AFTCO M01 “Original” Traditional Fishing Shorts Review

Last Updated: 13.08.19

As stated throughout the five star reviews on Amazon it is hard to find a pair of fishing shorts that lasts longer and still wears comfortably than the M01 “Original” Traditional from AFTCO.

When you are scaling and gutting fish or casting in muddy waters you will quickly learn to appreciate the short’s stain resistant coating.

You will love how comfortable these shorts are to wear, and the fact that they are designed to not restrict your movements.

With plenty of pockets for all of your gear, including a special compartment for pliers you can easily keep everything you need conveniently close at hand.

These fishing shorts do come at a slightly higher price, but considering one reviewer stated he has been wearing the same pair for 25 years it is differently a good value for your money.

It should be noted that these shorts do not come with a mesh inner liner, and while this does not affect the overall quality you probably don’t want to wear them swimming.

1.AFTCO M01 Original


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Designed to last for many years to come

Fishing can be tough on clothes, but this isn’t a problem for these shorts. Constructed from durable 3 ply nylon these shorts can withstand plenty of wear and tear and are designed to last for years. The Dupont Supplex nylon is also lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear so you can concentrate on getting a bite and not on your clothing. The lightweight material will quickly dry in the air so you don’t have to spend the day uncomfortable if the shorts happen to get wet. You will also love being able to choose from several fashionable colors, so you can always look your best.

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Unique, stain-resistant coating

There is no way to avoid getting dirty when you are fishing, unless you are just standing by watching instead of participating. Scales, mud and other bits of debris typically end up on your pants, and removing fish blood and guts can be almost impossible. AFTCO has taken care of this problem by applying a stain resistant coating to their shorts. This way all you have to do is toss them in the washing machine when you get home. The lightweight material is designed to be fast drying so your shorts are clean and ready to go on your next fishing trip.

When you are wrestling in an active fish you don’t want your movements restricted by your clothing, and with an inseam of 5.5 inches and a 16 inch outseam this won’t be a problem. These shorts are designed to allow you plenty of room to bend and stretch, and the roomy construction also won’t cause the material to rub against your skin.

2.AFTCO M01 Original


Can be used to store your essentials

Since the M01 “Original” Traditional shorts come with 7 pockets, you have plenty of room to store essential gear. Flies, lures, extra line, along with keys, phone and wallet all fit easily inside the various pockets. There is even a lined pocket that is designed to hold your pliers


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