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Last Updated: 20.08.19

Fishing rod for bass – Buying Guide, Reviews & Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best bass fishing rods. After checking out plenty of feedback from both amateur and professional anglers, we have concluded that the Fenwick Elite Tech is the best because it offers a terrific combination of power, sensitivity and task-specific action. As one of the lightest and most comfortable top bass fishing rods, this model is equipped with titanium frame guides that are superbly lightweight and virtually bulletproof, ensuring irrefutable solidity and strength. Enjoy a secure grip on the EVA and TAC handle design that won’t slip out of your grasp easily even when wet. The reel seat carries a hidden handle design that demonstrates a superior fusion of function and comfort. If the Fenwick Elite Tech is unavailable, you should consider the Piscifun Graphite as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of quality and performance.



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There is a wealth of choices on bass fishing rods. You will basically have to consult plenty of the best bass fishing rods reviews to be able to pick out the perfect one for your needs. We have showcased the best products below to simplify your shopping experience.



Fenwick Elite Tech


fenwick-elite-tech-bass-casting-rodsConsistently one of the best in many bass fishing spinning rod reviews, the Fenwick Elite Tech has the sensitivity, power and tackle-specific action that make a great combination.

Belonging to one of the lightest and most comfortable Fenwick fishing rod lines, this tool offers a precise balance between sensitivity and power, with titanium frame guides that are virtually bulletproof while being exceptionally lightweight. The TAC and EVA handle design delivers a secure, firm grip even during drenched conditions.

With action ratings specifically geared for bass angling, the rod comes with a Hidden Handle design reel seat that blends together comfort and functionality. You won’t feel the typical threads of a traditional reel seat.

With Medium rod power and Medium heavy rod action, this fishing pole can accommodate from 8- to 30-pound line weight ratings depending on the specific model selected. A very light yet well-balanced and strong rod, this product will make every bass fishing adventure truly exciting and memorable.


Designed with the ideal combination of sensitivity and overall quality, this bass fishing rod provides tackle-specific action so you can use your favorite fishing technique and enjoy consistent feel and power.

Bass fishing rods ought to be as comfortable as this one. It features a Medium-heavy action and a Medium power, which are the most preferred option for anglers of different skill levels.

Considering how the rod features titanium frame guides, you are assured that the fishing line stays straight along the length of the pole. This means a smooth line flow without the annoying tangles and breakages that come with a battle in the water.

You will surely appreciate the exclusive EVA and TAC grip design that delivers a secure and firm hold on the rod. This results in reliable control even when the handle gets wet.


Because it is designed to be a bass casting rod, this product might not be useful for angling other types of fish. However, that depends on the skill level of the user, of course.

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Piscifun Graphite


2-piscifun-graphite-spinningAccommodating line weights from 6 to 17 pounds and lure weights from ¼ to 1 ¼ ounces, the Piscifun® Graphite is a powerful spinning rod that boasts a Triple Bonded Hybrid blank, which delivers exceptional power and strength.

The rod has a 24-ton split carbon core that provides the needed action, sensitivity and backbone along with the layer of 8-ton E-glass that delivers fantastic flexibility and strength. This impressive configuration is enhanced by the 8-ton E-glass spiral wrap that protects the exterior for unparalleled durability.

The top quality ceramic guide inserts are evenly spaced apart to ensure virtually frictionless line flow along with optimal casting performance plus superior sensitivity, enabling the line to be fed through smoothly and to run freely without breaking easily.

The high-visibility white tip, made of solid fiberglass, is both responsive and durable. The full EVA handles not only ensure comfort but also decrease weight. Bass fishing has never been more fun with Piscifun!


Outfitted with a 24-million modulus carbon fiber blank, this model is superbly powerful yet lightweight without compromising sensitivity.

With the high-quality ceramic guides, the fishing line stays flat and straight on the rod. Friction gets significantly reduced because of this even when the fish fights fiercely. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of line breakage.

Enjoy optimal casting performance and sensitivity as well thanks to the carbon fiber blank. You can be aware of the presence of fish biting the lure in the water.

With the multi-purpose hook keeper, you can easily have a crank bait, spinner bait, rigged worm, or drop shot weight within easy reach on the rod.

