Best 3 Deer Hunting Backpacks Compared in 2019

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Deer Hunting Backpacks – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you are set on getting the best deer hunting backpack, but you do not have the time to do the unavoidable research on the matter, we are here to help. After examining the market by looking at what previous buyers had to say on the subject, we have concluded that the ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix is the unit that you should invest in. This choice can supply you with numerous storage options as it features plenty of pockets and it includes a padded waist belt with many attachment points and shoulder straps so that you can comfortably carry your gear. In total, this model weighs 4 lbs. and it has a volume of 2700 cubic inches. If this product happens to be out of stock, take a good look at the ALPS OutdoorZ Commander as this bestseller option has also received positive reviews from the fellow hunters that have tried it.



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Because we know that shopping for quality deer hunting backpacks is not easy, we have decided to lend you a hand by showcasing a couple of models that have received positive reviews from previous buyers. So, read ahead and pick the item you like best.



ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix 


If you are interested in a pack that can provide you with all the storage that you need to pack all the gear that you have to bring with you while hunting, this option sold by ALPS OutdoorZ is just what you’ve been searching for. This item features numerous pockets and plenty of attachment points.

On top of that, the unit includes a sternum strap that is adjustable so that you can modify it to fit you perfectly. The padded waist belt and the shoulder strap that it contains are also practical features that add to its overall comfort.

In total, this model weighs 4 lbs. and it has a total capacity of 2700 cubic inches. To help you blend in with your surroundings, the backpack also features a Realtree Edge camouflage pattern that numerous hunters have talked highly of. It can accommodate a crossbow or a rifle.


Because of its unparalleled design, this product can be used to easily and safely transport a crossbow or a compound bow.

The item includes wing pockets that be utilized to secure extra gear to the backpack. Furthermore, a quiver holder is located on either side of the pack.

Inside the main compartment, there is an added pocket where you can keep your possessions.

To protect you in case of bad weather, this choice also comes supplied with a useful rain cover that you are prone to like. It also includes a hydration pocket port.


It has been observed that this option is not particularly durable, especially when compared to other models that are also available online.

There has been a customer that claimed that the product that he was shipped came with no rain cover and no padded waist belt. No other similar cases have been reported.

Buy from for ($78.33)




ALPS OutdoorZ Commander 


This alternative distributed by ALPS OutdoorZ is a bestseller in this line of products. The unit was manufactured out of a durable fabric that most hunters recommend. Therefore, you can expect it to perform well in challenging environments and to pass the test of time.

If you like keeping your gear organized, you will be happy to find out that this choice features numerous pockets, including two side accessory hinged ones. A pocket where you can keep your spotting scope is also incorporated into the design of this backpack.

According to the manufacturer, this option can fit all hunters with a torso size varying from 17 to 23 inches. To help you keep your essentials within reach, this unit also features a drop-down rifle pocket and a port for your hydration bladder. If you detach the bag from its frame, you can use the latter to haul out meat in a safe way.


This item has a total weight of 7 lbs. and a total internal capacity of 5250 cubic inches. Consequently, it is sizable enough to suit your needs.

Because it has an adjustable torso size, this choice can be used by numerous users. Therefore, you should not worry that it won’t fit you.

The model has numerous pockets that can be used to keep one’s gear safe during transportation. The added frame adds to its overall sturdiness and appeal.

Given that it was manufactured out of high-quality materials, this product is very durable according to users.


It has been noted that this backpack features no suspension and no load lifters. Not all users considered this a drawback.

The quality of the buckle integrated into the design of this product is questionable according to a user. However, numerous other customers pointed out that the item is reliable and worthy of consideration.

Buy from for ($129.99)




Badlands Ascent Ultra 


If you are an avid bowhunter, this next option might be just what you’ve been looking for. This backpack includes a sturdy polycarbonate frame that is said to transfer the weight from your shoulders to the hips so that you can effortlessly carry heavy loads.

On top of that, the model also features a bow-wrap carrier system as well as a padded spotting scope pocket. The built-in rain cover is another feature that makes this particular option worthy of your attention.

Because this model is ventilated, and because it comes fitted with a breathable mesh, it can keep you comfortable, regardless of how hot it gets. Moreover, the camouflage pattern that it features can help you blend in various environments. No matter if you use a rifle or a bow, this unit comes provided with an integrated boot that you can use to transport it. In total, it weighs 4 lbs.


This item is very versatile, and it can be used by bowhunters. Because of the many compression straps that it includes, it allows you to attach your gear to it in many ways.

Size-wise, this model measures 21 x 8 x 10 inches; it weighs 4lbs. and it has a total volume of 2430 cubic inches.

The backpack was constructed using a type of fabric that is very durable, which is a reason why it can be used to transport heavy loads.

This option is said to be compatible with 3-liter hydration reservoirs. However, such packs are not included in the deal.  


This choice is, according to some of its owners, a tad expensive given the features that it incorporates. Still, not all of its users agree with the statement.

Because this is one of those backpacks that have not received numerous feedback comments, it is difficult to determine if it has particular drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Buy from for ($201.64)




Buying guide


We know that purchasing a good deer hunting backpack is a tricky task. As a result, we are here to come to your rescue. To help, we have composed a list of aspects that you should have in mind before you place any orders.

Size and mobility

According to deer hunting backpack reviews, before you decide on a product, you should spend some time assessing its size and mobility. The size of the backpack that you need should be determined by the dimension of the gear that you have to carry with you.

For instance, if you plan on going on a hunting trip that will last more than a day, you need a pack that can also fit a sleeping bag as well as cooking utensils. However, if you only intend to hunt for a day, a smaller model might be better fitting.

No matter what unit you like, it is advisable that you invest in one that has numerous pockets. This way, you will be able to store your gear efficiently. Mobility-wise, you should not acquire a bag that is too bulky or too heavy for you to be unable to carry around.


Fit and quietness

The market is filled with numerous backpacks that you can choose from. In order for you to easily transport all your deer hunting backpack essentials comfortably, you should only purchase a model that fits you like a glove. To avoid investing in an option that is too small or too large, it might be a good idea to order one that fits hunters with various torso lengths.

Also, if you don’t want to alert the game of your presence, be sure to pick a model that is made of a material that doesn’t make a lot of noise when it is snagged on bushes. Additionally, the zippers that it comes fitted with should be easy to operate.


Capacity and durability

A hunting backpack should allow you to carry heavy loads without it breaking. Because of this, serious hunters are advised in favor of getting a unit that also includes a sturdy frame that is made of a durable material such as aluminum.

If you want your new backpack to last, you should make sure that it is made out of high-quality fabrics that are tear-resistant. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to go online and read what fellow hunters had to say about the product that you like.



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