight and the size of the reel will influence your angling performance, and that’s because the outfit should match the species you are trying to catch and the techniques that you employ as best as possible. The size of reel affects anything from power, speed, spool capacity, as well as drag output.

Try to pick medium reels for bass fishing as sizeable outfits are often heavier and more cumbersome to work with. The typical outfit for bass angling is a 6 to 7 ½ rod and a reel with a size ranging from 10 to 14 oz. Play with these figures as you like, and as per your fishing technique and type of bass, you want to get your hands on.


Gear system and bearings

When it comes to the gears of the reel, if you’re going to buy it online, you really have no means of telling whether or not they are aligned properly. This rule does not apply in the case of bearings, however. It is a good idea to choose a reel that comes with as many ball bearings as possible, and some that are made of stainless steel.

If you want to target sea bass or you want to utilize the reel for inshore fishing, we recommend getting a model that comes with a variable number of stainless steel ball bearings, one that’s corrosion resistant, and a roller one.

Gear ratio

Nothing beats a fast gear ratio when it comes to bass fishing, and that’s because this species is known for putting up a fight. The last thing you would want to do is use a slow reel when the fish is quickly coming your way. Of course, the gear ratio does depend on the preferences of the angler, and so we couldn’t possibly suggest that the fastest one is that which you should consider. Nevertheless, going for a super slow one might not be an option in this case.


Spool capacity

While there isn’t a universal rule as to which type of spool is better for one kind of bass or the next, we would like to add that it wouldn’t hurt if you chose a reel capable of holding up to and more than 100 yards of 8lb monofilament line. After all, this aspect is reassuring and enables you to know that you won’t run out of line right when the catch is at your fingertips.

It goes without saying that the right spool capacity also depends on the type of bass you are trying to bait and even the fishing environment.



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