Best Baitcasting Fishing Rod in 2019. Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 19.04.19

Top Baitcasting Fishing Rods Reviewed and Compared


If you want to find the best fishing gear but you have little to no time at your disposal for reading our buying tips and reviews, this concise paragraph can help you find out what you need to know about the best baitcasting rod. After a thorough analysis of feedback from professional and amateur fishermen and women alike, we have concluded that the St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MF is the one you should bear in mind. Since it has been constructed out of premium graphite, this model can offer excellent performance if you’re targeting bass. Having received the praise of weekend anglers and professional fishers alike, this unit is worth considering if you still haven’t made up your mind on another. It’s also said to offer more than enough value for the money, unlike other rods. If you have no means of getting the St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MF, perhaps you should check out the Okuma Celilo Graphite.



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St. Croix Mojo Bass MJC71MF


Designed with the needs of anglers in mind, this rod series manages to meet and even exceed the expectations of fishermen and women alike. Having been constructed with top-notch materials, the poles in the line speak to the needs of people who are searching for a relatively budget-friendly choice and who still want a shot at using a good-quality rod.

Thanks to the cork handle that these rods have been outfitted with, you won’t have any trouble handling your catch and even maintain some of the heat in your hands, if you decide to go angling on a not so warm day.

Some of the other attractive features you might be interested in range from an exclusive Kigan hook-keeper to Kigan Master Hand 3D guides. The rings are made out of aluminum oxide which can give a pointer as to whether they are durable or not.

While some anglers might argue that since these rods are made in Mexico, they can’t be as good as all-American poles, we’ve seen that the user feedback in regards to the performance of these products is favorable. Most of the fishers who have chosen a St. Croix Mojo Bass rod seem to have nothing but good things to say about it.


With its use of the Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology, this fishing rod comes with no transitional points in the blank. This results in increased strength, smoother actions, and greater sensitivity.

Boasting a premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite blank, this rod is designed to be lightweight yet sensitive. Since it belongs to the technique-specific bass series, this pole is geared for superior performance.

On the rod are Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim yet strong aluminum oxide rings and black frames. These components allow the fishing line to stay straight and flat for free flow and friction-free performance.

The spinning model features a Fuji® DPS reel seat with a black hood while the casting model has a Fuji® ECS reel seat with a black hood. The hood enables the solid attachment to your favorite reel for worry-free functionality.


The only major complaint from a verified customer is how they received a broken product, which could be due to the packaging or shipping process.

Buy from for ($129.99)





Okuma Celilo


2.Okuma Celilo Graphite Salmon Steelhead Casting RodThe Okuma Celilo is one of the most affordable casting rods that now exist on the market. If you are not necessarily interested in buying a cheap rod, at least make sure to read several of the consumer reviews that the unit has gathered over time. After all, the Okuma Celilo is one of the most acclaimed models out there, so it might be worth understanding why it has such a good reputation.

The unit features a graphite blank construction and its guide inserts have developed using aluminum oxide. The reel seats are hooded and constructed of stainless steel, which considerably contributes to their overall durability. The model can take pretty much anything, as it is remarkably sturdy and sensitive at the same time.

The Okuma Celilo can be bought in a wide array of styles and sizes, depending on the needs and preferences of the prospective buyers. For example, the CE-C-1062Ha has a 10’6” heavy action 15-50lb line rating.

Let’s see what the buyers of this unit had to say about the way it performs in real life. The vast majority of the reviews we came across claim that this is a high-quality product that offers a fantastic value for the price. Some say that they found no reason they should pay more for a rod that would do the same thing as a sixty-dollar alternative.

Although technically, the Okuma Celilo has been specifically developed for trout and salmon fishing, a number of consumers claim that they have used it with great results when fishing for catfish. Rumor has it that salmon fishing rods are durable and flexible enough, therefore combining two of the features any catfish aficionado might ever require.

As for durability, it looks like you will be experiencing no issue in this sense, since most of the ratings we stumbled upon belong to people who have been using the Okuma Celilo for over a year and still say it beats any other model.


With its graphite blank construction, this model offers the sensitivity you need to detect action on the end of the fishing line. You can feel the fish biting and this enables you to act fast to land a catch.

Thanks to the aluminum oxide guide inserts, the fishing line flows smoothly along the length of the rod. This prevents the buildup of friction that could result in knots or breakage.

