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Archery Targets – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


Are you shopping for the best archery target for the money in 2018 and you don’t have enough time to read everything our researchers discovered? We want to help you get the best deal, which is why we will tell you everything you need to know in this short paragraph. According to customer reviews, sales figures, and comments on social media, the number one model you should try is the Morrell 131 Double Duty. First of all, this archery target is versatile, and it will help you become a better archer, no matter what kind of bow you use, be it a crossbow, a compound bow, or an airbow. The field point only construction makes it durable, so you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. You will be able to extract the arrows from the target with ease, which is another great plus. Is this model no longer in stock? Fret not; we have another option for you, and that is the Field Logic Block Classic, which has almost the same features.



Our top choices


It can be challenging to pick the right archery target for your needs, seeing that there are so many models available for sale. The following list contains the most critically-acclaimed models available, and no matter which one you pick, you will make an excellent choice.


Morrell 131 Double Duty 


When shopping for a good archery target for the money, don’t overlook this model. Praised by users, it is one of those products you cannot go wrong with. This one is designed for high-speed bows and will provide you with an efficient means to practice and hone your skills as an archer. People who like practicing archery with crossbows, compound bows, and airbows will find it a great option.

You will want your archery target to have a long lifespan, especially if you plan to practice on a regular basis. This model comes with a field only design, and therefore it is guaranteed to last longer than other models on the market. You will appreciate how easy it is to remove the arrows you shot, and that without damaging the target.

The model is proudly made in the US, and it is guaranteed to withstand thousands of shots. You can hardly find a better deal on the market at this point.

Moving the target around is easy, as it comes equipped with tote handles. You will not have to purchase a target stand separately, because the cube design allows the target to sit on its own.


This model was carefully crafted so that its users can practice different types of shoots. This way, he/she will be able to practice to improve his/her aim.

The unit has been designed to be used for high-speed crossbow shooting as well as for bow and air bow shoots.

Because it was built from a very durable material, the model is said to take thousands of bow shoots before it needs replacing.

In order to help the user carry it, the box that contains the product comes provided with easy-to-use handles.


There have been users that insisted that this model is not particularly suitable to be used when shooting heavy bolts. However, the model holds together well when utilized to shoot slower bows.

Although the unit does a good job when it comes to stopping arrows, some prior buyers have noted that it is fairly difficult to remove the bolts from this target.

Buy from for ($59.97)




Field Logic Block Classic 


While comparing various archery targets on the market, you will notice a few that stand out. One of these models is the Field Logic Block Classic that, as its name shows, comes with a classic design that never fails. The open layer construction has a significant benefit; it allows you to remove your arrows without pulling the target and damaging it.

You will have no troubles finding a point to shoot, as the white-on-black points let you notice them from afar so that you can take your aim and shoot. That will help with improving accuracy, and you will see the results after using the target a few times.

It is easy to carry the target around, as its handle lets you pick it up with ease and place it on the spot you want. You will discover that the manufacturer offers this model in three different sizes so that you can take your pick.

Based on an original iconic design, this model will contribute to your improvement as an archer. Choose the size you need for your skill and preferences and start practicing. You will be able to tell the difference in no time.


The biggest advantage of the unit is that it comes in two distinct sizes. Consequently, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Because it was constructing using layered foam, this model allows for the effortless removal of the arrows.

According to the seller, this product is ideal when used with broadheads. Therefore, by purchasing this unit, you will be able to practice so that you can deliver strategically placed shots.

The device comes fitted with high-contrast white aiming points that can help you master the art of shooting precisely.


When compared to other similar counterparts, this model costs a pretty penny. Still, many like it and consider it a great investment.

The unit is very good at stopping bolts. Still, there have been users that have noted that it is kind of difficult to remove them from the target without taking out pieces of the block.

Buy from for ($74.39)




Field Logic Block GenZ 


Young archers will find a great ally in this archery target. The model can withstand the impact of arrows shot from bows with up to 40 pounds of draw weight. You will surely enjoy the open layer design that allows you to remove arrows quickly and without causing damage to the target. This type of design prolongs the lifespan of a target, which is why it is so praised.

The aiming points are painted in white on a black canvas, so you will have no trouble spotting them from afar. The visibility of your target points is essential for improving yourself as an archer, as you will be able to work on your accuracy. Just grab a quiver full of arrows and start practicing; you will not be disappointed.

Children who take up archery will have a fun time trying to shoot at the aiming points. In the beginning, they can start with the large points, and then move to the smaller ones, to hone their skills.

The archery target is lightweight and easy to carry around. It does a great job stopping field tips, and it works just as fine when you shoot broadheads at it. Proudly made in the US, its quality is guaranteed.


This model was developed to be used by young archers that are not that proficient in the art of bow shooting.

The model is capable of withstanding the impact produced by bows that have a maximum draw weight of 40 pounds.

Because of the aiming points that it features, practicing with this model is a good way to help you assess your precision and skill.

The seller guarantees that, if used with the specified types of bows, one should not find the task of removing the projectiles difficult.


A user has stated that, after using the model while shooting hundreds of arrows, the device makes a big mess, as its interior comes off.

Another complaint that users have brought up in their reviews is the fact that this product is quite small in size, and, thus, impractical, even when used by children.

Buy from for ($29.99)




Morrell Yellow Jacket 


If you plan on honing your shooting skills and you use a high-speed compound bow, you will find this particular target to be exactly what you need. The model can withstand thousands of shots and will accompany you on the road to improvement.

