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Last Updated: 13.08.19

Best budget bass fishing rods – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best bass fishing rod for the money. We have analyzed a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen to get as much information as possible on this type of product. Thankfully, after all the product comparison and research, we have found the Shimano Stimula to be the top choice because it not only looks great but is also equipped with a variety of high-end features. The aluminum oxide guides are built tough to withstand heat accumulation. They prevent abrasion against the fishing line. Abrasion causes friction that could make the line break easily. The Shimano reel seat provides smooth and dependable retrieves and control to ensure speedy and hassle-free line release. The multipurpose hook keeper keeps small items within easy reach while the EVA butt cap provides easy grip. If the Shimano Stimula is unavailable, you should consider the St Croix Mojo, as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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5 Best Budget Bass Fishing Rods (Reviews) in 2019


1. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod 


Precisely built for the spinning angler, the Shimano Stimula belongs to an exclusive line of spinning rods created to deliver a range of actions to accommodate the varying action needs of fishing for bass, trout, and panfish. The heavier power rods in the series are suitable for catching larger fish species including salmon and catfish.

Constructed with an exceptionally rich look, this bass fishing rod comes with a composite blank construction that is sure to last many years down the road while still providing enough sensitivity for you to feel the tentative bites the fish makes on the bait. The custom-shaped cork handle provides an ergonomic means of controlling and gripping the rod tightly in your hand, especially when the fish puts up a huge fight. The P-Cork fore- and rear-grip material provides a lighter construction compared to EVA foam handles.

It is able to retain residual heat so you can fish comfortably in colder weather. It also has lower damping capacity than foam so it is more capable of transmitting vibrations from the tip to your hand.

The aluminum oxide guides are corrosion resistant and ensure that the line stays flat and tangle free along the length of the pole, to provide a smooth line flow and efficiently prevent the build-up of abrasion and heat that could cause line breakage.


Using light materials, the producers managed to deliver a lightweight rod that you can use quite nicely with a spinning reel. Some even decided to use it as a bait caster.

It’s comfortable to use, not only because it’s light, but also because it features a multipurpose hook keeper and a custom shaped cork handle.

Casting is good with this rod. The fast action is fit for accuracy, and you’ll definitely enjoy the bend it has. With a good reel and the right lure, you can get some really long casts out of it.

There is a nice price for the product. Those who can afford more expensive products sometimes prefer to buy more Shimano Stimula rods for the same bucks.


This rod is not as durable as one would expect. You could have it in use for a lesser time period than you may have planned to.

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2. St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods 


The St. Croix Mojo Casting rods have been recently redesigned and effectively upgraded. They feature the St. Croix’s high-modulus SCIII graphite with Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology, which means you’ll enjoy a 15% lighter rod and experience an improved balance.

The new models and increased technology bring the items to the next level of fishing performance and value. Owning a rod that was specifically designed for a certain technique is also a good guarantee that your achievements will be superior.

The series has Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim aluminum oxide rings and black frames. It uses the Fuji ECS reel seat with black hood, so it is more comfortable and gives you better access to the reel’s handle. In addition, the rod features an exclusive Kigan hook-keeper, easy to use and convenient.

Keeping the rod safe from damage and fine looking, the producer used two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish. This adds more value to your item and gives it more resilience without making it brittle.

The handcrafted product will be shipped for you bubble wrapped in a hard cardboard tube, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a damaged item.


These rods will provide you with improved casting. The best way to test that is by pairing the reels you have on other tools with this rod. The difference is noticeable and will offer you a better experience.

A lightweight and responsive rod is any angler’s dream. And you’ll get closer to it with the models in this series. The technological upgrades that were implemented on this edition have reached their intended purpose.

The blank has plenty of backbone. The producer managed to enhance the lightweight feature of these items without spoiling their strength.

The St. Croix Mojo Casting rods allow the use of small bait for those who enjoy a finesse presentation.

The price is fair, in accordance with the performance they offer.   


The aluminum oxide guides are not as enduring as the rod itself, and they don’t fit very well with the rest of the components, which are of higher quality.

Buy from for ($119.99)





3. Entsport E Series-Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod


The Entsport brand is a large producer of fishing and hunting products and its Entsport 2-Piece rod draws attention by its great design and sturdy construction.

Giving this model more overall strength while maintaining its sensitivity was a challenge that influenced how the producers made their choice of materials.

The rod uses solid carbon fiber as construction material and relies on its enhanced structure for durability. This way, this model is destined to last longer than the average graphite rod.

Using high-density EVA for durability and sensitivity was also a good choice, as were the corrosion resistant guides implemented on the blank and the aluminum hoods for the reel seat.

The design makes this 2-piece a top choice as it’s a fit option for travel and adds flexibility to your fishing technique with the alternative top piece.

Your casting will improve by using this rod, thanks to the well aligned and properly spaced guides, which allow a friction-free line flow and better casting distance.

Besides the lightweight feature, the enhanced reel seat and special handle design are meant to give the owner the needed comfort when he decides to spend long days on the water.


This rod has more versatility than other products you might like, because it has two two top pieces with different power, leaving you the choice for the type of action you prefer. This is the solution most fishermen would recommend for more flexibility.

Both light and strong, this is ideal for casting your bait without fatigue and retrieving the game without difficulty. To achieve this winning combination, the rod was designed using a structurally enhanced carbon fiber build.

The high-density EVA handle as well as the carbon construction material give the rod the high sensitivity you need while keeping it durable.

The reel seat is provided with corrosion resistant aluminum hoods that extend its lastingness. It is a full-contact reel seat that allows maximum sensitivity and control.


Assembling and dissembling this rod might be tricky because the pieces don’t fit together perfectly. A bit of sanding is required to smoothen the pieces and hasten the process.