You will appreciate the stainless steel hooded reel seats that enable a secure attachment of your preferred reel. It also helps ensure a wobble-free reel setup.

Made with quality-grade fore and rear cork grips, this model provides easy maneuverability and control. It prevents the quick onset of hand fatigue as well.

This rod is available in a range of sizes and styles so any angler can find the perfect one for their needs.


Based on the observation of one buyer, the rod is suitable for 15 to 30-pound test line and not the specified 15 to 50-pound test.

Buy from for ($52.29)







Abu Garcia Medium Veritas


Compared to other items in the line, the Abu Garcia Casting Rod is neither more expensive nor more affordable. This unit is a reasonably priced rod that does what it is supposed to do and does it well, therefore meeting and even exceeding the expectations of buyers. Also, it has managed to gather a wide degree of appreciation on the part of American consumers.

Even though it might look like it is not as versatile as other products out there, considering that it can only be bought in two sizes, the Abu Garcia Casting Rod is one of the best and most acclaimed units we’ve encountered. As of now, Amazon customers have the opportunity to choose between the 7-feet and 6-feet 6-inch sizes.

If we take into account the construction, the rod has been built using only high-quality components and has been proven to pass several durability and quality tests. This unit features an amazing graphite design and a spiral carbon core construction, which contribute to the item being both lightweight and remarkably durable. Excellent balance is achieved on account of the titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts.

Somehow, the Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod manages to combine strength and sensitivity with functionality and style.

The Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod has been praised in multiple reviews, which are available both on the Amazon web page of the unit and on the official website of the manufacturer.

According to a person who purchased the 7-ft variety, he or she has been using it for a little over four years and has yet to experience any issue with it. In fact, the same individual states that he or she has tried multiple types of rods and reels over the past ten years and has come to the conclusion that the ones that best fit his or her needs are the ones manufactured by Abu Garcia. This model has received excellent ratings when it comes to ease of use, quality, and value.


With its 30-ton graphite blank, this rod comes with a lightweight design that is superbly balanced. Anglers will love this product for its easy manageability and generally dependable functionality.

The spiral carbon core construction makes the rod invulnerable to breakage. That means it can take the punishment of fierce battles in the water without succumbing to the pressure.

Although it is engineered to go the distance, this fishing rod is priced more affordably compared to others in the same product category.

Thanks to the titanium alloy guides, the rod ensures a free and smooth flow of the fishing line. For the angler, this is an advantage because knots and breakages are kept at bay.

The micro click reel seat hood design is to be appreciated because of how it enables an easy and reinforced reel attachment.


Based on one buyer’s experience, the rod is a good all-around model but might not be suitable for pitching or flipping techniques.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





Black bass is the gamefish that is the target in bass fishing. Bass fishing itself has emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry in today’s modern times. The target catch encompasses a variety of species such as the largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, smallmouth bass and spotted bassor Kentucky bass, making the black bass one of the top most sought-after gamefish in the country. The sales and marketing of bass fishing oriented gear have given consumers a wide variety of choices from hundreds of rods, reels, baitcasting combos, lures, lines, float tubes, drift boats, electronic fish finding and depth instruments and specially-designed bass boats.




Bass Fishing – The Target


Black bass are recognized for being strong fighters and are the perfect game fish for recreational angling. They may be found in reservoirs, lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, creeks and even roadside ditches as long as those locations meet their requirements on food availability, water quality and the species they belong to.

Smallmouth bass fight aggressively when hooked and thrash about more, bringing the battle up to the surface. Largemouth bass, on the other hand, will escape to cover in weed beds and submerged logs using short, powerful runs when hooked and with energetic resistance while taking advantage of their big overall size.

Known as both visual and scent predators, black bass should be fished while taking great care of the use of outdoor chemicals such as those in bug spray and tobacco, which will spook the fish away when present in the fisher’s hands to contaminate the fishing gear.

Black bass flesh is flaky and white and has a mild taste when cooked.


Bass Fishing – A Background


The development of bass fishing as a recreational activity happened independently of any outside influence from countries such as Europe as well as other parts of the globe. If truth be told, the freshwater bass techniques used in the US serve as inspiration for modern British sea bass fishermen who need guidance on lure fishing, as well as tackle from the USA, Japan and China.

