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Spinning rods (4-pc) – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best 4 piece spinning rod. After thoroughly analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Fiblink Medium Graphite is the best because it is portable and easy to put together, which is great for those just starting out on the exciting hobby of fishing and who want to discover how far it will take them. This fishing rod is lightweight yet designed to be tremendously strong thanks to its reliably solid carbon fiber construction. In addition to its enhanced reel seat, it features a handle of ultra-premium grade soft cork material, lightweight line guides, ceramic inserts and a stainless steel frame that all work together to ensure lasting use. If the Fiblink Medium Graphite is unavailable, you should consider the Piscifun® Graphite as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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It is important to pick the right rod for the type of fishing you intend to do. The market is overflowing with choices on this type of implement. The best ones are showcased below to assist you in shopping.



Fiblink Medium Graphite


A huge favorite in 4 piece spinning rod reviews, the Fiblink Medium Graphite is a lightweight pole built with immense overall strength. It boasts a robust solid carbon fiber construction, which ensures enhanced sensitivity when targeting small game fish such as bluegills and crappies, which give small bites that can be felt easily as vibrations through the rod when a fish bites the hook.

The lighter design of graphite rods increases sensitivity. To serve as an effective hook keeper, the multi-purpose hook holder on this tool is a nice touch.

The enhanced reel seat is outfitted with stainless steel hoods that are resistant to corrosion and chipping, for lasting use. The 7 +1 guides are supplemented with stainless steel frames and ceramic inserts to help prevent line abrasion and breakage. The ultra -premium grade cork grip is light and warmer to the touch on a cold day while being able to transmit vibrations better and being less slippery when wet compared to EVA foam handles.

The special split-design handle and four-piece construction enable effortless assembly. This rod is highly portable and perfect for your next backpacking trip, promising power, versatility and flexibility with its Fast action and Medium power.


The stainless steel hoods on the reel seat are resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing you to use this spinning rod for a long time.

The cork grip is specially designed to provide you better comfort, and overall makes the model feel and perform like a more expensive one.

The 7+1 guides come equipped with frames made from stainless steel and ceramic inserts, for increased performance and efficiency.

The rod is lightweight while offering enough strength, due to its carbon fiber construction that keeps weight to a minimum, without compromising its overall sturdiness.

The hook holder is designed for efficiency, as well.


The guides on the end seem to run too small, and some buyers complain about not being able to use them efficiently.

Other reviewers find this rod to be too stiff, and they say that they prefer something with more flexibility.

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Piscifun Graphite


Boasting Medium power and Fast action, the Piscifun® Graphite 4 piece spinning travel rod works nicely with 8 to 17-pound mono, braid, super and fluoro lines along with 1/4- to 1 1/4-ounce lures. Built with new Armor Core technology, the carbon fiber blank is a revolutionary component that makes the rod extremely lightweight and powerful.

The guide sets on the rod are of high-quality ceramic and spaced apart sufficiently to ensure virtually frictionless line feed plus maximum casting performance and sensitivity. This prevents snagging, abrasion and line breakage.

The multipurpose hook keeper enables attachment of a rigged worm, dropshot weight, crankbait or spinnerbait to keep your lures within easy reach.

The Triple Bonded Hybrid Blank provides an incredibly strong and powerful component to this value-loaded fishing pole. More than enough backbone is ensured by the 24-ton slit carbon core that also ensures sensitivity and powerful action. Additional strength is provided by a layer of 8-ton E-glass that also increases flexibility and enhances durability.


This rod is made from carbon fiber to keep its weight to a minimum since a lightweight model is easier to use for catching fish.

The new ArmorCore technology used makes the rod feel and behave like a sturdy piece of equipment, despite its small overall weight.

The ceramic guides ensure that there will be no friction between your line and your rod, to avoid a decrease in performance and sensitivity.

You can use the multi-purpose hook holder for all kinds of bait, and you will surely appreciate the convenience of not having to work with loose hardware.

Because it is easy to take apart and pack, it is the ideal travel set, for people who like going on fishing trips frequently.


