10 Best Fly Fishing Destinations in the World

Last Updated: 18.01.20


If you are a fishing enthusiast you are probably interested in discovering new places where you can go to experience the best fly fishing in the world. And, because we understand just how dreadful doing the research on this topic can be, we have decided to lend you a helping hand by putting together a top of destinations that are worthy of every angler’s attention. So, keep on reading and pick the location that you find most interesting and enticing.  


Curiously enough, the specialists in the field of fly fishing have designated Montana as one of the best fly fishing places one can pick as a vacation destination. The reason why this state is so popular among fishermen is the fact that it has wide areas that are covered by wilderness.

With most of its landscapes almost untouched by man’s had, this state is rich in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water that are teeming with various species of fish. Some of the most appreciated and treasured location here are the waters in Yellowstone Park, Sixteen Mile Creek, Battle Creek, Big Elk Creek, the Musselshell River, the Armstrong spring creek and the list could go on.

As a plus, no matter if you are or if you aren’t lucky at fishing, here you’ll always be able to enjoy the beautiful landscape.



According to some fishing enthusiasts, the best fly fishing in U.S can be done in Alaska. Even more so, many people say that those that have enjoyed fishing in Montana will find Alaska mind-blowing and fun.  Here, one has access to both saltwater and freshwater bodies of water and the chance of catching something is even higher.

Furthermore, it has been said that the whole experience of going all the way to Alaska to fish salmon is memorable, to say the least. If you decide to give it a try, we recommend that you opt for either the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge or the Kenai Peninsula. By doing so, you surely won’t regret your decision to come here.


Henry’s Fork (Idaho)

If you are passionate about fly fishing, chances are that you’ve already heard about Henry’s Fork as a great fishing location. The thing that makes this location so well regarded is the fact that this river is one of the most plentiful places where one can fish in.

What is more, this river is the home to many different types of fish such as the wild trout, mayflies, midges, stoneflies, caddisflies, and many others. According to the reports and the growth rates, this is the spot where trout is the most numerous. As a plus, here you can catch a specimen that has reached significant proportions. Due to these factors, most fishermen keep on coming back here to test their forces as well as their luck.


Florida Keys

As one of the best fly fishing states, Florida should also be taken into account by all those looking for new fishing adventures. Here, one can find the Florida Keys, a place where all fishermen that love saltwater angling will surely feel at home.

Also, if you are the type of person that likes a good challenge, you should know that the waters of Florida are also populated with Tarpons, a type of fish that is known for its ability to not give up easily when caught.  So, if you live near this beautiful state, we recommend that you take this option into account before making a decision.


North Carolina

Similarly, if you are interested in the best fly fishing in North Carolina, you should necessarily give the waters in the Great Smoky Mountains a try. Historically speaking, this is the home of the first fly fishing trail in the United States of America that goes by the name of WNC Fly Fishing Trail. Here, one can catch a wide variety of trout (rainbow, brown and brook, golden and even Donaldson).

In order to enjoy this trip to the fullest, it is recommended that those that are not familiar with the location hire a guide. By doing so, they can be sure that they won’t get lost on the track. For additional information on the subject, go online to the official site made available for those interested by the state of Carolina. Moreover, here you’ll be able to find additional advice about how to purchase a fishing license.  



If you are not afraid to leave the U.S.A., Mongolia is another destination that is bound to offer you a once in a lifetime fishing experience. The waters of Mongolia are abundant is sizeable fish that can reach the impressive weight of 150 to 200 pounds.

If you decide to go to Mongolia, it is advisable that you invest in sturdy gear. Even more so, it might be a good idea to get in touch with a reputable traveling agency that can mediate the contact between you and a specialized Mongolian fishing guide.


Far Eastern Russia

If you enjoy the richness (fishing-wise) of Alaska, we are sure that you will simply love angling in Russia. The best places to go fly fishing there are situated in the Eastern part of the country more precisely in the Kamchatka Peninsula, which is very close to Alaska.

The rivers that you’ll find here are abundant in salmon, reason why they are so sought after by both locals and travelers.


If you like warm countries, you will certainly enjoy fishing in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. Located in the South part of the country, this destination is known among anglers particularly because its rivers are filled with giant brown trout that are effortless to fish.

In fact, their size is only comparable to the fish that live in the Amazon’s waters. The reason why they reach these proportions is the fact that they have an intense urge to eat whatever food they can find.



All traveling enthusiasts are likely to appreciate fly fishing in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar. The main destination to go is Seychelles, an archipelago that consists of 115 islands that are mostly uninhabited and untouched by the modern civilization.

The most popular catches here include the Bohar Snapper, the Yellow-lipped Emperor, the Indo-Pacific Sailfish and the Moustache Triggerfish, all species that are quite large and heavy. So, make sure that your gear is ready for the chase.


New Zealand

Last but not least, we feel like it is crucial that we mention the waters of New Zealand, a great destination if you want to catch brown trout (for which you might need a quality telescopic spinning rod, by the way). Similarly to the previous locations that we have talked about, this is a great place to fish thanks to the fact that it is remote and, as a result, not very crowded.


Additional info

Before we finish this article, we believe that it is imperative that we remind you that each of the locations that we have mentioned is covered by different fishing regulations. Therefore, it might be best that you do some research before you decide to go anywhere.

Similarly, if you intend to travel outside the USA, it is advisable that you use a reliable traveling agency to make sure that you find appropriate accommodation.



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