Aqua Design Mens Fingerless Tactical Gloves Review

Last Updated: 20.07.19

Constructed from durable materials these fingerless gloves will keep your hands protected during your hunting or fishing trips, while still allowing for plenty of movement.

The hot sun can burn your hands, especially when it is reflected off the water and these gloves from Aqua Design are capable of blocking up to 97 to 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

These hunting and fishing gloves are designed to be longer than other pairs so your wrist is just as protected as your hands.

It is easy for a flash of skin to startle wary game animals and fish, but this is not a problem with the gloves’ realistic “skyward” camouflage print.

On occasion the stitching has come loose on the gloves and while this is inconvenient, in most cases Aqua Design will quickly replace the pair free of charge.

Some consumers have mentioned that they wished that these gloves came with a textured grip on the palms, and while this would be a nice feature to have it does not take away from their overall performance.

1.Fingerless Fishing Hunting Skyward


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Made of durable yet flexible materials

When you are spending the day hunting and fishing it’s nice to have a pair of comfortable and protective gloves, and that is what you get with this pair from Aqua Design. The durable polyester and spandex material fits your hands like a second skin, and allows for complete freedom of movement so you can easily wear the gloves all day. It also comes with moisture wicking for added comfort on hot days.

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Capable of blocking up to 99% UV rays

Sitting outside in the sun often results in painful burns that can be easily prevented if you have the right protection. Sunscreen generally leaves hands feeling greasy, which can make it difficult to hold tightly onto your rod or hunting rifle. The strong odor that is often associated with most sunscreens can also cause prey to stay far away, but this won’t be an issue when you are wearing these fingerless gloves. The synthetic fabric is capable of blocking up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, in some cases, which means you can comfortably spend the day outside without any problems.


Unique Aqua Design

Even tightly button sleeves can leave your wrists exposed to the sun and a flash of bare skin can also startle nearby prey. That is why Aqua Design made these gloves longer so your hands and wrists are equally protected. To ensure the gloves stay securely around your wrist without sagging uncomfortably, each pair comes with an elastic band that ensures a comfortable fit.

3.Fingerless Fishing Hunting Skyward


Camouflage pattern

One of the biggest challenges hunters and anglers face is trying to hide from their prey. With the realistic camouflage pattern on these gloves, your hands can easily blend into your surroundings. The “skyward” print is available in four distinct patterns so you can find the perfect one that fits your location. Nervous game animals and even skittish fish will never see a flash of your hands when you are wearing a pair of these fingerless gloves.


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