About us

We’re a team of dedicated anglers who like to use the right gear and equipment so that we can make the most of our adventures. We’ve been in the online field for over a decade, during which time we’ve constructed dozens of successful digital marketing projects.

These days, we’re more laid back and focused on assisting other fishers and hunters just like us, whether they’re in need of the right gear or wish to learn a bit more about the techniques that they can use for their passions.

We come from different backgrounds and enjoy several kinds of fishing and hunting. While some of us prefer good old fly fishing, others like to spend many hours on their boat and enjoy the many challenges brought forth by ocean angling. By the same token, some us like to use guns for hunting while others prefer bows.

Because of our different yet mutual passion, we’ve decided to create a website where we can share our expertise with angling beginners and hunting aficionados.

Fisherpants is all about helping fishers and hunters learn how to help themselves. We provide genuine information about the products we review as we are not affiliated with any manufacturer. Both our angling and hunting posts have the primary focus of being an information source thanks to which a prospective buyer can make a good decision.

Over the years, we’ve reviewed anything from lures and tackle to bows and hunting gloves. To make our content truly useful, our strategy is now focused on letting anglers and hunters know about marvelous places they can check out, regulations for fishing and hunting in US regions, and even the budget you might need to take up a certain type of angling or hunting.

We also care about wildlife conservation, and that’s why we’ll tackle the species you can encounter in one US area or the other. Last, but not least, because both of these sports can be dangerous, we have taken it upon us to provide as much info about any risks as humanly possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy the time you’ll spend in our company. Our editors thank you for your interest in fishing and hunting and hope that you’ll find all of our articles helpful, in some way or the other.