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4. Noeby Baitcasting Fishing Rod


This fishing rod comes from a Japanese leading brand that was established on the premise of getting ideas and inspiration from life itself to make smarter and easier-to-use products.

This rod comes with a graphite blank construction that is extra sensitive so you can feel the vibrations at the tip transmitted through the length of the rod to your hand. Graphite is also a light material so the fishing rod is superbly lightweight and easy to handle and control. The high 40T carbon fiber blank offers durability while effectively preventing hand fatigue even after extended periods of casting.

The high-intensity SIC ring offers impressive hardness, low heat conductivity, low friction, lightness and consistently smooth line flow. The Portugal-sourced cork handle ensures an ergonomic, easy grip and problem-free control.

The solid stainless steel hooded reel seat protects the fishing reel from excessive water contact while ensuring a secure attachment as well. The aluminum oxide guides also protect the line from breaking by providing a smooth surface into which the fishing line can be laid flat along the rod.


The graphite blank, as well as all other components, make it a lightweight and well-balanced rod. The success of the fishing expeditions is going up with a Noeby Leisure.

For the medium freshwater fish this product is mostly made for, the strength and flexibility provided are vital and welcome. This is why it gets the job done.  

The components are great. The stainless steel guides, the CNC-machined aluminum reel seat, the cork grip and the high-performance carbon fiber are not as easy to find for the price.

It’s a travel rod easy to put together and good for preparing a backpacking trip. Since it’s destined to handle a variety of environments, it’s good to know you can carry it with you without too much fuss.


Like most graphite fishing rods, not all are created equal. You might come across a less well-constructed one, which can break easily.

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Buying guide


Basically, the type of lure you frequently use for bass fishing dictates the type of rod you should get. Unfortunately, this complicates the buying process since it implies that if you fish a variety of lures, you will need to keep an entire collection of bass fishing rods. For those working on a tight budget, that may not be such a hot idea. To simplify things, what are the elements to consider when checking out the top notch choice among the products featured in the best bass fishing rod reviews?



Premium quality material in the construction

The best bass fishing rod for the money, at its most basic, can be made of either graphite or fiberglass. The material is woven into cloth-like sheets. The fineness of the weave is measured in units called modulus. Graphite rods come with a modulus ranging between 33 and 60 million modulus, with IM6 graphite rods having a measurement of 33 million and IM7 models having a modulus of 42 million. On the other hand, fiberglass rods come with modulus of 6 to 13 million. Offering greater lightness, stiffness, speed and sensitivity, high modulus rods also tend to be brittle. The comparison would be on the same level as the difference between glass and Plexiglass. Not all rod blanks are created equal. Quality blanks are not just lightweight; they are also geared to provide a specific action level. The right action is only achieved after many hours spent on designing a fishing rod.


The right flex, action and power

The flex denotes the degree of bending that a rod exhibits with pressure or load on the tip. A tip flex rod bends only at the top third. A full flex model bends until the lower third or virtually next to the handle of the rod. Mid flex rods are the most versatile thanks to how they bend at the halfway point of the pole. Full-flex units offer parabolic bending thanks to how they bend in a similar fashion along the entire length of the rod.

The best bass fishing rod for beginners are designed with medium or medium-fast action, which delivers farther casting distance while providing sufficient hook setting power. Plenty of bass rods come with fast to very fast action that has been established to provide faster power to support powerful hook setting supplemented with better sensitivity. A fast action pole is suitable for achieving short to long distance casting as well as applications that require single hooks including jig and worm fishing. Take note: steelhead or fast action fly rods bend easier and more slowly compared to a fast action bass or offshore fishing rod.

The ability of the rod to lift denotes its power or strength. Poles with plenty of backbone offer plenty of power. Power is directly influenced by line strength. Extremely heavy line weights work well with heavy power rods. Light power poles are ideal for light lines. Keep the line test within the specified limits on the fishing rod, as using light lines on heavy power rods can cause line breakage, and light power rods may not be able to handle heavy line test. A heavy offshore rod feels different from a heavy bass road, as they may be rated for different line tests.


Top quality rod components

Wood, foam or cork can be used in the construction of the handle. Make sure the handle offers a good, ergonomic grip in your hand. It should still offer adequate sensitivity so you can feel the fish nibbling at the tip of the rod. Sturdy composite material should be used in the construction of the reel seat. A cutout on the reel seat allows you to feel the rod blank in your hand to ensure more sensitivity.

The line guides tend to carry the greatest cost among all the rod components. Do not ruin a high quality rod blank by using inferior-quality line guides. Low profile, premium quality lightweight guides help provide further casting distance and more sensitivity. You want a round ceramic ring insert in your guides to hold the line smoothly in place along the rod. The ceramic ring should be bonded strongly to the stainless steel guide frame.

There are plenty of bass fishing rods on the market. It would be advisable to consult the above buying guide to help you make an easier shopping decision. We have also featured the best products above for even more shopping assistance.




Unavailable products


KastKing BlackHawk


Constructed with an innovative telescoping design, the KastKing BlackHawk is a travel spinning rod that retracts unto itself to facilitate storage and travel.

This telescopic rod is geared with a CNC machined aluminum reel seat that ensures protection against rust while not adding a significant amount of weight to the entire rod.

The reel seat also provides secure attachment of your favorite compatible bass fishing reel. It ensures that the reel is held in place. The three-point welded stainless steel guides ensure strength and freedom from corrosion. They ensure that the fishing line is kept flat along the length of the rod while keeping abrasion and heat build up to a bare minimum to avoid line breakage. The rod’s 24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass construction carry pressure or load up to ten pounds.

Designed for either fresh or saltwater fishing, this rod is suitable for fishing a variety of species, making it highly versatile. The collapsible design makes it ideal for campers and backpackers.



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