Top Backcountry Hunting Backpacks Reviewed in 2019

Last Updated: 17.06.19


Best Backcountry Hunting Backpacks. Comparison & Buying Guide


If you are a hiking and camping aficionado that is looking for the best backcountry hunting backpack money can get you, but you don’t have the time to do the research, we can help. After doing the legwork on the topic, we have concluded that the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is the model that you should consider getting. This choice features an organizational front shelf pocket that you can use to keep all your belongings at the reach of your fingertips as well as numerous other pockets for your gear. The padded waist belt that the option includes makes it easy for you to carry it even when it is fitted with a heavy load. The rain cover that it features is very practical in case you have to deal with bad weather. In total, it has a capacity of 2700 cubic inches. If this choice is out of stock, feel free to check out the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Traverse.



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Shopping for a good backcountry hunting backpack is not easy, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience. To be of help, we have created a list of products that have received plenty of positive reviews from fellow hunters.



ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit 


This option is likely to catch your attention as it comes fitted with a front shelf pocket that is sizeable enough for you to keep the essential pieces of equipment at your fingertips. Even more so, the unit also includes other numerous pockets that you can use to store your hunting gear.

To make this product as easy to use as possible, the seller has fitted it with a rifle or bow holder pocket, with practical quiver holders as well as with a hydration pocket and port. The padded waist belt that is also included in the deal features two extra pockets and reinforced webbing that you can utilize to accommodate clip-style holsters.

If you usually hunt in an area that is prone to changes in weather, you will be happy to find out that this unit comes supplied with a rain cover. This option weighs 4 lbs. and it has a total capacity of 2700 cubic inches.


Because this backpack is covered in a camouflage pattern, it won’t make you easily visible to the prey. So, your chances of catching something are increased.

This pack features a front pocket that is spacious enough to place all your must-haves within reach. Also, it has a total volume of 2700 cubic inches.

Furthermore, this unit includes a rain cover that can keep all your gear dry in case of unexpected bad weather.

This unit weighs 4 lbs. and it comes provided with a practical hydration pocket where you can keep your water bladder.


This model has received numerous positive reviews. However, some customers have noticed that the hip belt is not that practical.

There have been owners that claimed that the zippers that this pack includes are not quiet enough. Not all hunters that have invested in it so far agree with this statement.

Buy from for ($76.97)




ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Traverse 


This unit features practical lycra shoulder straps that are known for being quite comfortable. Even more so, this unit was constructed using 1680D nylon ballistic fabric, which is a reason why the pack is durable when compared to other alternatives.

The wing pockets that this choice includes are fleece-lined, and they can provide you with the needed protection for your prized gear. A shooting stick and a tripod holder pocket are also included in the deal.

To make this backpack as practical as possible, the seller has designed it to include a stow-away meat shelf that features extension lashing straps. Plus, this product comes equipped with an H2O pocket and with aluminum stays.

The choice is very sturdy as its pressure points have been reinforced with Hypalon. Furthermore, this model is said to be compatible with a bow, a rifle, and with clip-style holsters. It has a total capacity of 2,900 cubic inches.


This choice is made of highly durable fabrics and, because its stress points have been reinforced, it is likely to pass the test of time. Because of this, it can be considered a great gift for a seasoned hunter.

Given that the item comes fitted with a built-in stow-away meat shelf, you can use it to carry heavy loads of meat.

The model also incorporates a water bladder pocket and a rain cover that might come in handy in case of a change in weather.

Moreover, the side pockets of the backpack have been lined with fleece for increased protection.


A handful of buyers pointed out that this unit is too heavy for one to carry it through the day without feeling tired easily. Not all users had this problem with it.

One customer claimed that the buckle on the product that he received broke rather quickly and had to be replaced. This is not a recurrent issue with this product.

Buy from for ($239.99)




ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme 


This is the ideal option if you are interested in a sturdy model that comes provided with plenty of pockets and accessories. The pack was made of a combination of robic nylon and 1680D ballistic nylon and, therefore, it is durable.

The pack bag is attached to a metal frame that has zippers and compression straps. Therefore, you can also utilize it to haul meat easily. The waist belt that this unit features includes numerous pockets, and it can accommodate clip-style holsters.

According to the seller, this model is fully equipped with a removable fanny pack, an internal divider, a LED light, and a spindrift collar. As expected, the product does feature a special pocket where one can keep his/her bow. A special insert for one’s spotting scope is also incorporated in the unit’s design.

Overall, the pack weighs around nine lbs. It can fit all hunters with torso sizes that range from 17 to 21 inches.


This sizeable option has a total internal volume of 4000 cubic inches, and it is fully adjustable for you to modify it to suit your needs.

Plus, this choice is made up of a pack bag and a frame that you can detach whenever you have to haul meat.

The item also features a LED light, a fanny pack that can be removed, as well as a bow pocket.

What is more, the product includes a pocket where you can place your spotting scope. To protect it from any type of damage, this pocket has been lined with fleece.


One previous user of the item observed that it is not suitable for archery because it includes too many straps and because the pack itself is noisy.

It has been said that the bottom of the model is not as big as you might expect it to be. Therefore, it might not fit many pieces of gear.

Buy from for ($349.99)




Buying guide


The best backpack for backcountry hunting is difficult to come by. Because we understand just how challenging the entire process can be, we have prepared a list of features that are considered a must-have in an item of this kind.

Material and fit

According to numerous backcountry hunting backpack reviews, not all products of this type are created equally. Therefore, not all models are likely to last the same. To make sure that you have opted for a good pack, it is advisable that you get one that was created from durable, tearproof materials that are also waterproof.

On top of that, it is best that you only invest in a pack that is not easily pierced and that is relatively quiet. This way, the game won’t be alerted to your presence. Moreover, be sure that the unit features sturdy zippers that are silent.

Fellow hunters also point out that the backpack that you end up with should fit you just right. Because of this aspect, it is advisable that you purchase a unit that has an adjustable torso size.

If you intend to haul meat with the pack, it might also be a good idea to invest in one that comes provided with a sturdy metal frame that is detachable.


Camouflage and padding

No matter if you get cheap backcountry hunting backpacks or more expensive alternatives, you should select products that have a camouflage pattern that is close in resemblance to the environment that you intend to hunt in. This way, you have better chances of blending in.

Padding is also worthy of attention. As expected, models that have padding in the shoulders and the back are more convenient as they are easier to carry around. Plus, padded shoulders help prevent fatigue.


Additional aspects

Another feature that you should keep in mind when shopping for backcountry hunting backpacks is the number of pockets that it includes. A pack that features numerous pockets is more practical because it allows you to organize your gear better.

Moreover, waterproof pockets are highly useful as they can be used to store electronics and other belongings that have to be shielded from water. To make their products more user-friendly, some manufacturers have also introduced special pockets for one’s ammunition and spotting scopes.

If you find it hard to select a model that you like, it is recommendable that you order a pack that was made by a trusted manufacturer. These options are generally thoroughly tested, and they are covered by warranty policies.



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