The moneyed elite in the United States in the early- to mid-19th century mostly targeted trout and salmon, whereas fly fishermen were after smallmouth bass. Those who used bass fishing for livelihood utilized poles and live bait. The bass fishing heritage of the working class played a strong role in influencing the sport and bringing about common terminology as well as hobbyist literature and media coverage.

Bass fishing had already been firmly established as a sport by the early 20th century. In the 1950s and 1960s, bass fishing oriented tools not only increased bass catches but also helped develop the activity as a full sport.



Baitcasting Rods Described

With the establishment of bass fishing as a sport, it was only natural that the baitcasting rod and reel came to be popular equipment in the sport. As early as the 1870’s, fixed-spool reels were introduced in the United States but despite that, spinning reels and rods didn’t grow in popularity as fishing implements until the 1950s. From that time on, baitcasting and spinning tackle were mostly employed by bass fishers who also used live baits and artificial lures.

The bass angler needs the best baitcasting rod to hold the line along a consistently straight path till it is tossed in a given direction. The rod provides greater casting distance into the water.

A baitcasting fishing rod needs to be used with great skill.

Casting requires that the rod be held in the hand like a tennis racket, with the reel in an upward position facing the fisher. The index finger holds the weight of the rod while the thumb rests across the line in the reel at a 45-degree angle. The rod is pulled back then flicked forward with an overhand stroke to cast. Lift the thumb to release line from the spool as the rod snaps forward fully.

A baitcasting rod is longer than a spinning rod. It also comes with a heavier gauge line. It has a hollow core (called the blank) made of graphite, glass or other composite material. The line comes off straight on a baitcasting rod and reel, providing a higher level of accuracy during casting while lessening the need for frequent line replacement, which a spinning rod’s coiled line requires.

Wound onto the rod blank are metallic guides with titanium or ceramic inserts, placed at consistent intervals to send the line in a constant fashion from the reel into the water. The metallic guides also handle the line along the blank during retrieve and during the ensuing fight. The guides are aligned in a slightly descending size from the butt to the tip.

1.St. Croix Mojo Bass

The rod handle can be made of cork or EVA foam. The reel seat facilitates attachment of a reel through insertion of the reel foot into the specific groove and screwing down of the foregrip to lock the component securely in place. A reel seat with a cutout allows the angler to position their finger on the exposed blank so they can detect even the tiniest bite.

The rod action categorizes the way the rod will perform when casting and reeling in the catch, typically using general terms such as slow, medium or moderate and fast. Power may be heavy, medium-heavy, light or ultra-light, referring to the fight the rod can handle.


Bait Casting Lures

The most common diving lures for use with the best casting rods are crankbaits. Typically shaped like a fish or minnow, they have plastic bills on the front. During casting and retrieve, the plastic bills dig against the water, causing the bait to dive. Popular among walleye and bass anglers, crankbaits will also entice other species of fish.

The quicker line reeling of baitcasting rods makes them the preferred choice when fishing with topwater lures. This is what non-floating topwater baits are designed for, and a typical example is the buzz bait.

Another baitcasting-oriented lure is the weedless type. This kind of lure is suitable when fishing in heavy surface cover. It can be used with heavy-duty baitcasting gear with the strength to land the fish from the cover and reel the catch onto the boat. Some examples are Texas-rigged plastic worms and plastic frogs.





What baitcasting ice fishing rods do you recommend?

This issue has been on our mind for a while as we haven’t tackled rods that are primarily used for ice fishing purposes. The short answer to your question would be that it really depends on your location. It’s somewhat difficult to get a baitcasting pole designed for your application in Canada, whereas in the United States a brand that makes good alternatives seems to be Jason Mitchell. Most of the products in this line created by this company are somewhat reasonably priced as you won’t have to pay more than fifty dollars on the model you’ll be choosing. Other than this manufacturer, you can consider big brands such as Abu Garcia, which has the Veritas model that’s been gaining a lot of critical acclaim, as well as Frabill, which makes good-quality combos that are powerful, dependable, and durable.


Do you have any pieces of advice on how to hold a baitcasting rod?