One issue with archery targets is that they quickly become unusable, as you take aim and shoot time after time. With the Morrell Yellow Jacket, you can leave your worries at the door, as this model is designed to withstand a lot of action, without suffering irreparable damage. The fact that you can quickly remove your arrows from it contributes to its durability.

Buyers who have already tried this model appreciate the handle and grommets present on the archery target. This feature allows easy transportation, and you will have no problems carrying your target with you anywhere you go.

The target points are very visible, and you will find it easy to increase your accuracy. You will be able to shoot as many times as you want and you will not have an issue with the target as it is built to last. All in all, this is an incredibly good deal.


This field point target has a multi-layered design that is prone to make it stand the test of time, even when used intensively.

The bag target comes supplied with very practical hanging grommets that allow the archer to suspend it on a pole.

The device is yellow, but it has red aiming points so that the archer does not have issues when it comes to locating them.

The bag that holds the product has handles so that you can carry it effortlessly to the shooting location.


Some unhappy prior buyers have said that a major inconvenience of the model is the fact that it leaves a fibrous glue-type residue on the bows, a type of residue that is rather difficult to clean.

Another former user of the unit has stated that, because of the external yellow pattern of the product, it is rather challenging to see the arrow placement.

Buy from for ($44.99)




Longbow Targets Vegas 


If you are willing to train by official standards, you will make great use of this pack of archery targets. There are 20 targets in one package, allowing you to practice to your heart’s content. The printing on each target abides by the rules and regulations applied to competitions, so you can rest assured that you are training like a pro.

The targets come printed on heavy-duty paper that is mainly used in archery. This type of paper is made to resist extra damage when your arrow goes through it. The hole size will remain small, and you will not end up tearing the paper entirely.

That means that these targets will last for quite a while, and they are, by no means, single use only. You will find them ideal for practicing your longbow shots, and you can also choose from how many there are in a pack.

We review here the 20-piece pack, but you can opt for packs with 50 or 200 pieces if you know you will train quite regularly. For anyone who wants to pay less, 8-piece packages are also available but bear in mind that these are suitable for people who don’t plan on training a lot.


This unit is fitting for both beginners and more experienced hunters that need a bit of practicing before going out on the real field.

This product comes supplied with 15.7-inch targets that have been printed on durable archery paper. Therefore, you should not worry about not having any more targets while practicing.

As a plus, this model is budget-friendly, and thus, you can repurchase it whenever you are in need of new aiming marks.

Each target was uniquely developed so that the arrow won’t penetrate a big hole through the model.


A user has noted that the product is not constructed from a particularly thick paper. Still, the same buyer said that he was happy with the overall quality and price of the model.

Another current user has remarked that the edges of the targets that he received were damaged. However, the customer was still able to use the product.

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Buying guide


Finding the right archery target can be a hassle, seeing that there are so many products on the market, all promising that they can make you shoot more accurately. We were on a quest to find the truth, and, by reading the reviews of archery targets made available by users, we identified those traits that any excellent product should have.

Read further, and you will know more about what to look for in an archery target so that you can truly enhance your skills, and impress your friends and family with how great you got at shooting arrows.

Types of archery targets with their ups and downs

It is essential to get an archery target that is suitable for your needs and skill level. One of the most popular types around is the bag type. As its name indicates, it is nothing but a bag filled with a kind of material that will not damage with multiple uses. The canvas covering the filling should be sturdy, as well, especially if you plan on practicing a lot.

Of course, not all the bag targets you will see on the market are the same, and some are better than others. The right kind will always allow you to shoot thousands of arrows, without getting damaged. Be aware what sort of bow arrows you are allowed to shoot, as broadheads can be a problem.

When they penetrate the canvas, broadheads can cause such damage and become so difficult to remove that you will end up with an unusable archery target. Make sure that you read the recommendations offered by the manufacturer in regards to what kind of arrows are allowed.

An open layer design will allow users to extract their arrows from the structure of the target without causing damage. The most popular bag models come with such a design so that you will appreciate their versatility.

Paper targets are also popular, but be aware that while they are made from durable paper, explicitly created for archery, they are not as durable as bag models. That means that you should buy a sizeable pack containing hundreds of such targets if you plan to practice a lot.


Clear printing for increased shooting accuracy

One thing you will want in an excellent archery target is clear printing of the aiming points. You don’t want to be forced to leave your weapon on a bow stand and continuously adjust the target, just because you cannot see it well. An archery target should not be a test for how good your eyesight is but should help you improve your aim.

You will notice that there are models on the market that come with good contrast of the printed aiming points. This is the type you should go for. The clear vision of the aiming points will help you progress.


Is your archery target easy to move around?

Don’t forget that you might want to be able to move your archery target around. That means that you should check to see what kind of portability is present on the model you intend to buy. Paper targets do not pose this problem, as they are easy to pack and carry around since they take up little space.

However, not the same thing can be said about bag models. These should come with some handles or something similar for easy transportation. The manufacturers that consider their customers valuable offer excellent portability on their models, and you should check the most reputable companies making archery targets for their offers.


Important aspects to remember

You need plenty of gear to become a successful archer, from an arrow rest to a proper target or more. One thing you should never forget is that your target should be durable. There is no point to spend money on an expensive target, only to get it damaged and impossible to use after several shots.

The most durable models can withstand thousands of shots. They are made from top-notch materials, and they do not show signs of wear and tear easily. Make sure that you get a good deal and you compare various pricing options offered by the manufacturers. This way, you will be able to train and become better, while spending only on what is needed.



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