Fishing hats for women – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you’re in a rush so you can’t go through long, tedious reviews but you insist on finding the best women’s fishing hats, this paragraph will sort things out. Our analysis is based on the feedback of amateur and professional fisherman and it shows that the Sunblocker Neck Flap is the best because if offers you the much-needed protection from the sun rays with a protective coating that gives it 50+ UPF rating. It is a soft and flexible fishing hat so you can keep it stored without any trouble. Also, you needn’t worry about the water or dirt getting to it since it has superior repellency against thanks to a Teflon water and stain resistance finish. If you couldn’t find the Sunblocker Neck Flap, then you could go for the Siggi Summer Cover, a reliable replacement when it comes to performance and quality.



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Our top choices


Going through the plethora of fishing equipment, camouflage, caps, and hats for sale, we made our own choices and the best women’s fishing hats are showcased below.



Sunblocker Neck Flap


The item is a synthetic material hat that stands out by some top features. As the primary concern is staying safe from the powerful sun rays, we picked this hat as it gives you 50+ UPF protection against the UV radiation, thanks to the protective coating.

You’ll also benefit from the neck flaps for neck and ears that you let you stay in the shade as long as you need. The design is pretty helpful since it gives you a 4-inch brim in front and on the sides and an 8-inch maximum length of the back flap.

To keep your head dry while you sit in the heat or sweat from the effort, the hat is endowed with a moisture wicking sweatband. You can keep the hat in place even on troubled, windy days, by using the chain strap cord.  

The ‘one size fits all’ type of design is great as you can’t go wrong with the pull on closure.

Buy from for ($38.99)





Siggi Summer Cover


With a wonderful design that helps you cope with weather conditions without losing your charm, the Siggi Summer Cover is made out of a variety of materials consisting of cotton, ramie, and polyester, and the percentages are shown in a detailed description.

This summer hat is great for fishing, boating, hiking or going to the beach, so you don’t have to worry, you can use it on more than just your occasional fishing trips.

The product features a 4.7-inch brim, large enough to cover your forehead, eyes, cheeks and neck and provide shade without using flaps.

The Siggi Summer Cover has passed the UPF 50+ test and can easily block 97.5 of the UV radiation heading your way. To keep it on your head on windy days you are free to use the chin cord.

This light, cool item has an adjustable string to make you find the perfect fit, so size won’t be a problem.

Buy from for ($19.98)





Home Prefer Outdoor


This item’s got a hook and loop closure for easy use and it’s made of quick-drying polyester combined with nylon poplin, which gives it a nice texture besides keeping you dry.

The product’s versatility is given by the possibility to alternate between using the 3-inch wide brim to protect against the sun rays and lowering the large flap shields that will also cover your neck and part of your face. When you’re not using the flaps, all you have to do is roll them under the brim.

The product provides UPF 50+ protection to keep you safe and a cotton sweatband, as well as the mesh vent eyelets on the sides, will make you feel cool and comfortable.

You can adjust and detach the drawcord to fit under the chin or rest on your neck whenever you want to leave the hat loose.

Buy from for ($36.99)





Buying guide


As you probably know, part of any fisherman’s gear is a great hat to give him the right protection. They don’t usually wear it just for style, so here is what you should be looking for.

UPF rating

Going out fishing can be just as dangerous as any adrenaline-filled human activity. Staying in the sun for long hours without protection could make you feel sick for days or even kill you. The right approach is to use a cap or hat that can provide you with shade.

So pick the hat that doesn’t leave openings or parts of the skin directly exposed to the sunlight and search for UPF rated products, preferably with a 50+ rating. That won’t replace your sunglasses or sunscreen, but it’s a necessary addition.



The best women’s fishing hats reviews advise buyers to get good quality materials for the hats and pay attention to the stitching. Some materials are flimsy and will not retain their shape after washing them, while others will fade after long stays in the sun, becoming just as unbearable to the sight as the rays of light.

The composition is also important when taking a decision: cotton hats are a standard, but many synthetic materials can be surprisingly efficient. See if they have a soft feel because it would be equally unpleasant to irritate your skin because of the low-quality material.



When you go fishing it’s not always sunny, you sometimes have to face pouring rain. If you can find a hat that has a waterproof outer shell, that you’ve found one of the best fishing hats for women. But since those are usually more expensive and keep you warm rather than cool, you could settle for a water repellent hat.


Quick dry

No matter if you managed to stay out of the rain, you should still find a women’s hat for fishing that dries quickly, since a drop in the water or abundant sweating could leave you wet for the rest of the day. It’s also better to have your hat clean and fresh faster after you washed it.



As the sun rays hit the water, most of the heat will come towards you anyway, so you’ll be caught between the sun in the sky and the one on the water. It would be best to get some proper ventilation on a fishing hat, so as to benefit from a cooling effect and leave the hot air under the cover get out.



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