8 Best Fishing Spots in Australia

Last Updated: 18.01.20


If you are looking for the best fishing spots in Australia where you can spend your time relaxing and catching some fish, this article should provide you with all the information that you need. Because we understand that knowing what destinations to pick is a dreadful task, we took it upon ourselves to put together this list of places that are worthy of your time and money. So, read ahead and book the place that you find the most suitable for your next fishing adventure.


The West Moore Island

One of the most appreciated destinations by both locals and travelers, the West Moore Island is every fisherman’s paradise. The things you’ll be able to do here will be endless, as you can try your luck at small craft fishing, land base fishing as well as at deep-sea game fishing.

However, you should know that there are other non-fishing related activities that you can also try your hand at here. Thus, coming here on a family vacation is a great idea. As a plus, thanks to the diverse landscape, you will have the occasion to fish in groups as well as individually.



If you are a fan of exploring the wilderness, we suggest that you consider taking a trip to Tasmania. Because it has remote, clean waterways, this location is abundant in wild brown trout. Consequently, if you decide to fish in the lakes that you can find here, you won’t be disappointed. Still, if you are a fan of saltwater fishing, you can always go to the coast.

Additionally, if you are a game fishing fan, you might want to know that Tasmania provides its visitors with deep waters that are suitable for this type of fishing. These fishing locations are situated at just 20 minutes from the shoreline.

If you are new to this activity and you don’t consider yourself fit to drive a boat, keep in mind that professional charters can be rented. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be in safe hands at all time.



Another place that you can travel to while in Australia is the Canberra region. This area is known for its lakes that are perfect for a day of fishing. Here you can aim for cod,  golden perch, and Redfin.

However, if you are courageous enough to venture deeper into the region, you might also find lakes where you can fish for trout and/or salmon (provided that you get the right rod for the purpose – which is where this article might be of some assistance). As a plus, if you are a hobbyist fisherman, you won’t require a specialized fishing license. Still, here are a few rules that you should follow in order to avoid unhappy incidents.

While in Canberra, we suggest that you take a good look at Lake Burley Griffin as it surely won’t let you down. Also, if you have the time, you might find it fun to try your hand at local angling. For the latter activity, specialists recommend Lake Ginninderra or Lake Tuggeranong. Another similar (public) fishing spot is the Yerrabi Pond (in Gungahlin).


Port Lincoln

If you happen to be in South Australia, you shouldn’t miss the chance of exploring Port Lincoln. Here you can fish for squid, trout, salmon, and whiting. Also, if you are a fan of game fishing, this location should be particularly attractive to you.

According to the professionals, even if your luck runs short when it comes to fishing while visiting the area, you are prone to enjoy the sights and the fantastic food that the region is well known for.


Jervis Bay

Located in New South Wales, the Jervis Bay remains one of the most acknowledged fishing locations in Australia. In this bay, you can catch whiting, flathead, and bream from most of the shores. Nevertheless, if you rent a boat for deep sea game fishing, you might even end up catching tuna.

The main reason why many appreciate Jervis Bay is the fact that it has some of the most beautiful beaches where you can relax on when you grow tired of fishing. Similarly to the previous locations that we have tackled, this place is packed with opportunities that you are bound to find memorable such as kayaking and taking sightseeing guided tours.

Before you fish here, we recommend that you get familiar with the specific regulations imposed in the area.


Cairns (Queensland)

If you want to travel to a place where you can fish a wide range of species, you should try out the Cairns region. To find the best fishing spots here, it is best that you rent a boat or hire a charter.

Once here you can end up catching some very unusual species of fish such as blues salmon and baby sharks. However, it is advisable that you do some research before you plan your vacation so that you hire a guide that is helpful and sociable. I order to do so, go online and read reviews from previous tourists. This way, your trip will be worth every penny!


Cape York

The Cape York Peninsula is a place that all adventurous fishermen are surely going to like. So, if you are an angler looking for a challenge, this is the place for you. To get all the gist out of the experience, the best thing you can do while here is to hire a private charter that will take you to the right fishing spots.

Most fishermen that come here usually dream of catching a barramundi, a type of fish that weighs up to 30 kg. Even more so, this species is known for putting on quite a struggle, reason why so many enjoy fishing it.

Another popular game fish that might interest you is the Spanish mackerel. This species can be caught between the month of April and October. Similarly, the waters are populated with nannygai, coral trout, golden snapper, sweetlip emperor, red emperor, reef mangrove jack, red bass snapper, spangled emperor, and jewfish.


Lakes Entrance (Victoria)

This location is ideal if you want to catch snapper that weighs more than 20 pounds. When talking about the techniques that one should use here, the specialists suggest that you use mono line and not braided. Also, they recommend that you invest in some running sinker rings.

Bait wise, it might be a good idea to go for the live baits. Still, this aspect depends on the weather. Nonetheless, once you get here, you can easily find stores that sell fishing gear as well as accommodation (if needed). One of the most appreciated aspects of the Lakes Entrance is the fact that here no launching fees are required.



Before we wrap this article up, we feel like it is necessary that we point out that this list is not exhaustive, but rather a compilation of renown fishing destinations that those interested in fishing in Australia might find helpful.  

Additionally, it is advisable that, prior to fishing in any of the locations that we have mentioned, you do some research of your own in order to find out if there are fishing laws that you should be aware of.

So, don’t waste any more time, go ahead and pick the destination that you like best!



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