Despite the fact that there are many resources that you might find online with regard to using a baitcasting setup, the fact of the matter is that very few of these will tell you exactly how to hold the rod and reel for the first time. If you’re a beginner, you might want to know that you have to use a baitcasting grip. Hold the rod and reel so that the handle is on top and that your thumb is placed against the frame of the reel. The first knuckle of your index finger should be on top of the rod, as well, because this is virtually the only efficient way to make your casts as powerful as possible. Another baitcasting method consists of holding the setup so that the reel handle is to the side and the reel is on top. In that case, you need to use both of your hands. In short, it depends on what technique you find most comfortable for you.


What makes the difference between a baitcasting rod and a spin casting rod?

While spincast rods are highly recommended for inexperienced anglers who are only beginning to learn the basics of angling, baitcasters make good choices for well-seasoned fishermen and women. Another difference consists of the circumstances that you can use one and the other. For instance, spincasters are excellent choices if you want to engage in some pond fishing, whereas baitcasters make good options for heavier use such as bass fishing. The type of lure that you’ll have to use if you’ve chosen either one type of pole or the other also varies. In a nutshell, you’ll have to use lighter lures with a spincaster and heavier ones with a baitcasting pole. Please note that you need a good deal of experience to handle and use a baitcasting rod and reel, so try to estimate your capabilities before deciding on a product.


I’ve been trying to understand whether I should choose a baitcasting rod or a spinning rod. Can you tell me which one makes the best choice for me?

While we can’t recommend one or the other because we aren’t aware of your degree of expertise when it comes to angling, we can at least tell you several factors that make the difference between baitcasters and spinning poles. We’d like to emphasize that, if you’re an amateur fisherman or woman, perhaps you’d be better off with a spinning setup as it’s easier to hold and cast. The line won’t become tangled in the spinning reel as often as it might when using a baitcasting setup. Also, the larger spool of the reel that you’ll have to utilize will allow you to reel in more quickly than if you were to use a baitcasting unit. On the other hand, if you cast for long distances or target species such as bass or walleye, you’re in need of a baitcasting rod as it’s more accurate and can offer you the resistance you might require when fighting such heavy fish.


Although I took the time to read a lot of articles on this, I couldn’t find any reliable pieces of advice on how to line a baitcasting rod. Can you suggest a method for a beginner who’s trying to get into baitcasters after using spincasters for over two years?

Every so often, you have to respool your baitcasting reel in order to make sure that you’re able to catch your fish when you’re in the middle of an angling expedition and can’t take the time to fiddle with your gear. We prefer two methods. A simple one is to tie the line around the spool, and an even easier one is to reel it in onto the component. This last technique needs to be performed once you’ve put the line through the guides. All that you will have to do is do some reeling in, and the line will go through the guides naturally. Some reels have holes that you can use to tie the line through. Make sure to avoid overfilling your spool because it might get in the way of casting and you might even have trouble getting rid of the excess line.



Products that are no longer available


St. Croix Mojo Bass


1.St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Fishing RodsSt. Croix is one of the most well-known manufacturing brands of bass casting fishing rods. It comes as no surprise that this product is up to the quality standards imposed by the brand, as it has been named one of the best units in the line.

The vast majority of the consumer reviews we have come across praise its high-quality build and top-notch materials and claim that this is a lightweight, excellently designed model. According to the opinion of these buyers, this is by far the best American fishing rod on the market today.

A number of people have emphasized that they initially got the rod for fishing pike, but they soon enough came to the conclusion that it’s so sensitive and comfortable that it works with virtually any type of fish species.

The product can be purchased in three sizes: 7’ 0”, 7’ 6”, and 7’ 9”. Consumers can opt for any of the following styles: medium/fast action, medium heavy/mod action, heavy medium/fast action, and heavy/fast action.

The Bass Rod series is composed of twelve casting and three spinning technique-specific units that have been specially engineered in order to provide the best performance. The model features an SC-II graphite build and two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish. By using the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Fishing Rod, buyers can finally get the right length to power to action ratio they’ve been searching for years.

The neat thing about this product is that it’s being sold at an unbeatable price. All things considered, the size and style of your choice have a say when it comes to the end price of a product, but this one can often be bought for as little as one hundred and thirty dollars. Some people might be as lucky as get it for one hundred and twenty dollars, provided they use Amazon for their purchase. The retailer frequently organizes sales and discounts for its hunting and fishing items.



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