The four-piece design allows you to travel to your favorite fishing location at the drop of a hat. Walking to the fishing site is also made easier because you won’t be lugging along a full-length rod.


The supplied case that was sent to one customer had packaging tape on it, which was quite difficult to remove without ripping the case itself.

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Shimano Solora


shimano-solora-2-piece-spinning-rodBelonging to a line of impressive medium power fast action spinning rods, the Shimano Solora 2 Piece assembles smoothly and is easy to take apart for traveling convenience and effortless portability. The rod blank is constructed of durable aeroglass, which ensures a slower, more parabolic action.

This means the rod flexes at the same rate of curve from the tip to the handle. The solid locking graphite reel seat is geared to withstand the rigors of everyday use while ensuring a secure fit with your choice of bass fishing reel.

The reinforced aluminum oxide guides work smoothly even with today’s braided polyethylene lines. The guides also enable easy rigging even for beginners.

The cork fore grip and rear grip handles ensure a secure and non-slip hold even when wet. The fishing rod belongs to a series designed to work with lines with 6 to 14 pounds rating and lure ratings from ⅛ to ⅝ ounces.


The two-piece rod assembles quickly and smoothly. It is also easy to take apart. This enables practical functionality for the traveling angler who likes to explore other fishing locations from time to time.

The graphite reel seat comes with a solid locking capability to ensure a secure attachment of your favorite baitcasting reel to the rod. It also protects the reel from wobbling, so you have a pretty stable rig.

Constructed of durable aero-glass, the rod blank delivers an easy-to-control parabolic action. This slower feature makes the rod less whippy so you can cast with more control and manageability of the general throwing distance.

With the consistent flexion from the tip to the handle, you don’t need to alter your casting style so you can hurl the line comfortably like you are used to.

On the rod are reinforced aluminum oxide guides that can handle even polyethylene lines. They provide a means of keeping the fishing line smooth and straight along the rod’s length for reduced friction and incidences of line breakage.

Thanks to the cork fore grip and rear grip on the handle, you obtain a solid and secure hold on the rod even when the rig gets wet.


One customer believes a rod of this caliber should also feature a hook keeper.

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Buying guide


In golf, each shot requires a different golf club. So it is in bass fishing, where a different type of rod is required for each type of lure. How do you know you’ve got a premium quality bass fishing rod?

Rod power and action suitable for the technique

Simplify your approach even among the endless possibilities in rod length, power, taper, action, and modulus. Driving a hook into a fish essentially needs backbone (translation: power) on the rod, along with suitable action and taper for further casting of the lure. You won’t be needing plenty of power on the rod if you intend to pitch baits to nearby targets or to do close up flipping. Power, though, is vital for decisive hook setting, luring the fish out of thick cover and forcing them into clear, open water. An overly stiff crankbait rod will complicate casting of the crank bait. The possibility is high of the hooks loosening up when the fish puts up a fight especially with a rod that won’t bend enough. For further casting distance, you want a medium action rod that will bend to a fiercely fighting bass caught awkwardly on a treble hook lure.


Premium quality rod components

The components of the fishing rod are equally important as the rod blank. Rod handles can be made of cork, wood or EVA foam. Make sure the handle provides a good grip in the hand while still carrying adequate sensitivity and firmness. The best reel seats are made of rigid composite material and can accommodate most major brands of reels with a secure fit. Cut-out designs on the reel seat provide more feel in the hand to deliver higher sensitivity.

The line guides, being one of the most essential elements of the tool, can also command the highest price among all rod components. Even the best blank can get damaged or eventually ruined with inferior quality line guides. Low-profile, lightweight, top-quality guides are preferred as they deliver higher sensitivity and casting distance. A rounded ceramic ring through which the line travels through smoothly is best. You want ceramic bonded to a stainless steel guide frame for lower abrasion and less likelihood of line wear and tear.


Suitable rod length and material for your needs

Rods can be made of either fiberglass or graphite. Graphite is lighter and more sensitive. Medium or light action rods of fiberglass construction offer a consistent bend throughout their length. Graphite is stronger and is a more popular option. Fiberglass rods are remarkably flexible and provide the best option when landing lightly hooked fish, with lower chances of pulling away treble hooks out of the mouth of the fish. They are able to absorb all the surges and jerks during a battle and eventually turn the balance in your favor.




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