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If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have time to go through the buying tips and reviews prepared by our research team, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best fly fishing vest. After analyzing a lot of feedback coming from both amateur and professional fishermen, we have concluded that the Anglatech Adjustable is the best since it is designed to comfortably fit men and women. It comes with a durable nylon construction that is resistant to rips and tears, and its lightweight design ensures that it is comfortable to wear. There are two waterproof pockets on the front, along with plenty of others that are perfect for storing gear. You will appreciate the built in drink holder, especially on hot summer days. If the Anglatech Adjustable is not available, you should consider the Maxcatch Pack as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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A fly fishing vest is an important piece of gear that should not be overlooked, and there are several types and styles to consider. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best fly fishing vests in 2017 showcased below.



AnglaTech Adjustable 


1.Fly Fishing VestThis men’s and women’s fly fishing vest has been redesigned to meet the needs of the modern angler. It’s stronger construction ensures that the vest will last through several seasons of trout fishing, without rips or torn seams. While the front of the vest is constructed from a durable synthetic material the back features a large mesh panel.

This helps to ensure continual airflow so you can stay cool and comfortable in hot weather. There are plenty of pockets for storing your gear, along with two that are waterproof. This allows you to keep your smartphone and wallet dry even if you get smacked by a wet fish.

There is even a designated pocket for your water bottle so you don’t have to leave your spot when you get thirsty. Designed for comfort and function, it is easy to see why this is often considered the best trout fishing vest.

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Maxcatch Pack 


2.Maxcatch Fly Fishing PackThis fly fishing vest pack by Maxcatch is a great choice for beginners and experienced anglers. It is designed to be comfortable to wear, even when the pockets are full of your gear.

The straps can even be adjusted to help evenly distribute weight, and ensure a secure fit. For added comfort the straps are also padded to prevent them from painfully digging into your shoulders. There are 2 large pockets that are ideal for storing bigger items, along with several smaller zippered compartments.

Each pocket is carefully placed on the vest for easy access, which is always an advantage when you are standing in the middle of the stream. You will also appreciate the built in rod holder that comes with a sturdy strap.

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Redington Clark Fork 


3.Redington ClarkConstructed from lightweight polyester and cotton this fly fishing vest is extremely comfortable to wear. It is also available in several sizes so you can find one that will fit you perfectly.

The mesh lining ensures that there is plenty of air flowing through, and it also helps to wick moisture away. This will help keep your shirt comfortably dry, even on hot summer fishing trips. You will also appreciate how quickly the fabric dries when it gets wet.

With 11 pockets of various sizes, you have plenty of room to carry small pieces of gear. There is even a convenient holder for your rod so you can occasionally relax and rest your hands without having to take the fly out of the water.

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Buying guide


There are several aspects to consider when you are looking for a fly fishing vest. It should be functional and comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt if it also looks great too. In this buying guide you will find helpful tips that will make it easier for you to choose the right fly fishing vest.

A.1 Best fly fishing vest 2017 - 1000


The majority of fly fishing vests buyer guides state that the most important aspect to consider is the number and size of pockets. This is where you will be storing smaller pieces of gear, along with other essentials that you don’t want to lose. The number of pockets on the vest can vary, though most experienced anglers recommend staying within 10 to 20. If you have too many pockets it is easy to become disorganized, and not enough means that if might be harder to keep track of your gear.

You also want the pockets to be of varying sizes so you can safely store everything from small hooks and lures to larger wallets and smartphones. It is important to remember not to overstuff the pockets or the vest could easily become too heavy to comfortably wear.



There are two main types of fly fishing vests to choose from, mesh or traditional. Mesh fishing vests are lightweight and breathable. They are perfect for use on hot summer days when you aren’t worried about getting a little wet. Traditional or fabric vests are also designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, but the material will provide a little protection from occasional splashes.

Unless you are fishing in cooler temperatures you generally want a traditional style vest to be constructed from a lightweight cotton or nylon material. Both are these fabrics are durable, and extremely easy to keep clean.



You will be wearing the fishing vest all day so you want it to be comfortable. Vests that come with adjustable straps make it easy to find the perfect fit, and some are even padded for added comfort. If you plan on using the pockets to carry some of your gear you will probably want to choose a fishing vest the comes with a “weight distribution” system. This ensures that the weight of the vest is evenly distributed to prevent neck and shoulder fatigue.



AnglaTech Adjustable (B017HTFKEW) Maxcatch Pack (B01AHXL4M2) Redington Clark Fork (B002PANKO6)
The good This fly fishing mesh vest is suitable for both men and women and enables you to enjoy your time on the water without getting harassed by your constant need for your fishing tackle, as it comes with a variety of pockets to accommodate different items so that everything is kept handy and within easy reach. There’s enough room to store different fishing accessories in large and small pockets, inner pouches, and mesh slip pockets on the outside. There are even extra pockets on the back to hold a greater number of essential items. The vest is made with quality, breathable, and lightweight fabric for comfort. Definitely designed for the outdoors-loving person, this V-mesh vest is versatile enough to use for hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. It comes with a versatile, sturdy, zip compartment that can be utilized for different purposes. The vest offers a comfortable fit while providing a high level of functionality. The two shell pockets feature fly patches that can expand the storage possibilities. A rod tube can be held in the rod holder strap. The comfortable mesh back not only prevents the overheating of your body but also reduces the vest weight. Made of nylon and mesh, this fishing vest offers protection and comfort while fishing. It provides fast moisture-wicking capability so the wetness is kept out efficiently without your body feeling overheated in its protective fabric. The UPF 30 technology on the fabric enables you to stay out for half an hour on the water and in the sun so you can be where the fish are. The fabric dries quickly to protect you from getting drenched in sweat and the water. The vest comes with 11 pockets to provide convenient, ample storage for your critical fishing gear. The knit collar protects the neck from moisture.
The bad At least two customers have noted that the front zipper tends to come down by itself. A pair of additional D-rings will do well to hold a fishing net with a magnet for easy reach. The zippers sometimes tend to stick so they are not quite easy to work open or closed.
The bottom line This premium-quality fishing vest from Anglatech is made for men and women anglers, with its large variety of pockets, comfort, and adjustability. This comfortable fishing vest uses mesh in its construction, which reduces the overall weight while still providing enough storage to hold your fishing essentials. Stay stylish and comfortable while on the water with this exceptional fishing vest that leverages the benefits of mesh as well as the storage possibilities of vest pockets.



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