The pouch offered for storing the rod pieces is not of the best quality, as some buyers point out. Their solution was to replace it with a hard case to avoid any mishaps.

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Eagle Claw Pack-IT


Perfect for anglers of all skill levels, the Eagle Claw Pack-IT is a reliable pole that offers strength and durability. It has been quality- and field-tested to ensure that it can perform as well as any of the most popular 4 piece spinning fishing rods.

The fiberglass construction endows the pole with its lightweight design and also ensures increased sensitivity, so vibrations are effectively transmitted from the tip to your hand on the handle even with fish that give gentle and soft nibbles to the bait.

Easy to pack, this travel fishing pole packs neatly in your backpack and is also easy to put together. No more excuses for not being able to fish when you find a good spot.

This fishing rod is a sturdy fishing implement with evenly spaced guide inserts that handle the line well while preventing friction and easy line breakage. It’s a solidly constructed tool that should be a favorite for many anglers for years to come.


Everything you need for a successful fishing trip you will find in this set that comes with a rod, lures, line, and guides.

The fiberglass construction makes sure that the overall weight is kept to a minimum, and you will also appreciate its strength and flexibility.

The 4-piece set is easy to pack and take along with you on fishing trips, without the risk of breaking any vital part.

The manufacturer offers five guides + tip, so you don’t have to purchase anything extra and just go fishing to your heart’s content.

A one year warranty is offered with your purchase.


Although the rod is designed for medium action, some buyers say that they find it too light, and that can be an issue when you want to go after bigger fish.

The action is not the fastest, either, so don’t expect the pole to satisfy your needs if this feature is what you are looking for.

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Buying guide


You can’t go fishing without a premium quality spinning rod in your hand, even if the pole is just the travel variety. What makes the best 4 piece spinning rod different from the rest?

Top quality components

While traditionalists go for cork handles, it’s not uncommon to find top quality rods made with both EVA foam and cork handles. Portuguese cork handles are popular. For rods that will be predominantly used with a rod holder, a stain-resistant EVA foam handle is the best choice. A two-handed rod provides great performance during a fight and long casts.

A quality reel seat won’t work loose at critical times, taking on the stress of a fight with its ability to handle increased torque. It should work well with all major reel brands, fitting securely when tightened and equipped with cushioned hoods. The line guides are large near the reel and are smaller going down to the tip. The flexibility and length of the rod blank determines the proper number of guides. Rods with more flex feature more guides. Line guide inserts can be made of metal, plastic and ceramics, varying in hardness and cost.

Plenty of today’s rods are constructed of fiberglass, graphite or a fusion of both. With refinement in technology, graphite rods have overcome their tendency for easy bruising, making the material itself a go-to choice for fighting power and flexibility as well as superb sensitivity.


Performance-geared action

Categorized in general terms, the action of a rod defines the tool’s performance during casting and reeling in. A rod can be Fast, Medium or Moderate, or Slow action. A Fast action model flexes mostly in the top third segment of its length. Bending farther down the rod’s length, usually the midsection, are Medium or Moderate action rods. A Slow action rod flexes along its entire length down to the handle.

The lure size and weight also have something to do with the action of the rod. For maximum casting distance, you will want to use a lighter action rod when employing small lures because there is greater kinetic energy with the higher flex.

Jigging and other techniques will benefit from the quick hookset delivered by Fast-action rods. Middleweight crankbaits work nicely with Moderate action rods. For long, gentle casts, a Fast action rod is best when using live bait.


Good power rating

You’ll want a rod with more power if you expect the fish to put up a huge fight. Power can be Heavy, Medium-heavy, Light or Ultra-Light. Small fish require less power while larger ones will need a stiffer rod with Heavy power. Power has to do with the ability of the rod to lift so stiffer rods, described as having more backbone, boast plenty of power. This attribute also relates to line strength. Use light lines for Light power rods and heavy line weights for Heavy poles. Fishing in thick, heavy cover is best with a strong rod, while a lighter power rod is best used in clear, open water.



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