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If you want to save time, this paragraph will tell you all you need to know about the best travel baitcasting rod you can find. Though it required a lot of research and attention, we believe we have managed to find a great item that is available on the market. The Fiblink Portable Casting Fishing Rod seems to have it all: a tough graphite structure to resist heavy weight, particularly when you don’t know what you’re in for, increased sensitivity, to spot any movement when the fish bites and it can be dismantled into 3 pieces, fitting perfectly in your travel luggage, though it comes with its own three sleeve wrapper. In the unfortunate case in which this product is unavailable, you can consider the Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod as a second best option.



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Read more about these models in the paragraphs below and decide which is the better fit for you. We’ve insisted on the top baitcasting rods fitted for travelling. All of them are built with strong materials, can be easily stored if you’re going in a trip, and each of them is fitted for certain fishing settings.



Fiblink 3-Piece 


1.Fiblink® Portable 3-PieceThe product that ranked first in our preferences was the Fiblink® Portable model. This 3-Piece rod is easily dismantled and fast to assemble, which means more time for actual fishing and less spent on organizing your gear.

The rod ensures fishing versatility, due to its increased flexibility and it is one of the toughest models, graphite being the basic component used for its construction. It is equipped with 6+1 guides, with ceramic inserts, that are placed at equal distances between them, to keep the line perfectly flowing and enhancing the overall sensitivity of the product. All guides are aluminum coated to resist water damage.

The Full-Contact reel seat is secured with corrosion resistant hoods, that will keep it safe and stable.The high-density foam grip is lengthy, offering plenty of space to use both hands when needed and it is rigged out with an aluminum butt cap that will spare you from wearing a fishing belt. The item comes with a 1 year warranty only.

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Fiblink 4-Piece


2.Fiblink 4 Pieces TravelIf three pieces are still too much to fit in your luggage, this portable fishing rod that can be split into four pieces should fit just fine.

While a bit trickier to assemble than the previous product, the manufacturers have equipped this highly portable product with all the necessary features.

They started with a natural cork split grip, fitted with a soft foam butt. The split handle is designed to make long fishing days more comfortable, and both its sections have extended lengths. The lightweight carbon fiber construction makes this item easy to use and to carry with you even when walking long distances. The 7+1 stainless steel guides are strong, water damage resistant and are positioned to keep the line naturally aligned with the rod. The delivery package contains a rod bag in which you can fit all the pieces.

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Entsport 2-Piece


3.Entsport 2-Piece Casting RodThis is the best 2 pieces bait casting rod we came across. It comes with a solid carbon fiber build, to give you not only a strong and powerful rod, but also a flexible one when the situation requests it. Its medium-heavy power, renders this fishing tool fitted for bigger species of fish.

The foam split grip has a camouflage design, in case you are trying to hide your sweet fishing spot from competition (just make sure you are wearing a camouflage suit as well). Though not as lengthy as the other products’ grips, due to its shape and material, it is easy to hold and maneuver, thus not fatiguing your hands after a few hours of sitting in the same position.

In addition, the high-density EVA foam grip material has non-slip qualities, so you can continue fishing in the pouring rain. Equipped with stainless steel 6+1 guides of excellent quality, this item will resist corrosion for a long period of time, even if you use it every weekend.

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Buying guide


As with any other product, there are certain aspects that you need to bear in mind when searching for a baitcasting rod and there are many features that are important in determining the performance of a portable fishing rod. Focusing on travelling items only, we have narrowed down all the important characteristics to three crucial ones, in the next part of this article.


A.1 Best travel baitcasting rod


The sectioning tells you in how many pieces the rod can be dismantled. While most rods will separate in 2 or 3 pieces, some go up to 7 pieces – enabling you to store them in pretty much any bag, without having to beat your brains about finding a suitable space to fit them in. However, the disadvantage of having many pieces is that it takes more time to assemble them, while also checking if none of them are loose or broken. Buying a 2 or 3 pieces rod, will occupy more space than a multi-piece one, but will spare you from the assembling trouble.



Travelling with your fishing gear in your bag means extra care for its contents. That is why you do not only need to purchase solidly built equipment, but also to store it properly. The most resistant baitcasting rods are fiberglass fabricated, but these aren’t the most wanted by fishermen, because of their poor sensitivity and low flexibility. Instead, most professionals prefer graphite rods, extremely sensitive to any movement, with substantially increased flexibility and that are lighter.

However, of the two, the fiberglass is the cheapest. If we’re talking about material, you should prioritize purchasing a quality material case, if the product doesn’t include one, or if the one provided by the manufacturer doesn’t meet your needs and doesn’t provide sufficient protection for your fishing rod.



The action is determined by the casting rod’s bending degree when the tip top is submitted to a certain pressure. According to it, there are three main types of rods: fast (only the tip bends), medium (it bends from the tip to the middle) and slow (the entire rod bends). While the fast action rods are the most popular because they offer a good equilibrium between flexibility and sensitivity, the slow ones also have a number of applications, being ultra-light and extra-sensitive tools.



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