Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod Review

Last Updated: 20.01.20

The Abu Garcia Medium Veritas is one of the best baitcasting rods in the line, as attested by the many positive consumer ratings it has gathered over time. It has been praised time and time again by American and worldwide buyers, as it offers an excellent value for the price. It is convenient, versatile, and well-built, and features all the characteristics one might ever be looking for.

1.Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod


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The model has a wide array of attractive features. First of all, it has been constructed graphite, which made it possible for the Abu Garcia Veritas line to have a lightweight, balanced design. The spiral carbon core construction in this alternative contributes to the durability of the product, as the break strength of the rod is significantly increased.

The guides of this model are made of a titanium alloy and feature SiC inserts. The titanium alloy option makes this rod the top choice if the user intends on using monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braid lines. On the one hand, this detail was specially designed in order for the rod to be lightweight and perfectly balanced. On the other hand, it’s the core feature that makes it extremely versatile and sensitive.

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Design features

Other attractive aspects of the Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod include a micro click reel seat hood design and a high-density EVA. When it comes to functionality and style, this model definitely takes the cake, as the micro click reel hood design manages to combine them both. There has never been a more secure connection between a rod and a reel than the one provided by this unit.

The manufacturers are offering a 3-year warranty on this model, therefore you should be able to enjoy this reel for a long time and rest assured that you will be able to have it fixed or replaced if something goes wrong. Therefore, users should be able to enjoy this reel for a long time before having to have it fixed or replaced. In case something goes wrong, buyers have three years at their disposal to contact customer service.

For now, the rod can be purchased in two sizes: a 6-feet 6-inch one and a 7-feet one. Regardless of the size you choose depending on your personal preferences, you need to know that the Abu Garcia model is made with some of the best materials in the world. In addition, all of the brand’s units have been tested and proven to withstand harsh conditions.


Brand recognition

One of the favorite combos that we have analyzed consists of the Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod and the Abu Garcia Low Profile Reel Neoprene Cover.

High-quality rods don’t come cheap. Several top-notch models can be as expensive as five hundred dollars or more. Fortunately for the individuals looking for a relatively affordable alternative, this one can be purchased for as little as one hundred and fifty dollars. It all depends on the online retailer you select for your purchase. If you have the time and availability, we recommend going to a specialized store and testing out the Abu Garcia unit before ordering it online. Some marketplaces including Amazon frequently offer it for much fairer prices, and if you are just starting out, Amazon might be a good choice.

Abu Garcia is one of the world-known brands when it comes to manufacturing top-notch rods, along with Okuma and Shimano. The brand’s quality standards are well-known, which is why this product is no different from any of the others the company has constructed in the past.


2.Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod


User feedback

Since buying anything on the internet can be risky, going through some of the consumer reviews is a great way of understanding whether or not the item you want to purchase is worth the hype. From what we have seen, there are little to no complaints regarding the performance of this rod. Some buyers even go as far as state that this alternative is the best one money can buy for around one hundred dollars.

In fact, the majority of the buyers have chosen to award this variety a 5-star rating. This is the top choice for people who use both casting and spinning rods, as there have been individuals who have bought three models. Moreover, there are several reviews that detail the types of situations where an Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod comes in handy.

The neat thing about this model is that there have been people using it for over four years now, who have experienced no issue at all. According to these individuals, this unit is the best rod with the best price, as it is remarkably strong, extremely sensitive and light, and even durable.

Furthermore, even the people who have broken their older model claim that they would still buy a newer and upgraded Abu Garcia reel over other models. These individuals claim that they would choose the rod over any other one produced by other brands as it’s easy to handle and has all the sensitivity one might require.


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