Best 3 Backpacks for Treestand Hunting Compared in 2019

Last Updated: 16.08.19


Backpacks for Treestand Hunting – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are interested in getting the best backpack for treestand hunting in 2019, but you are too pressed for time and cannot read our entire buying guide, here is what you need to know. One model stood head and shoulders above the competition, as we did our research by reading customer reviews, critics’ opinions, and evaluating sales figures. The Tenzing TZ 1200 is the model we are talking about and the one we recommend. Good compartmentalization always matters when you purchase a backpack, and this model has plenty, as there are eight different compartments for all your items. As the main compartment expands with ease, you’ll have plenty of room for larger items. Other benefits include the features geared toward your comfort, such as the padded hips and the breathable mesh it is made from. In case this model is out of stock, we also recommend the SITKA Gear Tool, as it is almost just as good.



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You will notice right from the start that there are many backpacks for sale that can be used for your treestand hunting adventures. While that’s a good thing, there is also the issue that there are too many options to pick from and this is where we want to come to your aid. Take a look at the models we discovered to be a hit with both critics and consumers.



Tenzing TZ 1200 


In case you are looking for a good treestand hunting backpack, and you have no idea where to start, the Tenzing TZ 1200 is one of the most practical solutions. For a model that is designed to carry all your essential hunting gear for a day, it has everything you need and even more. The breathable mesh used for it keeps it lightweight and offers some breathability.

As the main compartment expands, you can easily fit inside larger items that you need to carry with you. It has a special compartment for holding a 2-liter water bottle, so you don’t have to worry about getting dehydrated.

Sporting over 1,200 cubic inches of storage space, and weighing just two pounds, it is a lightweight solution that will not bog you down during your hunting adventures. As a day backpack, it hardly has any competition. Its proper compartmentalization makes it an ideal choice for daily use.


A hydration option is available, allowing you to carry a 2-liter water reservoir without a problem, to save all the hydration issues you might have.

Your comfort matters for this company, so don’t be surprised to see that some features cater particularly to that, like the padded hip panels and the breathable mesh used for its construction.

The main compartment expands to accommodate bulky items, allowing you to bring along on hunting trips more gear you might need.

Hunters love having multiple compartments so that they can keep things well organized, and this model has eight of them.

Since it’s a lightweight backpack, at only two pounds, you can use it to haul more gear without doing too much weight management.


A bit of a struggle with some of the smaller zippers on the pockets and compartments seem to happen, as some hunters indicate in their reviews.

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SITKA Gear Tool 


If you intend to purchase a backpack that is specially made for carrying a treestand, you cannot go wrong with this model. The SITKA Gear Tool comes with a unique carrying system for a treestand, which means that you will have this issue solved right from the start. Created as a one size fits all backpack, this model is very versatile and excellent for day hunting trips.

Because there is a hanging ring for the treestand that is conveniently placed, you will not have any problems reaching the main compartment. With a capacity of 1,900 cubic inches, this model offers plenty of room for everything you might need to take along with you.

The way the internal frame is separated from the bag allows you to pull the weight of your treestand closer to the body so that you don’t experience any discomfort while walking through the woods.


When you buy this model, you get a great looking backpack that comes with a carrying system for your treestand, to eliminate any mishaps that come along with hauling larger hunting gear.

Its unique design makes sure that the weight of the treestand will be kept close to the body, therefore solving any discomfort issues that can result from carrying larger items.

You will get plenty of room inside, as the 1,900 cubic inches of space are enough to accommodate all the items and necessities you have to carry for a day trip spent hunting.

The overall durability is something that recommends this model, and you will be pleased with the sound investment you will make if you decide to buy it.

Users will appreciate the various zippered pockets available that provide proper compartmentalization and efficiency.


While having zippered pockets is a convenience, there are some complaints from users regarding the zippers being too small and difficult to grab especially if you’re wearing gloves.

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Mossy Oak Pegtooth 


Another model that is often mentioned by the treestand hunting backpack reviews available is the Mossy Oak Pegtooth, and for all the right reasons. Sporting a large main compartment that comes with a 30-liter capacity, this roomy backpack is ideal for anyone who needs to haul all the hunting gear they have.

Compatible with a hydration reservoir that you can carry around with ease, it is a choice you should consider if you have been shopping around for a backpack without being satisfied with the offers on the market. It must be mentioned that there is also a MOLLE quiver attachment available, for bowhunters.

One thing you will appreciate about this model is that it comes with a ventilated back panel, to reduce overheating when you have to walk around with the backpack on your back for long periods. By keeping everything well organized, you are doing yourself an excellent service, as you’ll never leave home without all your essentials.


Due to the full-length zipper construction, this backpack offers a unique way of keeping your things organized that also provides easy access and comfort.

The extras are pretty nice on this backpack, starting with the hydration compatible pocket and the quiver attachment that comes in handy for all the bowhunters who need to keep the weight of their gear low.

Another thing that must be mentioned is the well-ventilated back panel that helps with reducing sweating on long hunting trips.

Made from fibers resistant to abrasion, the backpack is an option to consider if you want to make a sound investment.

Its fold-down pockets are another reason to consider this backpack that will help you keep things organized without a problem.


There are no significant complaints about this model, but someone does mention the pocket flaps being too thin and flimsy, and not providing the necessary coverage, as expected.

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Buying guide


There are certain things anyone should bear in mind when they go shopping for a backpack that should cater to the needs of a hunter who prefers using a treestand. But how is a treestand hunting backpack different from others available on the market? A few aspects might be noted down so that you can make a purchasing decision that will provide you with the best results.

A comfortable way to carry your treestand

One thing that a treestand hunting pack should have is a hook or a system that allows you to attach your hunting gear of this type. Some manufacturers even advertise that their backpacks are compatible with treestands so you might want to start there. Also, there is an advantage to having such a convenience.

When you walk for long periods, you will feel more and more that the hunting gear you’re hauling around starts bogging you down. So having a model that provides a good balance in how things are kept in storage is essential. As the treestand is held in a comfortable position, close to the body, you will not feel the extra weight becoming an issue for you.


Good compartmentalization always matters

Even if you consider the treestand an essential part of your equipment, you will surely want to take along with you other items that can make your hunting trip successful. It helps to have a hydration compatible pocket or compartment, and other extras like multiple pockets that offer easy access, are a must.

Check to see the total capacity of the backpack. That will give you a rough estimate of what you can carry along with you on your hunting trips.


Comfort aspects

Last, but not least, see if the backpack you intend to buy has some features that cater to your comfort. Hauling your treestand and other hunting gear around all day along is not an easy feat, so every little thing helps. Ventilated mesh panels, padded areas where your body gets in contact with the backpack the most, and overall light weight of the model, contribute to the comfort aspect.

One thing you don’t like to suffer through is sweating too much, so the back of the pack should be made from comfortable materials and should provide proper ventilation. Another thing is having good quality straps that don’t chafe the skin.



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