We are a team of both experienced and amateur fishermen who are passionate about this wonderful sport and who like to test out all the newest fishing gear we can get our hands on. We all come from different backgrounds and thus enjoy different kinds of fishing. Some of us prefer fresh water fishing and catching everything from trout, to bass and gar, while others enjoy the thrill of ocean fishing and the challenges it brings. Because of our different, yet common passion, we have decided to put together our expertise and create a website dedicated to all varieties of fishing.

Our site is intended to be helpful for any fisherman, however experienced, as you should be able to find at least one useful piece of advice regarding specific techniques, lures and bait, and last but not least tackle choice and maintenance. If you like to shop for your fishing gear online our reviews should help you decide between the best models available in that specific category of products. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer and we try to do our reviews in an unbiased manner. We are not fans of sponsored content so when we do review a product, we attempt to provide genuine information which is useful for every fisherman.