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2 Piece Baitcasting Rods – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to save time, this paragraph will tell you all you need to know about the best 2 piece baitcasting rod you can find online. After thorough research, we have reached the conclusion that the best product in this category is the Shimano FXC, as it is a strong baitcasting rod, fabricated with aero fiber, a combination of different types of fiberglass that enhances the strength of the product. The 7-feet long rod enables you to cast great distances, which makes it perfect for inshore fishing. Last, but not least, this product comes with a remarkable price for its features. However, if this product is out of stock, you can consider the Fiblink C702M as a second best option, as it features similar advantages, though it doesn’t equal the Shimano FXC model..



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Our top choices


To make a good choice, it is mandatory you get acquainted with several models that were included in some of the best baitcasting rod reviews written by experts and that we came across in our research. We have chosen three that we thought embodied all the features of a great fishing rod.



Shimano FXC


1.Shimano FXC 2This is a medium power rod, therefore fitted for moderate weight, but less reliable with increased loads. It is a fast action rod and it can be used for saltwater fishing, as it is specially designed to resist corrosion.

The product comes equipped with 15 yards test cable of 6 pounds. Built from aero glass (a combination of fiberglass), it is resistant, durable and won’t break easily.

The synthetic material of the handle has non-skid properties, while its length allows you to grip it with both your hands, in case of need.

The product is covered in an aluminum oxide finish, which will keep rust away for a long long time, prolonging the rod’s life and helping you save money. And, even if you want to add extra fishing gear to your kit, you can do that easily, as this product comes with one of the best price offers on the market, while providing great features as well.


The build is meant to be durable, as it incorporates AeroGlass technology for the blank construction, reinforced aluminum oxide guides and locking graphite reel seat. The silicon new technology is a definite yes for durability.

Good comfort is provided using EVA foam handles. Nothing new, but a tried and tested solution for lower weight and good grip.

The design is set for medium power and fast action, a winning combination for lots of fish fans.

It’s a rod that goes for all ages and skill levels, as long as you can couple it with the suitable reel.

The baitcasting product targets customers that need a reliable tool they can use for fresh water, but there is room for light saltwater usage as well.


The rod has more weight and less feel, but better price and durability.

The material makes it a bit stiff, and that can lead to easy breakage.

Buy from for ($25.9)





Fiblink C702M


2.Fiblink GraphiteIf you want a powerful, resistant and well-built 2 piece baitcasting rod that will offer you the comfort to fish for a whole day, without exhausting you, stop at this one and you will be fully satisfied. Its manufacturer gave a lot of special attention to its design.

Fabricated from carbon fiber, but finished with a sun-protective lacquer that keeps the colour from fading in time, and with stainless steel with ceramic inserts 8+1 guides, the quality of the materials used is visible at first sight. Adding to that, is the ultra-premium cork handle, that provides you with a firm and stable grip even when wet.

The lengthy two section handle is especially designed to provide you with comfort and stability. It is a medium power fast action baitcasting rod that can be used to catch bigger species as well, due to its overall strength.


If you need a medium power rod, then this Fiblink is a 2-piece casting rod designed precisely for that.  

For a comfortable use, the brand decided to use an enhanced reel seat and ultra premium grade cork material on the handle.

The line guidance received particular attention since the product features 8+1 guides with stainless steel frame and ceramic insert.

The fake-proof mark on the big guide is an extra feature that makes it easy for you to spot a possible fraud.

The special processing for the metal pieces and sun-resistant baked lacquer that preserves the rod and keeps its colors from fading give this instrument a different touch that is unspecific to products in its price range.


It uses a spigot ferrule for the joining of the pieces. This type of joint is less popular among fishermen, and some may have difficulties using it or even perceive it as a design flaw.

Buy from for ($53.49)





Entsport 2-Piece


3.Entsport 2-PieceIf you want the best 2 piece baitcasting rod under 100, the Entsport product is a very good option, coming with a great price offer for its features. It is a medium-heavy casting rod, fitted for heavy weight species of fish.

Built from a dense carbon fiber obtained after special industrial processes, this item will offer plenty of strength while being an extremely sensitive instrument, allowing you to spot any vibration in the rod.

The product is equipped with 6+1 guides, designed for a friction-free feeling of the line flow. All elements are aluminum finished, to resist water damage, and will not degrade in time.

The 7-feet long rod offers you perfect movement control and long-distance casting, while the split handle is designed to fit your hand perfectly, and to offer better maneuvering, without leaving your hands sore after a long fishing day.


This fishing pole shows great versatility thanks to the two top pieces that are available for different types of action. It’s an innovative and useful solution for fishermen that need more flexibility.

It’s a lightweight product that also bears great strength. To this end, the designers used a structurally enhanced carbon fiber construction.

The product has good sensitivity since the construction also aims at preserving it while bringing improvement to its strength. The high-density EVA is a plus on this matter.  

The reel seat with corrosion resistant aluminum hoods will probably outlive the reel.

The guides (6 + 1) are also corrosion resistant and provide you with a friction-free line flow and maximum casting performance and sensitivity.


You could have a hard time trying to put it together as well as disassemble it, and that is both time-consuming and unpleasant. The pieces might even need some sanding.

Buy from for ($39.99)





Buying guide


You cannot go fishing without procuring the necessary tools for it. And, of course, it all starts with the baitcasting rod that will get you the fish. Whether you are planning to eat it or you just enjoy the feeling of catching a big one, about which you can tell stories to your grandchildren, your baitcasting rod will help you achieve your goals. This article is not about storytelling, but about how to choose a good 2 piece baitcasting rod. Here are a few things you should pay attention to, when buying one.



It is called taper, but it can also be referred to, more commonly, as action. This characteristic concerns the flexibility of the rod when fishing.There are 3 types of action: slow, medium and fast. The fast action types of rods will bent only at the top, the moderate/medium ones will bend until their middle section, while slow action rods will bent their entire surface, to the handle. There are many factors to take into consideration when picking the action type, but it is mostly your choice.


Power category

There are 4 power categories of fishing rods: ultra-light, light, medium-heavy and heavy. You should choose them depending on the size of the species of fish that are to be found in the spots where you go fishing. But, for more safety and for situations in which your rod is tested by an unexpected catch, choosing one from the medium-heavy and heavy categories is advisable, as those in the ultra-light and light categories may not resist the pressure.


The quality of the handle

Maybe not the first thing you will notice when purchasing a baitcasting rod, but definitely an essential aspect that is many times overlooked and neglected by owners, though it shouldn’t be. Do not forget that it is your hand that controls the rod, and the way it does that is by gripping the handle. The size (shorter or longer) and material of the handle are elements that indicate its quality. While when it comes to length, it is advisable that you look for an extended one, the material is entirely your choice, as there are plenty of combinations out there.



Once they were made of wood, today they are fabricated from graphite, fiberglass or from a mix of the two. Both of them are strong and resistant options. However, graphite is more popular than fiberglass, due to its resistance, lightweight build and sensitivity. Nevertheless, fiberglass has the capacity of distributing the weight evenly on the rod’s surface, being more durable, which makes it a fitted choice in some cases. It is also cheaper than graphite. On the surface, the rod can be covered in an aluminum or epoxy finish to ensure water damage resistance. The strength and quality of the material is calculated in modulus: the bigger the moduli number, the better the material.




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