Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s Cap Review

Last Updated: 28.01.20
The interesting design of this particular fishing hat will make you feel like you are in charge of your own fishing boat.

The hat is designed to resist shrinkage, due to a particular combination of fabrics.

The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is a good choice if you want to protect your head in all kinds of weather conditions.

There are several colors available to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Certain design elements are there to help you achieve a stylish look that all your friends will envy.

One reviewer says about this fishing hat that it proved to be too large for them, so you may want to pay attention to such details before making a purchase.

Another mention made by another reviewer says that the staple that keeps the sweatband together is too rigid and somehow deforms the shape of the hat.

1.Aegean Men's Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap


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Wool construction enables you to benefit from excellent breathability

The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is the kind of fishing hat that makes you fall in love with it from the first glance. Designed to resemble the hat worn by Captain Archibald Haddock, one of the characters in The Adventures of Tintin, the model is sure to steal your heart if you have a nostalgic streak about such iconic adventures. Whether you imagine yourself as the captain mentioned above, or you dream of yourself being the captain of a fishing vessel, this hat will bring your imagination closer to reality.

The hat is made of a combination of wool and polyester. The 85% wool content ensures that your head breathes well without becoming overheated. In cold weather, you will appreciate how easy it will be to keep your head warm with this wool hat. The 15% polyester content prevents shrinkage, which is paramount for any kind of fishing clothing you will be wearing.

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Can protect your head against the elements

A great thing about this fishing hat is that it offers the best head protection, no matter the weather conditions. Wool has the ability to regulate based on body temperature, so you will be able to wear it both in winter and in summer. Because of its sturdy construction, the hat will keep your head protected against winds, snow and rain. Its water repellant capabilities make it a fine choice for the seasoned angler.

2.Aegean Men's Wool Greek Fisherman's Cap


Available in a wide array of colors 

No matter which color you prefer, you will find one that goes well with this type of hat. The model is available in the following colors: black, navy, brown, grey, and ecru.

This hat surely makes you look the part and it is very stylish. The boating theme accents, such as the brocade, really make the hat stand out. The sweatband is made of faux leather and it comes with a red satin lining that will give you that classy look captains from a different time were known for.



The Aegean Men’s Wool Greek Fisherman’s is a cool choice for anyone who wants to look like a true captain. The excellent design and great quality fabrics make this hat a fine option for any kind of weather.


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