8 Best Fishing Locations in South Australia

Last Updated: 20.01.20

If you’ve been thinking about finding the best fishing spots in South Australia, but you lack the time to do the necessary legwork on the topic, we’ve got you covered. Because we know that the process of selecting cool fishing destinations is not particularly easy to carry out, we have decided to lend you a helping hand.

Therefore, below we have put together a list of locations that you might want to give a good look at before making any arrangements. So, keep on reading and pick the location that you consider to be the most suitable.


Jervis Bay

Situated in a breathtaking area, the St Georges Basin is filled with plenty of fish that you can try your luck with during your next fishing adventure. The location is particularly eye-catching due to the fact that it has all one needs for a dream vacation: beach, rocks and an estuary that is ideal for fishing.

Because the bay is situated on one side of the peninsula while the basin lays on the other side, the fishermen that come here (to fish) are lucky no matter the weather. If you decide to settle for this destination, you’ll be able to fish bream, flathead, blackfish, whiting, snapper or tailor.

If you know how to drive a boat, your chances of ending up with a consistent catch are even higher, especially if you target a trophy-size tailor.


Durras Lake

If you visit Durras Lake during the warm days of summer, you will certainly catch some whiting and some flathead. If you are not afraid to get dirty, you should use some nippers and some fresh warms and work the shallows. This way, you will surely be able to catch something in short amount of time.

Moreover, although the river is small, the fish that live in it are definitely quite large, a reason why its size should not, in any case, discourage you. Even more so, if you grow tired of fishing, you can always make the most of your time here by kayaking or by taking a trip in a rented canoe.

What is more, keep in mind that parts of the lake are considered sanctuary zones, and thus, you should not fish there.  


Clyde River

Another location that is worthy of your attention and consideration is the Batemans Bay, situated near the Clyde River. The river forms a sizeable estuary that many anglers simply adore. What is more, in the upper part of the lake, one can easily target bass. However, if you enjoy spending time on a drifting boat, you can always use some fresh bait to catch some tailor, bream, and flathead while doing so.

If you consider yourself a specialized fisherman that is not afraid of difficult fishing conditions, you should test your strengths by doing some deep water fishing here. Also, while you are near Clyde River, why don’t you try your hand at catching some mulloway?

Nonetheless, if you are a novice, we recommend that you set your telescopic fishing rod near the shoreline, as this is the place where all fish eventually come to feed.



Although most anglers seem to forget about the existence of this river, Moruya is another destination that should not be missing from your list. This location is particularly liked due to the fact that it has a top-notch, difficult to top shoreline that you are prone to love.

If you decide to fish near the river’s mouth, the specialists argue that you have the best chances to catch some salmon, flathead, bream or tailor. Still, if you want to catch some flathead, it is suggested that you use some fresh worms or some nippers.



Seen as one of the best South Australian fishing spots, Narooma’s Wagonga Inlet is often considered a great place to go fishing. This place is known among fishermen as the go-to place when it comes to casting for some giant flathead fish. Similarly, this spot is a good place to fish mulloway and, if you set your rod between the entrance and the lake, you might get lucky enough to catch some big whiting.

The best bait that one can use while fishing here is live bait. Consequently, before coming here make sure that you are prepared with enough supplies of worms and fresh nippers. If you prefer to fish from the shore, you can always place your rod on the boardwalk. From this location, you’ll be able to catch leatherjacket, bream, and flathead.


Wallaga Lake

Situated near the city of Bermagui, this lake is the place to go if you love boat fishing. Once you get here, you can always hire a boat and go straight in the middle of the lake where you can target some fine flathead or whiting. For best results, it is indicated that one uses plastic lures as well as live baits.

Tailor is another type of fish that you can catch here. Additionally, the lake is populated with flounder, flathead or bream. Because the lake is quite busy (the Wallaga Lake is a location preferred by many water-skiers), it might be a good idea to go off the track and find a secluded place where you can enjoy your fishing.


Lake Tuross

One of the highly regarded fishing destinations of all time, Lake Tuross is a location where one can visit if he/she wants to fish bream, flathead, mulloway or whiting. When it comes to the lake’s production of flatheads, we should point to the fact that Lake Tuross is the place where, every year, lucky anglers catch specimens that measure more than a meter in length.

As a plus, many well-known anglers are known to come here on vacation. Thus, if you want to meet famous fishermen, we recommend that you book yourself the needed accommodation here. Who knows who you will meet while casting your line!


Port Lincoln

Another place that you should have your eyes on before settling for a destination is Port Lincoln. This destination is particularly liked because, during the month of November, you can catch here anything from squid to snook, whitening, salmon, garfish, and kingfish.

If you decide to take a trip down the coast, you will most probably be capable of fishing some sizeable whiting. For Salomon, you should try the south coast.


Additional info

Before we finish this article, we consider that it is necessary that we remind you that in order to fish in either of the before mentioned locations, one should purchase a South Australia fishing license.

Moreover, it is advisable that, before you go to a certain fishing location; you do some research on the topic by reading what previous fishers had to say about the region. Also, it might be a good idea that you search for the latest fishing report from that location. This way, you’ll know what to expect once you arrive there.

Nevertheless, whenever you are away fishing, make sure that you take your mobile phone with you. By doing so, you’ll effortlessly be able to call for help in case an unhappy incident occurs.  All in all, we hope that your trip will be a success!



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