Berkley Lightning Ice Rod Review

Last Updated: 18.01.20

The Berkley Lightning Ice Rod comes in Ultra Light, Medium Light, Medium and Medium Heavy. It is the best ice fishing rod thanks to its ability to take you through the deep-freeze of the ice fishing season. The rod blank is designed to carry a cutting-edge combination of sensitivity and strength. This will ensure lasting durability and strength for many seasons of angling. The lightweight fiberglass blank is built rugged to ensure reliable responsiveness so the rod can flex under load and then release the stored energy when the forward cast is made. The layers of material used in the making of the rod contributes to its overall responsiveness.

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The Rod: Construction and Characteristics

This ice fishing rod stores then releases energy during the cast for accuracy even on a lower trajectory. Even in the harshest fishing conditions, it is able to deliver as promised.  The oversized guides on the rod won’t freeze up easily, keeping the ice off even when the weather is all blustery and tough, helping you land your target fish with ease.

The 24-inch variant offers Ultra Light power, perfect for catching small trout, crappie and bluegill. It works for line weight ratings from 1 to 4 pounds test and for lure weights 1/64 to 1/16 oz.

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Available in two power radings: medium and medium heavy

There are two power ratings available for the 28-inch version: Medium and Medium Heavy.

Great for 4 to 12 pound test line weights, the medium power rod is a perfect match for lure weights ⅛ to ⅜ oz. It has the ability to help the angler land channel catfish, walleye and larger black bass.

The medium heavy power rod is best for catching muskellunge, striped bass, blue and flathead catfish. With this kind of rod, you can easily pitch or flip jigs for largemouth bass. It goes with 8 to 14 pound test line weight ratings and matches 3/16 to ½ oz. lure weights.



The 32-inch model is available in medium heavy power, making it a great rod to use with 3/16 to ½ oz lure weights and 8 to 14 pound test line weights. With this particular version, the angler can target blue catfish, flathead catfish, muskies and striped bass.


Cork grips

This ice fishing rod is outfitted with cork grips that ensure comfortable and warm handling in extremely icy-cold weather conditions.This is due to the handle material’s ability to store residual heat during cold temperatures so it is considerably warm to the touch even when the day is frigid. The cork handle also has a low damping capacity, which, when compared to fishing rods with EVA foam handles, gives it the capability to be more sensitive, helping the angler sense or feel even the smallest and most tentative bites on the lure that the fish can make. The cork material also ensures that the rod is less slippery when it gets wet, and will not compress as easily as any EVA foam handle even when it has to be under load.


Foregrip ensures less wear on the handle

For fly, spinning and soft bait rods, a cork handle is always the best choice and this ice fishing rod is always one of the best on the market when sensitivity and feel are essential.

This ice fishing rod employs the state-of-the-art hidden thread technology on its foregrip, which ensures less wear on the handle as well as reduced instances of injury to the fingers of the user.

The angler can expect nothing less than reduced overall weight plus reliable sensitivity thanks to how the skeleton reel seat is manufactured.

2.Berkley Lightning Ice Rod


Perfect for battling heavy fish

The 24-inch ultra-light power model is equipped with three guides. The medium power 28-inch version has four guides. The 24-inch version with medium heavy power comes with four guides. The 32-inch medium heavy power rod is outfitted with four guides. The fishing line guides are uniformly distributed along the length of the shaft to ensure line holding capacity without tangling and breakage. They also enable the rod to withstand pressure especially when the angler has to do heavy battle with the fish.


Stainless steel guides

The guides are all made of stainless steel with durable inserts that have been subjected to factory testing to ensure premium craftsmanship and performance under friction. The fisher can rest easy that the line won’t break. The guides with inserts ensure even release of the fishing line and effortless retrieve to reel the catch in when it is time.

The Berkley Lightning Ice Rod has a split grip design that ensures less weight. It offers more contact between the rod blank and the angler’s hand via the open handle space while ensuring reel and rod balance.


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