Adidas Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe Review

Last Updated: 05.08.20


The Adidas Climacool Boat shoes are perfectly comfortable right out of the box as they offer a snug fit and all the advantages of a well-designed pair intended for aquatic activities.

The model has been constructed to be user-friendly and won’t weigh you down regardless of the marine circumstance you might encounter.

Due to their versatile design, there’s nothing stopping you from using these shoes both in and out of the water as they seem to be one of the critically acclaimed options intended for fishing and streetwear alike.

Another reason you might want to consider the Adidas Climacool Boat alternative consists of the fact that they are durable and can withstand the test of time as they are both functional and stylish enough to impress you.



Some users have reported that it might be a good idea to order half a size larger than what you’d typically wear on a daily basis. However, since most fishermen don’t use socks when they’re on the boat, the shoes may fit just fine.

They might offer less satisfactory traction when walking on wet rocks. 




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Made to fit your budget

One of the first things that come to mind when prospecting this unit is that it is considerably more affordable compared to many of its competitors. Depending on the size that you will be ordering, you’re likely to spend between fifty and one hundred and ten dollars on a pair, which means that you won’t have to break your entire budget for this expense. This cost is a net investment as you won’t fail to be surprised with the quality construction of the item.

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Climacool technology

Because the shoes are equipped with Climacool technology, they are an excellent option both for marine activities and for everyday use. What’s more, the mesh upper considerably adds to the breathability offered by the product which means that you will be able to use these shoes when going to the store or anywhere you may need to run your errands on a sunny day.


Stability at its best

The high traction outsole is a fantastic addition designed for people who feel the need to benefit from stability while they are on the boat or walking on the shore. Some reviewers have pointed out that they’ve even used the shoes for kayak fishing.

Finally, it really boils down to the weight of the boat shoe, and that’s where the Adidas Climacool Boat ones are clear winners. They’re lightweight and easy to use and offer more than enough comfort.




If you are willing to make an investment and purchase one pair of fishing shoes that’s durable and user-friendly, it might be a good idea to give a chance to the Adidas Climacool Boat model. What’s more, these shoes are versatile and can prove to be a fabulous choice for any adventures that might arise at some point or the other.


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